Allegations of Nefarious Accusations Against Disabled Yonkers Fire Fighters Proven Incorrect
By Hezi Aris

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The “Red” Truth

YONKERS, NY –  October 11, 2021– It was on December 12, 2015 that the Yonkers Tribune received  a “Letter to the Editor” … that spoke to nefarious accusations against disabled Yonkers Firefighters who were legitimately disabled on the the job. The archival Letter to the Editor can be

City Hall’s advisement 6 years ago asserted that Mayor Mike Spano was going to be reducing “disabled” Yonkers Fire Department personnel of “monthly benefits by hundreds of dollars a month.” Mayor Mike Spano was evidently advised by Yonkers Corporation Counsel.

As noted in the Letter to the Editor, “Many of the Firefighters who received the notices are suffering from disabling injuries and illnesses including Stage 4 cancer, serious burns, and 9/11 illnesses, along with crippling injures to their legs, backs and various other body parts.

These Firefighters and Fire Officers had been found to be fully disabled due to job-related injuries by BOTH the City of Yonkers and the State of New York.

Despite Mayor Spano trying to make nefarious accusations that there may have been some impropriety or illegality in the granting of these benefits, the record will show that these benefits have been legally and justly paid for over 30 years with the full knowledge and consent of the City of Yonkers. In fact, this same very issue was litigated in the NYS Supreme Court which found the payments to be proper and justified.

Initially the court ruled in favor of the the Yonkers Fire Fighters. Yonkers Corporation Council would after a few years gained a ruling that overturned the initial finding

The courts have most recently ruled in favor of the Yonkers Fire Fighters. The court has closed the book on any further appeals. 

No impropriety was judged to have taken place. 

The cost to Yonkers Taxpayers is uncertain. Speculation is that the final bill will gravitate to $10 million.

Then Yonkers Firefighters Local 628 President Barry McGoey, Esq., representing the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 628 challenged the allegation and has now won the case in favor of Local 628 disabled Fire Fighters and Fire Officers.

Inquiry of Yonkers City Hall for a comment from Mayor Mike Spano was not received. Barry McGoey was not available for comment.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nefarious Accusations Against DISABLED Yonkers Firefighters By BARRY McGOEY

Nefarious Accusations Against DISABLED Yonkers Firefighters By Barry McGoey

The cost to Yonkers Taxpayers is uncertain. Speculation is that the final bill will gravitate to $10 million.

Then Yonkers Firefighters Local 628 President Barry McGoey, Esq., representing the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 628 challenged the allegation and has now won the case in favor of Local 628 disabled Fire Fighters and Fire Officers.

Inquiry of Yonkers City Hall for a comment from Mayor Mike Spano was not received. Barry McGoey was not available for comment.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nefarious Accusations Against DISABLED Yonkers Firefighters By BARRY McGOEY

Nefarious Accusations Against DISABLED Yonkers Firefighters By Barry McGoey


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IMPORTANT: Thank you to the person(s) that advised us of this situation being resolved in court. Your assertions were proven correct. If you know something, please share it with the Yonkers Tribune. Direct email to

eHeziAllegations of Nefarious Accusations Against Disabled Yonkers Fire Fighters Proven Incorrect
By Hezi Aris

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  1. Typical low life Spano’s. Can’t defend loser Mike so they go on the attack calling firefighters scammers, cheats, fakers, overpaid, unneeded, etc. So pathetic but what else can they do when Mike loses again? They don’t have enough class or brains to admit Mike was wrong and beaten again. So keep on attacking firefighters you dopey Spano’s because it’s been so so so successful so far.

    1. I’m not a Spano nor one who defends him
      I’m a taxpayer who thinks Yonkers Firefighters are paid too much !
      Don’t enrich yourself off taxpayers
      You should be lucky you have a job

  2. Dead Wood . Period.
    Clear Out the forest.
    Volunteers , Fire trained police, and sprinkler systems can replace them.

  3. You can respect what firefighters do, while at the same time acknowledging that the great pay, benefits and pensions are the reward for the extreme risk. Of course you run into burning buildings, it’s literally the job you signed up for, being fully aware of the risks. It’s one of the jobs that many (not all) of those who don’t have 4 year college degrees decide to take on. While not everyone is cut out for it, you have to admit there are much more bench press sessions and pasta nights than battling blazes. So kudos to those who chose the profession and don’t need to throw it in people’s faces that they’re heroes.

    1. There’s a special definition of “disabled” when it applies to firefighters, we all know the scam.
      It would be nice for firefighters to be mandated to live in Yonkers, maybe we can get some of our money back

  4. Democratic Law makers have designed these corrupt laws to benefit unions and in return the unions give money and endorsements, and the taxpayers get screwed, Shelly Mayer is one of those law makers who’s in the pockets of unions

  5. Can the City appeal this adverse decision again? Seems like this has been dragging on for years and the City keeps appealing. Is this the end?

    1. Post
  6. When you have the facts and the law in your side it’s usually going to turn out the way it did here. The firefighters who were deprived money owed them will have to be made whole including interest of at least 6 % That should bring them some relief and satisfaction. It’s too bad the City took this action in the first place.

  7. If this wasn’t such a serious issue it would be funny. Our firefighters run into burning buildings and dangerous situations and risk their lives and health to protect and save the rest of us. If they are injured on the job and become disabled they deserve every penny they are entitled to under the law. How disgraceful for Mayor Spano to have gone after these brave heroes. I’m very happy that the firefighters won this case and that Mayor Spano lost even though in the end I and others like me will have to foot the bill.

    1. “Run into burning buildings”
      That’s what your paid to do !!!!
      You spend enough on gear to be protected.
      When was the last time that has happened???
      The only thing your running into is the GYM.

  8. I guess Spano will never learn that he was too slow and too stupid to be a firefighter and that’s why he went into politics in the first place. He should stick to beating up the taxpayers because when he throws even a glancing blow at the firefighters he gets hit with a head banging uppercut every time.

  9. Barry beats Mike again. Lol

    Too funny – poor Mike never seemed to figure out that the firefighters are a lot smarter than him and better looking too.

    Way to go guys.

  10. Once again the fat man is walking around with a big L for LOSER on his forehead, only a prick scumbag would try to hurt disabled firefighters and there’s a special place in HELL for a scumbag like you ,

  11. Is Mike Spano going to send the disabled guys a letter explaining that he was wrong in his letter from 2016 and that he shouldn’t have caused them financial hardship and mental anguish for 5 years?

    Probably not because he’s a freaking low life coward. Just send the checks moron.

  12. No one could be this wrong and lose so many times without an ulterior motivation. I think the kickback scheme seems quite probable. Even dopey Mike Spano should be able to win some lawsuits if there was any validity to his position at all on any of them. But when you continually act in violation of contractual rights and benefits and lose EVERY time and appeal loss after loss and lose those appeals too at great legal expense it seems very likely that the only reason for doing so would be some other personal financial gain aka a kickback scheme.

    1. Totally agree, kickbacks make sense in this scenario. NYS AG should be called in to investigate this potential abuse of taxpayer funds.

  13. Wow. Another win for 628 and another loss for Spano. I’m not surprised at all but by now one would have thought Spano would have learned his lesson. Maybe he likes getting beat up and humiliated ?

    1. Yeah the Spanos live in Yonkers which has turned into a cesspool, take a look what inhabits most of Yonkers streets. Crime is rampant and the true facts are fudged, I grew up on the east side when it was prosperous, I wouldn’t go back if they gave me a free house.

    1. You mean Good Job Mike Spano. The guy who was going to bring about cost saving changes actually wound up negotiated the best deal ever for the Firefighters and the worst deal for the taxpayers.

  14. This is sick.
    I studied for 4 years for promotion. I spent a small fortune on Fire Fighting books.
    The test comes I’m not even close to getting a promotion.
    Then I hear that everyone has the answers to the Promotional tests.
    Just look at how many guys get 100’s on the exam.
    It has to be true. Funny thing is EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE !
    Knows it.
    So, all these nonsensical fiction must be getting to the !00 percent clubbers.
    The new Lieutenants test results will be out shortly.
    Hezi. let me know how to reach you when results come out.
    It will prove what i write is 100 percent true.
    Not a club member.

    1. Post
    2. If you spent a future on study books and 4 years studying you’re not only not a member of the club, you’re also an idiot. HaHaHa

    3. Cheating on civil service exams and lists?

      Like when the Mayors cousin John Spano didn’t score high enough to get promoted off of a 4 year list? On the day the list was expiring which was 1 day before the new list was effective Mayor Spano promoted his cousin to Lieutenant when there was no spot to fill. Just made up 3 imaginary spots for 3 “extra” Lieutenants so he could illegally promote his family member John Spano.

      Nothing to see here. Move on. Lol

      1. If you are going to post John Spanos name here, you should post your own…another pussy YFD guy who reinvented himself as a tough guy..You problably shake Johns hand when you see him..

        1. Where’s ur name loser, coward you have ur head up the fat mans ass Frankie Callace, not everyone is scared of a bunch of convicts called the spanos and fuck you again

      2. No spots and they promote ! That is horrible !
        I guess those four losers that got made lieutenant back in Comm. Goyette’s day are
        forgotten. Right !
        -Mad Dick Mike Me-Me-Meeeeeeelily
        -Do nonthing Travers
        -Broken neck Hassler
        there were no spots for them, Where was the outcry against Spencer ?
        In fact , the next list lieutenant .
        those evil game players stole my spot.
        to my fellow brothers. real brothers thanks for keeping me current.
        Me and my family have never forgotten.
        Scum bags !

  15. How about a taxpayer lawsuit against Mike Spano for waste of taxpayer money?
    Seems like lots of evidence that Spano has wasted tens of millions of dollars over the years.

  16. Crickets from Mike Spano?

    He’s a loud mouth tough guy when he makes false outrageous comments and allegations. But when he’s proven wrong every time he’s no where to be seen or heard from.

    F you Mike

  17. I knew we would eventually win this case. It took lots of smarts, balls, determination and money of course. But we did it and now our brothers who become disabled won’t have to worry about losing the money they need to support their families. Great work Local 628.

  18. It’s all about kickbacks and nothing more. Nick has been an expert on kickbacks for many years and he gets them from everyone including father city’s outside lawyers. They create a dispute by violating clear terms of a contract knowing that there will be a legal challenge. Then they hire former associates as the city’s outside lawyers who charge a fortune to defend the City. The invoices are submitted every month and are paid regularly as long as the kickbacks are also made regularly. Who cares if the City wins or loses? As long as the attorneys are paid then so are the kickbacks. It’s a win win except for the taxpayers. And you morons voted for this crew and deserved to get screwed.

  19. Someone tell that dimwit Mayor that no one is going to comply with his vaccination disclosure order. We’ll all get tested on a weekly basis thank you.

  20. What did “Commissioner” John Darcy’s numerous lawsuits cost the city of Yonkers? Is his Fire LT victim getting disability as he should. Why wasn’t Darcy ever arrested for seriously assaulting and almost killing this poor man and has been Darcy been successfully served with any lawsuits while hiding in Florida with his cats. Why hasn’t the FBI aka “Famous But Incompetent” also known as the Best Buy Geek Squad with guns and badges arrested him for misappropriation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in homeland security funding? I’m so sick of reading about the corruption in the “Democratic People’s Republic of Yonkers!”

    1. John Darcy is and was still the best Chief and Commissioner I have ever had the
      privilege to serve and work with !
      Thanks for the new firehouse !
      A true Blessing to the Yonkers and it’s Fire !
      p.s. thanks for the Operations overtime brother.
      Pagano got back. Do not give up hope brother.

  21. I thank God for the union and the men of local 628, the brothers stood strong with us disabled firefighters, to all the haters, hate us when we save ur mother or ur children, such jealousy by a bunch of losers, what happened ur son took the test and couldn’t score high enough, I personally had 12 surgeries, and other firefighters are worse off, again fuck all you haters, and fuck all the scumbag spanos

  22. I’d have loved to see Mike Spano’s face when the attorneys told him he lost and would have to pay me and my brothers back pay and interest for the last 6 years.
    I wish he could have seen mt wife’s face several years ago when I told her that Yonkers was reducing our monthly income by almost $1,000 and her crying about how we were going to pay the bills and get our 2 kids through college. I hope you rot in hell Mike.

  23. Thank you Local 628. You fought the good fight, the long fight, the victorious fight. My family is forever grateful.

    A fully disabled and retired Fire Fighter

  24. “The cost to Yonkers Taxpayers is uncertain. Speculation is that the final bill will gravitate to $10 million.” That is only the cost for this one action against the firefighters union. How much has the city wasted since 2012 because of the mayor’s feud with the union? The city has not won anything, the taxpayers are the only losers. 20, 30, 40 ,50 million? What is the real cost of this vendetta?

  25. And now duplicitous lying hypocrite Mayor is pretending he cares about the welfare of Yonkers workers and mandating vaccinations. Truth is he never gave a shit about the health and welfare of cops and fire and sanitation for a year and a half of COVID while he was zooming from his sun porch in paint stained T-shirt’s and jeans.

  26. So Mike Spano goes after the most vulnerable of people who risked their lives for others and became disabled. The the union fights for those disabled firefighters. Then the City loses in Court and has to pay back millions of dollars plus interest and attorney fees. And instead of saying “sorry” the Spano apologists come on here and attack the union the union leaders and firefighters in general? Talk about fucked up.
    Good for the firefighters fighting back and not leaving their disabled guys to fend for themselves.

  27. I see the minions are coming on here to bash FIrefighters and 628 and call for layoffs, salary freezes, volunteers and whatever else they try to deflect from the fact that the Firefighters kicked Mikes Ass again and again and again. The only losers here are the taxpayers of Yonkers but as the money expression goes elections have consequences. You voted for a loser and you got the biggest loser out there.

  28. Barry was a great leader and had an excellent team. George was Vice President for several years and is a smart guy too. The Firefighters are in good hands and the wins will continue to rack up.

  29. Yonkers Fire Fighters are the highest paid in the world and do the least work.
    Yonkers needs to freeze all Union raises.
    As a backup plan , Yonkers should begin a volunteer firefighter organization.
    Homeowners need a break

    1. Blah Blah Blah
      The fact of the matter is the City did something very wrong here and the firemen fought back and won. And good for them.

  30. I remember reading the original story about this back in 2016 and I was disgusted that any Mayor or City would try to take money away from disabled firemen. I’m so happy the firemen won this case and will get every penny they deserve.

  31. What’s the total money lost by the City losing all these cases? Must be at least another $10,000,000 in legal fees and costs. Why would they keep wasting the taxpayers money like this?

  32. The men of Local 628 always had Barry’s back and now we got George’s back. That’s the way we roll and is why we always win.

  33. One can only imagine how bad the city does negotiating with developers and other financial providers. They can’t seem to get anything done without screwing it all up.

  34. Barry is a blow hard who doesn’t run this union anymore.. the fact is that he would have lost so he stepped down. How much is Barry making on the line? We all go to work and bust out ass and he is handed a plum position to pad his pension from the very person that he swears he’s fighting with all the time. That’s right, the mayor himself.

  35. YFD 628, the last of the once powerful Yonkers unions wins again and again.The city may have to also pay 628 and Barry’s legal fees besides any back pay to YFD disabled members. YFD is also now in contract talks with the city, and word on the street is the mayor and or his advisors still think they are going to somehow get even with the YFD by reducing minimum staffing levels. COY has reportedly already spent hundreds of thousands, almost a million on outside counsel so far to research and negotiate COY contracts and may spend millions on litigation of the next YFD contract in hopes of getting even. Stay tuned…….

  36. Mayor Spano has had a losing record against local 628. him and his felon brother were abusers of campaign donations from 628. Back in the days they had more fundraisers then anybody. How quickly they forget keep trying Mikey you might get a victory one day lmao.

  37. Another losing case for Yonkers by our brain-dead Mayor and his City Hall cohorts. Too bad Barry McGoey moved out of Yonkers, can’t blame him cause the schools suck, otherwise we would have made a great candidate for Mayor. God help the ongoing stupidity in City of Hills.

    1. No need for any new fire houses. We got more than we need. That “new” fire house was the figment of an over zealous imagination, just go get the YFD to back the project. “Sludge Hill” is dying. Many business wrapped, wonder if we’ll ever get a penny in taxes from that boondoggle?
      Plus all modern building codes should do away with need for FD as all buildings are equipped with sprinklers…

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