NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh (NYS-AD90-Yonkers) Endorses Tim Hodges for Yonkers City Council DIstrict 6

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Tim Hodges, Democrat candidate for Yonkers City Council District 6

YONKERS, NY — OCTOBER 15, 2021 — Click onto the hyperlink below to see and hear NYS Assmeblyman Nader Sayegh’s endorsement of Tim Hodges for Yonkers City Councilmemember to represent District 6.



eHeziNYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh (NYS-AD90-Yonkers) Endorses Tim Hodges for Yonkers City Council DIstrict 6

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  1. Hezi
    There’s a real racket going on with the Supreme Court Justice Candidates monies are constantly be raised when there’s no opposition. Judges should have integrity and be impartial take the monies from lawyers etc smells and looks bad considering they have no opposition. I plan on writing a letter to OCA and The Attorney Generals office to look into the campaign funding practices.

    1. its the same thing when the same people hire nick spano lobbying firm to do buisness in yonkers look at all of nicks and mikes contributions now that calls for a investigation

    1. the democratic party is the spaNo party 75% of the voters work or have a relative working on the city payroll , no worries plan b in the works

      1. Stop crying John your such fraud
        The people of Yonkers caught onto your BS I hope you start paying your mortgage!!! Be sure to payback PPP loans

  2. The assemblymen’s endorsement will help Tim Hodges with the Middle Eastern voters who originate from that area. However, Merante will prevail if he can get the Italian Americans voters to come out Tuesday, November 2nd. I believe that is key to his re-election prospects.( Keep out the liberal carpetbaggers. )

    1. What an ignorant comment. Are you implying that the people who lived there before are somehow more worthy of determining their representation than people who have moved in more recently? In fact, the specific acknowledgement of the Arab American community would lead the reader to believe that your support of Merante is predicated on a preconceived racial bias of sorts. In addition, your comment is also diminutive of the capacity of voters to select candidates who are best prepared to represent their communities, not based on ethnic tribalism. This is not the America I know. As an Italian American, I’ve voted for Mr. Sayegh and I will be supporting Mr. Hodges, as will many of my neighbors on November 2nd.

  3. Nader Sayegh’s endorsement of Tim Hodges is no surprise. They are both members of Z Jereis’s inner circle. (Along with Tasha Diaz. ) His endorsement may help with the Arab American vote in the district. However, Sayegh also has many political detractors who he’s double crossed thru the years. I hope Nader gets a democratic primary June 2022 .

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