I Urge Registered Voters to Vote for Ron Matten for Yonkers City Council President
By Bob Stauf

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Bob Stauf

YONKERS, NY — October 21, 2021 — As a dedicated Democrat for well more than a half century , paradoxically I always admired folks like Barry Goldwater , author of “Conscience of a Conservative,’ and Bill Buckley, founder of “National Review” for their thought provoking analyses based on moral principles and a moral compass. In my decades of leadership in the Democratic Party as ward leader (and even appointed Democratic Party council member) I had a reputation for asserting my views based  on principle. A leading Democratic  Councilmember back in the day angrily asserted I could not be trusted because “You never know when Bob Stauf will make a decision because of his conscience.” Well as Ronald Reagan would have said of me, “There you go again.”   Openly and without reservation , I urge registered voters to vote for Ron Matten for Yonkers City Council President.

 Ron Matten can offer his own impressive background which I find compelling. For example his views on public education emanate from decades of management in the public education field, not simply attendance in the Yonkers Public School system. His campaign advocacy is straight talk, not tailored for different communities in Yonkers. His views on development in Yonkers suggest the need for careful fiscal responsible analysis and sensitivity to all members of the economic strata. I have seen him reach out to folks for the purpose of self growth and real empathy even if the possibility of a vote is elusive. Further, we want a leader on the city council who shows evidence of bringing all people together through mindful mediation and careful fact finding.
Real Republicans need not worry that as a Republican candidate Ron has abandoned the rock bed party principles of fiscal responsibility. Democrats and independents need to give more attention to the Yonkers City Council race and consider voting for a man of conscience and compassion, skill and transparency. Ron Matten brings a new measure of community service for the next city council. Frankly “Common Sense” is a good name for party voting, and so one can vote on the City Council President line on one of two tickets. Ron Matten can run and I can’t hide. I shall vote proudly for a man of the people in this very important and very local election.
Most sincerely,
Bob Stauf
TribuneI Urge Registered Voters to Vote for Ron Matten for Yonkers City Council President
By Bob Stauf

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  1. “for their thought provoking analyses based on moral principles and a moral compass.”

    I stopped reading after the above mentioned quote!

    “Moral principles and a moral compass?”


    Bwaaa Haaaa Haaaaa!!!!!!!!

  2. Does anyone actually want Collins-Belamy? She seems like a terrible leader. She almost broke down crying when Matten suggested that she plans to raise taxes during their debate. Matten is clearly better.

        1. Lakisha will be having some serious legal issues pertaining to MHA.
          Also her ex’s background and her complicity will be exposed.
          You gotta give the Spano’s credit, they know what their doing!

        2. Lakisha is a lightweight, by far… seems like just another Spano-backed, handpicked, hacked, tool!

          City Council President is a FT position, so is Lakisha giving up her job at MHA? Can’t double-dip on Yonkers taxpayers.

          Hezi, can you get her on your radio talk show before Election Day and ask her this question straight up?

          Voters need to know this and more about her….


  3. 1. The significance of mentioning Gerald Fords visit to Yonkers was because it was 1976 the year of the bicentennial .(The Spirit of 76.) I am well read and are aware of John Kennedy 1960 Larkin Plaza and ×Hubert Dump the hump Humphrey. The current talk of the incumbent mayor running for Governor is just laughable. And a Yonkers Republican can win citywide again . Astorino did the impossible, but then made bad judgement mistakes. He couldn’ t even beat that liberal loser state senator.(depressing.)

  4. Maybe Mike Spano will wipe his ass with the City Charter again. Maybe Mike Spano will spit in the voters’ faces again and just grab another term. This will undoubtedly happen if Bellamy and Hodges get in. Two more hacks beholden to Nick and the rest of his grimy, entitled political family.

  5. Here is what you are missing. First Mike Martinelli has no interest in running as a republican for mayor NONE….second the demographics in Westchester and in Yonkers have changed dramatically since Angelo Martinelli was mayor…(and I ran all his mayoral campaigns other than the first one)
    Republicans can no longer win city wide races nor can they win county wide races. The registration edge that Democrats have built is insurmountable both in the County and in the Cities..There are no exceptions. Mike Spano may or may not chose to run for a fourth term..or he may decide to throw his hat into the governors race (and in that regard he would be the only candidate who ran a government) but in any event no republican will win the Yonkers Mayoralty…Note to the person who pointed out Gerald Ford came to Yonkers…Historically all Republican candidates for the Presidency of the United States, made a stop in Westchester. Nixon Ford Reagan ( i was in attendance) HW Bush ( I was the MC for his county appearance) Up until George W. Bush who did not come to the county although he did go to a fundraiser in Greenwhich. McCain didn’t come . Trump appeared but he owns a golf club so not really. Once the Conservative Party had the ability to cross endorse the Republican party forcing the Republican Party to the hard right on social issues, abortion guns and LBGT rights, the ballgame was over in Westchester and it still is….Just as an example Rob Astorino lost the county, in his race for Governor, and then failed to get re elected because of his affinity for Donald Trump. He then lost his race for state senate in a district that he had won the first time around for County Exec, Trump is toxic in Westchester and you don’t have to be Rob Astorino to understand that it is not necessary to hitch your star to The Trump train in order for any Republican to be tarred with the Trump moniker…

  6. I cannot foresee the incumbent mayor seeking an unprecedented fourth term. If it’s attempted Yonkers reputation as a Goombah town will only be reaffirmed. The moral majority of this city won’t tolerate this. Ron Matte n won’t make it because he hasn’t raised money and won’t spend his own. (In essence he’ll be slaughtered on election day. ) The Conserative/Republican alliance needs strong candidates such as Michael Martinelli.(Competent, Conserative, for the people.)

  7. In politics local or national timing is everything. Mike Martinelli may not even want to be the mayor an office his father held for twelve years. Moreover, last election would have made no sense. He has a good relationship with the current incumbent and ties that go back decades. The next cycle may be the right time if he has the fire in the belly. On a historic note President Ford visited Yonkers when Angelo Martinelli was mayor. Gerald Ford went on to lose one of the closest American Presidential elections In our history.

  8. Bob,
    Neither party has principle anymore. Many people on both sides have been bought and compromised to institute the greatest coup in Yonkers history to remove Mike Khader from office.
    When the dust settles, the voters will hopefully see and hear the truth.
    I, as a faithful Democrat I can not vote for a stand in (Collins) or a cutout (Matten) to appease a self absorbed Mayor for his own self interest.

  9. Mr Stauf
    You mention three politicians:
    Barry Goldwater – whose casual approach to the use of nuclear weapons scared even his colleagues in the senate;
    William Buckley Jr. – whose racism was made clear in his debate with James Baldwin and his homophobia made clear in his debates with Gore Vidal;
    Ronald Reagan – whose policies started the degradation of unions and fast tracked wealth disparity in this country.
    And all three were Republicans so you let the cat out of the bag.
    In every way, you are a Republican.

    1. Life is not black and white. There is the ying and yang of all things. It seems you are too dense to realize that Mr. Stauf is pointing to moral compass devoid of political persuasion. I know Mr. Stauf and he embodies Democratic principles.
      A principled Democratic Chairman would not have pulled Mike Khader’s endorsement at the behest of self serving Mayor. For this reason alone, Collins-Belamy does not deserve a single Democratic vote. The district leaders endorsed Khader with an 86% vote. Collins Belamy has the support of Nick Spano and Zehy Jeries. Ask yourself, to what end?

  10. A vote for Lakisha & Hodges is a vote for the 4 term. Nader Sayegh and Michael Martinelli won’t go up against Spano. Smoke and mirrors, to distract you from the real plan which is to get a 7-0 vote for the 4th term. Put your party affiliation aside and vote the less of two evils.

  11. BOB:
    I hope that you’re well. I remember when Mayor Zaleski appointed you city councilman to fill out the term of your predecessor. As a prime registered Republican along with my sibling we won’t vote this election. We are dissatisfied with Doug Colety and The Yonkers GOP. They are only concerned with there own patronage. Unfortunately, Matten will be defeated in a semi ?-landslide. We hope Mike Martinelli runs for Yonkers Mayor and a challenge to Nader Sayegh a selfish politician.

    1. Colety might win 3-5 Westchester races this year – James Nolan (District 15), Joe Torres (District 1), Anthony Giacobbe (District 10), Bobby Brower (District 4), and Gina Arena (District 2). Good on him for his Republican slate.

      The Yonkers GOP has come a long way and should be celebrated. Ten years ago their chair went to prison. Then half of their elected officials switched due to the Blue Wave. James Nolan will win his County Legislator race, Merante looks like he’s going to win, and Matten has a legitimate shot.

      Please consider voting.

        1. And Tim Hodges campaign, John Rubbo campaign,Shanae Williams campaign,Tasha Diaz campaign.
          Hence, the mayor is on path for a 4th term with a bare minimum of a 5 to 2 council to do whatever he wants.
          Electing Merrante and Matten is the only way to stop this mayor in his tracks.
          Collins will be forced to step down (if elected) and the mayor will appoint another puppet to fill her term.
          Get out and support Merrante and Matten!

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