EXCLUSIVE: Computer Hackers Breach Yonkers Information Technology Center By Hezi Aris

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The Attempt Was to Dishevel Many Modules But They Were Successfully Defended

Revised on Sunday, September 12, 2021 a 2:46pm

Hackers Demand Ransom from Buffalo, Syracuse and Yonkers for Computer Database Breach

Buffalo Demanded to Pay $3.5 Million … Paid 8 Weeks Ago

Syracuse* Demanded to Pay $4 Million … Paid 4 Weeks Ago

*ERROR CORRECTED  – The entry that is asterisked alongside Syracuse was initially and erroneously listed as Rochester inadvertently. Rochester suffered no ransomeware attack despite the initial mention of Rochester. It has been corrected to show Syracuse. it was a gross error on my part.

No attack occurred and no payment was made.

My sincerest apology. /s/ Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher

  # # #

Yonkers Demanded to Pay $10 Million … No Payment Made … Proven to Be Unnecessary

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.

YONKERS, NY — September 12, 2021 — A Yonkers individual with proven knowledge thankfully advised the Yonkers Tribune two days ago that the City of Yonkers had suffered a computer incursion by hackers who demanded ransom to the tune of $10 million to resuscitate the disparate modules that overlay the different departments of the city.

The issue was corroborated from a multiplicity of departments when computer systems were immobilized and/or frozen.

The saving grace is that the system’s various modules are in the process of being resurrected but there has been no way for the Yonkers Tribune to ascertain when all the modules will be up and functioning.

The takeaway is quite simple. The City of Yonkers must allocate funding for a state of the art computer system that can contend with future attempts to undermine the capacity of the City of Yonkers to function.

Robert W. Cacace, Jr., Commissioner of Information Technology for the City of Yonkers

The Yonkers Tribune has been made aware of the circumstances that undermined computer systems in Buffalo, Rochester, and Yonkers to some extent or another despite there having been not one report from any of these cities, except for the Yonkers Tribune’s telling.  

It must be noted and celebrated that Bob Cacace’s oversight as Commissioner of Information Technology for the City of Yonkers and his department’s oversight of this potentially calamitous occurrence has been thwarted.

Yonkers Tribune has learned that the process of resuscitating Yonkers department to functioning capacity is undergoing. How long the process will take is unknown.


eHeziEXCLUSIVE: Computer Hackers Breach Yonkers Information Technology Center By Hezi Aris

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      my voice and tone regarding Mayor Spano has always been respectful. When things can be applauded, I applaud. When issues are off kilter, I can be critical, yet still respectful. If you believe that I have softened, so be it. I maintain a high standard of ethics, I do not hold a grudge, and I don’t malign anyone behind anyone’s back. I recognize that I have been demonized in Yonkers for over 21 years. the basis for that is that I call a spade a spade. If anyone has undermined the Mayor, whether Spence, Amicone, or Spano, it has been a bevy of individuals who could’ve handle the truth so they blamed me. Show me something to cheer about, and I will be there. The issue for too many in Yonkers is that they have yet to learn to deal with contentiousness and even worse, they have yet to celebrate proficiency. That is not the Mayor’s problem, but not all his staff are up to the task to assist him. It seems that over time, most people see the light. — Kindly, Hezi …

      Important note: there are too many people on this sight that beblieve one syllable or a complete word is sufficient to give expression to an idea or a concept. It is not. So when people write, He/she is no good, how is anyone to interpret that? When people abre called names, by what basis are they so called? I live by the motto to tell it as it is. Most people can’t handle it. Even in Yonkers the “truth will set you free!”

  1. What a joke. We are praising our MIS department for failing to protect the network. this is hilarious. how about the fact all the desktops are STILL DOWN and I lost 6 years worth of work because of this? They didn’t do a good job at all. they messed up and no one sees it.

    Didn’t the board of ed get hit last year? They were back up and running in a half of a day…..

    1. So here’s what I don’t understand.

      You’re blaming your MIS department for getting hit with a virus that’s hit major corporations, the federal government, bigger cities than you are and your iPhone.

      What’s your real gripe?

  2. Hezi,

    As you may know, there have been no City Council meetings since June due to summer recess. Thought a meeting would have happened yesterday, the second Tuesday of the month, per charter. However, nothing was televised or on Facebook. What’s up with that?

    1. A meeting was held. It was on TV. If it wasn’t on Facebook it was because the Council President chose to not air it there as he is the only one with the controls. He has refused to share them with anyone yet he claims transparency. Fortunately I expect type of “leadership” to be a thing of the last come January.

      1. Those broadcasts are managed by staff in the Council President’s office. I don’t think there is anybody who knows how to do it working there anymore. It’s a farce.

      2. It was aired on TV only , because of the difficulties they are experiencing with the ransom ware. IT is still working on getting all department back up and running. The lack of transparency is coming from all levels, the entire work force couldn’t access anything including emails, work orders etc the ransom ware crippled the city for over two weeks . IT Is workin tirelessly
        to get everyone back up.
        It is was alot worse than they want you to believe.

  3. If the hackers wanted to rob the city they should’ve done it the old fashioned way, by exploiting their proximity to power for patronage jobs. Maybe one day we can get a firewall strong enough to stop that. Kudos to Bob.

    1. Post

      Very interesting question for which my lack of knowledge denies my capacity to respond. — Kindly, Hezi …

      P.S. I will reach out to Yonkers City Hall for a response.

      1. Hezi
        Your quite aware that city hall will not respond! Your better off going through your handler.
        Now if you respect our great mayor, future access may be granted .
        I know the court confirmed to all that your not a journalist but the least you can do is act like one.

  4. Awesome job by Bob Cacace and his team. Kudos to the Mayor for giving him the tools to protect this system. Applauds all the way around. Nice to see a good story.

  5. I’m just an average person and by no means do I understand the technical aspects of what happened here. But it always makes me happy when someone refuses to pay off criminals.

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