Marist New York State Poll: Governor Hochul Approval, October 2021

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Governor Kathy Hochul: So Far New Yorkers Approve, But No Guarantees for 2022

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY — October 12, 2021 — Fifty days after being sworn in, New York Governor Kathy Hochul enjoys positive support from state residents. More than half rate her favorably (55%), her approval rating is +18 percentage points (49% – 31%), and 56% say she is a “good leader” for the state. In contrast, the numbers are not encouraging for former Governor Andrew Cuomo. 77% of New Yorkers say they do not want him to run to reclaim the office next year including 74% of Democrats.

  • Hochul’s approval rating is solid (49% approve, 31% disapprove) at this time but one in five (20%) New Yorkers say they are unsure about the job she’s doing. She has a similar approval rating across all three regions of the state: 49% in NYC, 48% in the suburban counties around NYC, and 49% Upstate.
  • When asked to rate the job she’s doing on a different scale, she does less well: among registered voters 39% give her “excellent” or “good” marks and 52% rate her work as “fair” or “poor.” 48% of registered voters who rate Hochul as doing a fair job, however, approve of her performance as governor, and 29% disapprove.
  • When Democrats assess the potential primary field in 2022, Hochul tops both hypothetical three-way and four-way contests (see charts below). In both scenarios she beats potential opponents Attorney General Letitia James, NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, and former Governor Andrew Cuomo by double-digit margins.
  • Among Democrats, Hochul has the highest favorable rating of the four potential Democratic candidates. Hochul, James, and Williams are all more positively than negatively viewed. Andrew Cuomo is the only one of the four whose rating is upside down:  42% of Democrats have a favorable view of the former governor and 53% have an unfavorable one.

New Yorkers are negative on the current direction of the state: 39% say the state is going in the right direction and 54% say it’s going in the wrong one. Note this is the lowest “right direction” number (other than in August of this year when it was 35%) since our poll on October 30, 2010, when just 18% thought the state was going in the right direction – the week before Andrew Cuomo was elected to his first term as Governor.

“Governor Hochul is doing well among New Yorkers in terms of her performance in office and is the frontrunner among Democrats in her primary prospects for the nomination,” says Lee M. Miringoff, Director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion. “Andrew Cuomo needs to substantially redefine voters’ perceptions of him if he wants to run for governor again.”

47% of New Yorkers approve of the job Hochul is doing on the economy and 55% give her thumbs up on her handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Half believe she is representing all regions of the state (50%) and a plurality agree she is changing the way things work in Albany for the better (46% – 39%).

When Democrats are asked about a potential gubernatorial primary, they back Hochul against all comers at this stage – including Andrew Cuomo were he to run again. Nonetheless, a majority of Democrats (58%) view potential candidate Letitia James favorably, and nearly half (47%) view declared candidate Jumaane Williams the same way. Williams is, however, not well known with 42% of Democrats indicating they are unfamiliar with him.

Hypothetical NY Governor Democratic Matchups: 3-Way Race

If next year’s Democratic Primary for governor of New York State were held today, whom would you support if the candidates are/And, how about if the candidate are: [Question wording rotated]


James…. 28



Hypothetical NY Governor Democratic Matchups: 4-Way Race

If next year’s Democratic Primary for governor of New York State were held today, whom would you support if the candidates are/And, how about if the candidate are: [Question wording rotated]






TribuneMarist New York State Poll: Governor Hochul Approval, October 2021

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  1. The power of the incumbency will help the incumbent Governor from a political perspective. She controls the patronage jobs and is an a position of power to fund raise. This hurt Ted Kennedy in 1980 when he challenged President Jimmy Carter. (The Perks.)
    However, l believe NYS Attorney General James deserves this position and will prevail in a primary. A proven vote getter NY C Public Advocate race and Empire State Attorney Generals race.

  2. She’s still in her honeymoon period
    She sat idle for 3 years while Cuomo went crazy! When the votes of NYC get counted she will lose.

  3. I would vote for Hochul she is a dedicated hard worker and she has t even been here that long no other governor has done what she has done in the little bit of time shes been here as gov I’m proud of her ag James has sold out the black Americans she has made alot of mistakes when it became time to dismiss gov Cuomo something wasn’t right never liked her anyway

  4. it is not constructive to poll job approval of someone who inherited the post because the person elected to it resigned in disgrace. There will be multiple candidates who seek the democratic nomination for governor next year…and although Hochul’s approval is not underwater presently you can expect five or six challengers to emerge including the sitting Attorney General, the sitting Comptroller along with a host of others all understanding that whoever emerges from the primary will win the state in the general election

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