Is Senator Joe Manchin the Last True Democrat?*
By Anonymous

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Joseph Manchin III (born August 24, 1947) is an American politician serving as the senior United States senator from West Virginia, a seat he has held since 2010. A member of the Democratic Party, he was the 34th governor of West Virginia from 2005 to 2010 and the 27th secretary of state of West Virginia from 2001 to 2005.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — September 23, 2021 — When President Harry Truman said “the buck stops here” we knew he meant it. Whatever he said was instinctively recognized to be true. He cared about the country and its citizenry uppermost; than the party.

Many of today’s Washington Democratic politicians don’t really know what the meaning of “the buck stop her” is. When that statement  was first expressed, nothing more needed to be said. But today when we hear someone say “the buck stops here” it’s followed by it’s the other fellow’s fault not mine.

President John F. Kennedy said “ask what you can do for the country not what the country can do for you.” Today I hear  “don’t do anything, the government will take care of you.” When Kennedy saw that the withdrawal of air power from the Cuban invasion hurt the Cubans he said he made a mistake. I have never heard any of today’s politicians say anything of that nature.

The Democrat Party used to work together with the Republican Party. President Johnson saw he couldn’t get the Democrat Party to pass the civil rights bill so he worked with the Republican Party and got it passed. Today if you talk with Republicans you will become a non-entity, dismissed by the powers that be!

America is the country which has done more to make this world a better place to live. We have helped people from every other nation in the world. We helped in wars, tornados, floods, hurricanes, etc.

More come or want to come to the US than any other nation. We take in 1,000,000 people every year from throughout the world. The reason people come to America   is because they know everyone here has the opportunity to better themselves. People from all nations are welcome; they were vetted first. Now we have an open border; no vetting!

Some politicians don’t like this county; they do not however shrink from what America has to offer legally, and many times not on the straight and narrow. Yet if you look around the world you can’t find a better system.

Senator Joe Manchin is more like JFK. He cares about the people and knows it’s not smart to overspend.  A true independent Democrat and not a cult member of the Democratic Party.  Yes, he is much like JFK; a social liberal, but also a financial conservative.

Sen. Joe Manchin is against portions of the President’s agenda.   He distrusts many Democrats as they wish to push a $3.5 trillion bill. It includes monthly payments to parents, universal pre-kindergarten, money for the teacher’s union, free community college and paid family leave.

Manchin on CNN said that Democratic leaders, “will not have my vote on the $3.5.T” The senator cited concerns with the federal debt and inflation as his validating rationale. He declined, however, to outline his preference for the upper spending limit in the bill …

“My ceiling is this: The need of the American people, for us to basically take into consideration inflation,” Manchin said. “No one is concerned about the debt. Our debt as of Friday was $28.75 trillion.”

Sen. Manchin said “The bottom line is, do we have the urgency to spend another $3.5 trillion right now. The most urgent thing we have to do is get the bipartisan infrastructure bill that has languished unattended for over 30 years. Best known as “deferred maintenance throughout every part of our nation.”

“That’s the one the president went out and campaigned on. That’s his bill. We worked it in a bipartisan way. Got 19 Republicans to vote for it. That’s the bill that should go out immediately.

In The Wall Street Journal Sen. Manchin wrote an opinion piece in which he stated he does not support the measure because the nation’s debt has reached “record levels” and the nation’s overheated economy is imposing an “inflation tax” on middle-and working-class Americans.

Some say:

• The rich should pay their fair share of income tax!

With today’s tax rate:

The top 1% earning over 540K pay 40% of the taxes.

The top 10% are paying 71% of all the income tax collected.  

The bottom 50% earning below 43.6K pay 3%

They say we will collect more corporation taxt: 

Corporations pass on the taxes they pay to the government to the consumer. Sometimes they move their HQ to a country which has a less expensive tax rate.As everyone should know this $3.5T bill will raise everyone’s taxes out of sight and increase As everyone should know this $3.5T bill will raise everyone’s taxes out of sight and increase inflation, which means prices will raise on everything.  Inflation will sky rocket which hurts the middle and working class, and especially the poor the most.

Write your Congressman and let them know you want them to follow Sen. Manchin’s lead in the Senate and vote no on this $3.5T bill in the House of Representatives.

Let your local Democratic leaders know how you feel about this as well.

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* The author is concerned that they may suffer retribution by stating their perspective. Every writer is permitted to share their perspective in this publication without fear of retribution. 

TribuneIs Senator Joe Manchin the Last True Democrat?*
By Anonymous

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  1. Manchin is a textbook Dem. They have always been slightly left-leaning and bought and paid for by special interests. This is different than the ultra progressives that are bought and paid for by their own special interests. I would not call the progressives Democrats (other than the fact that they need the Party endorsement to be elected). So I do think it’s fair to say Manchin is among the last of the Dems.

  2. Hilar – Anybody believe a word of this headline? He’s been bought, paid for and pasted it on to his next generation. Bootlicker article

  3. Manchin is owned by the rich, he knows nothing about what the vast majority of Americans go through on a daily basis. Has no vision for the future when it comes to rebuilding America, jobs, climate change, etc. As long as he enriches himself and gets TV exposure, he’s happy ….. Manchin is not much different than Trump!

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