On the Road to Victory Electing Ron Matten Yonkers City Council President – Thursday, September 9th at 6:30pm at Dunwoodie Golf Course

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TribuneOn the Road to Victory Electing Ron Matten Yonkers City Council President – Thursday, September 9th at 6:30pm at Dunwoodie Golf Course

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      1. What happened to the Khader law office rent investigation?? Is it still underway? When will the outcome be known?

        Or was it all just noise to discredit Khader for the primary?

        Inquiring minds want to know….

        Hezi, can you reach out to Mayor’s Office re status?

        Thank you for your reporting.

  1. I do believe Ron Matten will lose the general election to his liberal democratic opponent . However, he’ll get a positive bounce in the Sixth District. This is the area of the city where the Moral Majority will deliver Yonkers Councilman Merante a second term in a squeaker. (Win one for the Gipper. Like he achieved in 1980. The year of the Moral Majority.)

    1. For the record I’m a Republican voting for Matten.
      Matten will garner much more than 35% in a heads up race, unlike Khader who was up against many ppl but Lakisha to still muster a 29% in a suppressed and tainted primary is good.
      If Khader doesn’t mount a secretive write in to play spoiler it’s Matten for the win

      1. Khader lost every polling place in Yonkers
        Lakisha Collins-Bellamy 70%
        Ron Matten 30%

        The people in Yonkers voted khader out with him only receiving 29% with high turnout, I love seeing his signs because it reminds me how he got clobbered by an unknown

        1. It was a low, low turnout at the primary.

          The people connected to the Mayor’s administration and the family & friend network as well as the entire City Council voted Khader out.

          Vast majority of eligible (prime) voters didn’t even vote!

  2. I feel Mr Matten has a better than slim chance to win.
    It’s so important that the Gop and Conservatives vote for Matten. I’m hoping that conservative Democrats also vote for Matten.
    Yonkers must not mirror the image of NYC.

  3. I believe Ron Matten has a slim chance of being elected Yonkers Council President. His opponent a liberal Democrat is beatable, but notable Conserative Republicans such as the Martinelli brothers, Dee Barbato opted not to run. Moreover, it’s most important to vote Republican in the Sixth District. These are our mid-terms in Yonkers. Please don’t make this a one party town such as Mount Vernon and Albany. The politician’s in our capital have let us down the silent moral majority by siding with violent criminals.

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