The “I Am Prepared” Hezitorial

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New York Stet Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul. Photo by and courtesy of Wikipedia.

YONKERS, NY — September 4, 2021 — It was on August 11, 2021 when then Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Hochul informed New York State with resolve and devoid of equivocation …  “I Am Prepared” …  upon addressing New Yorkers on the gubernatorial transition and New York State’s future.

Lieutenant Governor Hochul extolled “The promise I make to all New Yorkers, right here and right now, I will fight like hell for you every single day, like I’ve always done and always will.”

Hochul: “I will travel the state to meet New Yorkers, to listen to them, to assure them that I’ve got their backs.”

Hochul: “People will soon learn that my style is to listen first, then take decisive action.”

She did just that and took decisive action… She was seemingly tested by Mother Nature within a couple of weeks by Hurricane Ida’s assault on New York, but no, “As a result of my phone call to President Biden on Friday, and also my emergency declaration submission we did get approval from the federal government and I’m very happy that that’s going to bring in resources to help with the evacuation and shelter support. We’re also working with FEMA and the White House and our delegation to assure that we get everything that New Yorkers need.”

Hochul: I’ve deployed our Department of Financial Services. … I want them on the ground right here and they are at the Yonkers Library as we speak. … Go on over there and have an assessment of your best estimate of the damage that has occurred, your property loss, and they’ll sit down with you, help you fill out the paperwork and understand what you need to do.”

Hochul: “This is a frightening experience. Homeowners who were just going about their everyday life two days ago now are figuring out how they get on with their lives and I want them to know all of my agencies have been deployed to help.”

She listened, she took unfathomable action, she received help. She knows how to engage the system proving without a doubt her “words” hold gravitas and that she is definitely, “prepared” as none have before her!

The words were lofty and grand extolling what previously had been heard from other lesser politicians espousing similar yet vacuous terms that were proven deficient in almost every sense by all who dared pronounce them. Thirteen days later she was sworn into office as the 57th Governor of the State of New York and broke what was once an unfathomable outcome. Kathleen Hochul became New York State’s first female Governor!

Former Governor Cuomo stepped down in disgrace amid multiple sexual harassment allegations and a litany of other scandals related to the state’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

Governor Hochul had little time to pause or take a breath. Her capacity was initially unknown. Little was expected of her yet within days of being sworn to office she informed New Yorkers that she would not only complete the term from which Governor Andrew Cuomo stepped down, but also divulged she would be a candidate for the next full term which begins in 2023.

When she said, “I am prepared!” – she was not kidding. On Thursday, August 26th Gov. Hochul officially tapped fellow Democrat Sen. Brian Benjamin to serve as New York’s next Lieutenant Governor during an appearance in Harlem. Senator Benjamin has represented a large swathe of Harlem and the Upper West Side since 2017.

“The word ‘partner’ means something to me,” Hochul said before introducing Benjamin as her second-in-command and later adding that he will oversee a “broad portfolio.” Gov. Hochul’s expectations of future Lt. Governor Benjamin is that his role in office will not be largely ceremonial.

Gov. Hochul has also proven herself to be politically savvy. from a political perspective, she forges her Democratic, albeit conservative sensibilities to Lieutenant Governor Benjamin, a Democrat, albeit progressive in demeanor. She is a woman; he is a man. She is white, he is black. Between the two, they check off all the political boxes that predicate a win in the November 8, 2022 General Election. 

While the pundits, including that by the Yonkers Tribune in its  telling: NYS Attorney General Leticia James, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton
By Hezi Aris
have all been proven off the mark that faltered upon Andrew Cuomo’s unexpected resignation.

The future “partnership” espoused by Gov. Hochul marries the burgeoning prowess of the too often dismissed deportment and importance of Buffalo, New York, the second most populace city with a population of 254,290 people, with that of New York City, the most populace city with a population of 8,230,290. A game-changing rapprochement between the upstate and downstate divide that will adroitly be respectfully bridged is in the offing.


eHeziThe “I Am Prepared” Hezitorial

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  1. Hey Mayor
    Enough with the Polo shirts looking like you just rolled out of bed. Your going to be our next Governor or Lt Governor please dress the role.

    1. Post
  2. Thank You Mr Mayor

    You kicked Johnnylimo out of the planning board
    You kicked little mikey out of the
    City Council

    Yonkers ❤️ You

  3. The losers are back on the tribune
    You lost every election district in Yonkers your own neighbor’s and community voted against you and your family. Please move out of Yonkers.

  4. I will gladly support Spano for Governor, provided that if he wins, he takes the dozens of useless, entitled slobs he has given jobs to with him to Albany. In other words, most of his family.

  5. Pasta Mike is not even qualified to be mayor of the most corrupt city in NYS. He’s gone far as a Sacred Heart High School graduate, but he’s done.

    1. I am sure a venerable institution like Sacred Heart is happy to have a graduate of Mike Spano’s caliber. The Spanos have been living off the dole there entire live. They haven’t earned anything outside of what the taxpayer gives them. Correction**what they take from teh taxpayer.**

  6. She’s all talk
    Yonkers has turned into a River
    It’s nothing but lip service
    Mayor Spano has been in trenches helping residents
    Let’s abolish term limits and give Spano an automatic 4th term, MJS has the same leadership of FDR the country gave him 4 terms and Yonkers residents should give Spano the same

    1. Is Spano in the trenches helping Yonkers residents when he forces them to live in illegal basement apartments that flood because he vetoes affordable housing legislation? How benevolent of him for managing the optics of a problem he’s helping create.

      1. This ordinance caters to the rich white folks who don’t live in Yonkers.
        I commend the Mayor for vetoing and I hope the Council supports him.

    2. It’s time for lawsuits again. SpaNO is the illegal Mayor of Yonkees, as he went against the will of the people and broke the term limits law, with the help of the many stooges on the Silly Council.
      Anybody who thinks a 4th SpaNO term is good is out of their #$ucking minds. and obviously down on their knees…

    1. Mike Spano dropped out of the special election for the 37th Senate District in 2017 weeks after declaring because his candidacy was doomed and people saw right through him. Only the larping patronage mill sea lions in City Hall could be so delusional to suggest that he can win anything outside of the City of Yonkers, let alone Governor of New York. On the other hand, maybe he should run so we can finally get some real scrutiny from the press at large into the inner-workings of his incompetent administration. The emperor truly wears no clothes.

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