NYS Governor Kathleen Hochul: “Strong Enough to Speak Her Mind; Tough Enough to Get It Done!”

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(L-R): NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh (AD-90-Yonkers) and David Alpert, New York State Democratic Committee Vice Chair, former New York State Democratic Committee Treasurer, and past Westchester County Democratic Committee Chair.

Kathleen Courtney Hochul is an American lawyer and politician serving as the 57th governor of New York since August 2021. A member of the Democratic Party, Hochul is the first female governor of New York.

October 7, 2021 — David Alpert, New York State Democratic Committee Vice Chairman, former NYS Democratic Committee Treasurer, and past Westchester County Democratic Committee Chair has endorsed Governor Kathleen Hochul for re-election to New York State Governor. Without any equivocation Mr. Alpert said, Gov. Hochul is a “Class act with brains”!

On August 11, 2021, then Lt. Governor Kathleen Hochul said, “I am prepared!” when she informed New York State residents she was up to the task to preside at the helm as their soon to be sworn-in governor. Since then, Gov. Hochul has proven her mettle? 

She weathered the storm that beset former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s political demise and her commensurate political rise to New York State Governor as his successor. 

She weathered Hurricane Ida’s fury and destruction with a responsiveness that reduced anxiety as it bolstered a sense of hope among all New Yorkers. Upon her arrival in Westchester County upon Ida’s exit, she noted from the onset that she had already contacted President Joe Biden and that he assured her of his support. True to his word, coupled by her thoroughness, tenacity, and concern she proved that she was “prepared”.

She had for years been hidden from the public eye in Albany; New Yorkers were predominately unaware of her grace, capacity, intellect, concern, and compassion. Before New Yorkers could take a breath to contemplate the changing of the political guard, uncertain of her capacity, Hurricane Ida exhibited her wrath. Ida’s ferocity and destructive force met her match in Gov. Hochul.

New Yorkers were unaware that her concerns,  compassion, and resolve to succeed for New Yorkers could not be eclipsed even by Hurricane Ida. Gov. Hochul eclipsed Ida’s ferocious capacity and destructive aftermath.

Gov. Hochul’s tenacity and determined perseverance to ameliorate that which can humanly be accomplished proved credible in serving the public interest. 

It didn’t take New Yorkers long to recognize and be comforted by Gov. Hochul’s commendable planning strategy.

The takeaway is succinct in its brevity, Gov. Hochul is, as David Alpert said, a “Class act with brains”!

eHeziNYS Governor Kathleen Hochul: “Strong Enough to Speak Her Mind; Tough Enough to Get It Done!”

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  1. Backing up state chair is supporting his view. That’s what Mr. Alpert said. He did not write upstate. Please get your eyes checked. Bad eye sight can cause a problem.

  2. Yonkers should give a course so some people will learn how political parties and district leaders and chair’s function. The brain is a powerful mind to waste.

  3. Recently the progressive NYC Public Advocate Williams has told the press his plans for an exploratory committee for NYS Governor. However, he’s recently hurt his standing by not supporting popular, proactive Eric Adams in the NYC Mayor’s race. Williams will make some noise, but will go nowhere. African Americans don’t want a repeat of what just transpired in the democratic primary for Mayor of Boston. Two elected woman of color siphoned votes from each other and both just missed the runoff.

  4. Who does David Alpert think he is to bypass the Westchester County Democratic Leader ?
    He had chance but was ousted by Brodsky

    1. Fact 1 David Alpert did not run for re-election for heath reason (he was out of work for three months.) Fact2 Richard Brodsky always supported him as Chair (ask people in Greenburg his family. )Fact 3 The county leader new before hand. Fact 4 He was backing up state chair. Fact 5 What Spano. Fact 6 Mayor Spano did not know before. Fact 7 People heard that the only Spano that knew was the former County Executive Andrew Spano ( David was his county leader). History is the judge of our deed’s.

      1. You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts
        You be out as County leader for over 23 years, you did not support Berger
        you were supporting Serratore and Meier
        Jay Jacobs is from Nassau County not upstate

  5. In politics if you miss you’re moment it usually doesn’t come again. This time is Tisch James time. The attorney General has earned this shot at the top position in the Empire State. In the sleazy business of politics we re most are backstabbers usually you have to take power. Don’t miss this opportunity you’ll forever regret it.
    A supporter
    North Yonkers(The Hill.)

  6. We are over and Done with bail reform. It is a failure and she is keeping the blinders on. I did think she was tough enough at first but that didn’t last long. Stop protecting the criminals .

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