Greenburgh to Expand Responsibilities of Police Advisory Panel to Authorize Independent Reviews of Police Misconduct
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

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Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, Esq.

GREENBURGH, NY — October 17, 2017, 2021 — Greenburgh Police Chief Chris McNerney spoke with me earlier today to renew his support for legislation to expand the authority of the Greenburgh Police Community Advisory Commission. If the Chief’s recommendations are approved by the Town Board the Commission, now 30 years old, would be given added responsibilities to  review allegations of police misconduct. I’m very pleased to support this recommendation for added oversight.

The  Chief expressed his support for this change over a year ago when he interviewed for the position of Police Chief with the Town Board. The concept has the support of the Greenburgh Committee Against Systemic Racism (GASR). The Chief believes that current misconduct investigations be directed to the committee and will be thereafter recommending the findings to the Town Board that they may be implement by the Civilian Police Board concept quick order.

I believe that all the members of the Town Board will be supportive of the proposal to have a Civilian Review Board — a concept that is being implemented in communities around the nation. We want residents to have confidence in our police department and to recognize that all allegations against officers will be investigated and that appropriate follow up action will be taken after an independent investigation takes place.

Among benefits of Police Civilian Boards: Complainants are given a place to voice concerns outside of the law enforcement agency. Oversight can help hold the police department accountable for officer’s actions. The oversight can help improve the equality of the department’s internal investigations of alleged misconduct.  The community at large can be reassured that discipline is being imposed when appropriate while increasing the transparency of the disciplinary process.  When the oversight agency confirms a complainants allegations the complainant feels validated.  Similarly when the oversight agency exonerates the officer the officer feels vindicated.  Oversight agencies can help improve community relations by fostering communications between the police  and the community.  Oversight also reduces public concerns about high profile incidents.  Oversight also increases the public’s understanding of law enforcement policies and procedures. These oversight committees can also reduce the chances  of costly litigation by identifying issues, problems, and concerns proposing corrective measures.   By establishing an oversight system public officials are provided the opportunity to demonstrate their desire for increased police accountability and the need to eliminate misconduct.   The above is from the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law.

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Greenburgh has been designated a ”Tree City of the World”: 1 of 38 municipalities in the United States, and 1 of 2 municipalities in the State of New York.   Tree Cities of the World is a program of the United Nations and the Arbor Day Foundation.

Paul FeinerGreenburgh to Expand Responsibilities of Police Advisory Panel to Authorize Independent Reviews of Police Misconduct
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

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  1. As a retired NYPD detective with 3-1/2 decades of experience and two masters degrees I find this to be beyond ridiculous.
    While with the former NYC Transit police all civilian complaints and serious internal affairs investigations were conducted by police supervisors and detectives with the experience and competence to impartially understand what they were dealing with in an unbiased manner. When I was assigned to patrol in the NYPD and the Narcotics division of the NYPD Organized Crime Control Bureau on occasion I was called down to the NYPD civilian complaint review board. It was absolutely hysterical as young righteous “woke” Investigators were trying to get to the bottom of what has transpired during no knock search warrants despite the fact they’ve never done one and had absolutely no idea how to interpret any of the related evidence. When one very nice young “Investigator” told me she’s never seen the related search warrant documents before and had no idea how to interpret it I very nicely told her it wasn’t my job to do her investigation against my narcotics team for her. Her complete lack of experience failed to uncover the fact that we may have actually had a corrupt detective on our team. The same chaos played out when my whole sister team in Manhattan North Narcotics was arrested by the feds and NYPD internal affairs and all did time because they were stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug money for years in addition to stealing narcotics and their confidential informant was murdered. I had a very close personal NYPD Sergeant friend in the NYPD internal affairs bureau and I assure you that he vigorously investigated sickening real corruption and misconduct and did everything in his power to arrest or terminate the GUILTY offending officers because he had the actual authority, experience and knowledge to understand what was actual criminal or administrative wrongdoing. These goofy woke all civilian civilian police review boards are only going to target officers involved in the usual he said she said political race, ethnic, gender witch hunts into non criminal nonsense but completely miss the very rare really dangerous criminals wearing guns and badges. Having said this small town police departments where everyone knows each other also can’t possibly investigate themselves. I’m dealing with this now with a female friend who’s going through a horrific divorce from a very dangerous abusive husband in Woodbridge, NJ. The ex husband who’s friends with the police chief, the judge, numerous local attorneys has used these connections as a sword rather than a shield during the divorce proceedings and these idiots have all enabled him to the point where she’s looking at being a very wealthy woman from the impending lawsuits. Having dealt with real domestic abuse and recently gone through my own very bitter contested divorce I can assure you that this poor woman is a real victim failed by the system meant to protect her and she’s very lucky to still be alive now today.

    1. While with the NYPD I also “dated” an openly “buy-sexual” eye candy female Bronx Irish/Hispanic girly “cop” with the predictable results. Trying to trap me She lied about being unable to get pregnant and killed my baby against my wishes after having 2nd thoughts, probably because she wasn’t sure who was the actual sperm donor. By the time I broke up with her 30 years ago she had guys and girls fighting over her in the 025 precinct. Somehow this manipulative con artist retired as a 2nd grade detective in the 034 precinct you guessed it “domestic violence” unit. This was despite the fact her estranged murdered baby daddy was a major drug dealer and she had multiple investigations into her on/off duty conduct. Good luck 🍀 to the Greenburgh cops involved in the ridiculous news 12 story of a similar nature because I believe them because I’ve been there.

  2. Decades ago a tough Jordanian friend of mine from Yonkers was constantly targeted by Greenburgh cops as he was a notorious ladies man and they allegedly resented the “sand-n-word” for his little harem of white girls. Fast forward to 1999 and I’m an NYPD detective and he’s a Chief Fraud Investigator with NYC Human Resources Administration conducting major terrorism investigations at HIDTA. After a night in the Marriott he spotted one of his tormentors in a Tarrytown diner while with me. Still upset I encouraged him to ask the cop why he was targeted.
    The answer was so simple, he was an easy summons or arrest because he was always getting into fights as a bouncer or driving with a suspended license. However a black Greenburgh detective had previously told him the aforementioned reason. It was probably a little bit of both, sadly my Jordanian Christian friend died of 9/11 cancer in August of 2008 leaving behind a Lebanese Christian attorney wife and 2 kids.

    The problem is small town fiefdoms and their often bored, overpaid, underworked, unprofessional, inexperienced, unchecked “police departments” in suburban and even urban communities with Westchester, NY and Bergen county, NJ being perfect examples. There needs to be single county wide police departments in communities such as these in order to have professional police patrol, Investigative, emergency and internal affairs service without the usual unchecked political nepotism that can have tragic results as seen decades ago with the Dobbs Ferry PD when they assisted Jeanine Pirro in railroading an innocent NYPD coworker of mine,Richard Diguglielmo for Pirro’s political expediency in order to get votes because at the time in 1996 Westchester had turned democratic and largely minority and “Republican” Pirro was going to lose her re-election bid for the DAs race in 1997. The same problem exists with small town “Boards of Education” and their numerous ridiculously overpaid all powerful “Superintendents.”

    1. Correct, this guy Feiner has been there way to long. We need term limits for all elected positions in the US.If it’s good enough for the President, ditto for all others down the line. It’s the only way to drain the swamp. From DC to Yonkers term limits for one and all.

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