Ruth Walter’s Legacy in Bronxville Revisited
By Hezi Aris

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The article written years ago substantiated the writing noted in the hyperlink immediately posted below… 


                                    Bronxville Police Report that corroborates the Hezitorial

eHeziRuth Walter’s Legacy in Bronxville Revisited
By Hezi Aris

Comments 154

  1. What a shameful moment it will be if Nolan wins. Someone who has yet to explain what he would do in the County Legislature because he doesn’t know what the job actually entails. A victory which would be emblematic of the atrophy of our national body politic. Where the only substance that matters is the hubris of faux patriotism, obnoxious white vans parked in questionable parking spaces, and cars loudly blasting God Bless America through suburban neighborhoods. Supporting the police? The only police budget the County Legislature oversees is the County Police, which does very little local enforcement and has seen increases in its budget in both fiscal years since Ruth took office. No, standing around and distributing other people’s PPE on the YPS dime doesn’t make you qualified to be an elected official. Four years ago this family was on video ripping down the signs of their opponents to win favors with the Spanos, for which they were repaid with two municipal jobs for their electoral malfeasance. Not to mention the tenebrous and obfuscated finances around the Foundation, which everyone is seemingly too afraid to ask about.

    Most ironic of all his claims is that Walters led a crowd of protestors into Bronxville last summer for a BLM rally and that this protest was indefensible for its alleged criminality (apparently your constitutional right to assemble is a crime now). Donna Nolan was on the Tappan Zee Bridge this time last year blocking traffic on a major arterial interstate highway because she didn’t like the outcome of the presidential election. Did she for a second even think of the various emergency vehicles which routinely address urgent medical situations on both sides of the span? Of course she didn’t, but it’s that type of thinking that raises someone who has the gall to knock doors without letting people know they aren’t vaccinated in a district where the Westchester COVID-19 hotspot originated from. I will be voting for Ruth tomorrow because she is the sane, competent, and rational choice.

    1. Mrs Walter better start to look for another job after Nolan wrecked her last night. Glamor of taking selfies and hiding on zoom showed that it can not beat how hard he worked to WIN!

  2. Wasn’t Ruth the one that brought the BLM protest to Bronxville last year? After seeing this they protested the wrong business. They should have been protesting her store all along!

  3. Didn’t Ruth host a maskless fundraiser at Shelley Mayers house where everyone was vaccinated and the next day Sayegh tested positive? Hilarious you have to love it lol

  4. Enough of the has been Khader talk. Who is running in Yonkers D5? Restiano has BIG Working Families support, looking to start campaigning as soon as this election season is over with.

    1. LOL! I was thinking the same. James promised a whole lot and it’s going to be fun watching him fall short. His cockiness will be his downfall.

  5. Feel kinda bad for Jimmy. He’s a good guy who is being used by the party to get a Republican foothold in County government. They used his vanity and love of the spotlight (c’mon, size medium t-shirts) to convince him that he is what’s needed. He is great at giving out stuff and helping the community, but would be in way over his head if he won. Being a community activist and a legislator are 2 very different things. You can tell by the ads and mailers that there is a machine behind him to get him into one of the few winnable districts in Westchester. The only definite was that this race would end in mud-slinging… and here we are.

    1. Devin Orourke was sent by David and Justin Tubiolo to help Nolan out. Besides him, Nolan has an assortment of misfit toys working for him.

      1. The Tubiolo’s are washed up. O’Rourke is a legitimate power broker. He will be the chair of Westchester county one day. And sooner than later.

  6. I have discontinued going to Homefield Deli due to the constant presence of the Nolan’s. They are running that deli with their less than respectful behavior.

    Did you report in the past that the Nolan’s were getting city jobs with no civil service and ripping down lawn signs?

        1. Pretty funny how these comments showed up more after Ruth was exposed as a liar and racist. Democrats knew about what happen and stayed shut. When I saw the police report come to light I wanted to know if the people who endorsed her would take them back.

    1. I’m voting for Ruth. Jimmy is raising money to pay for his wedding

      #shame on him
      # he will do nothing for Yonkers
      # he needs a new suit

  7. I am sorry, whatever your feelings about Ms. Walter, there is nothing in Mr. Nolan’s background that qualifies him to be one of the stewards of a $2 billion dollar County budget. And I received a mailer from his campaign where one of the platform points was to ban illegal car racing. Correct me if I am wrong, but how can you ban something that is already illegal? But he has a lot of signs out so he will probably win.

    1. Khader had more signs than all the candidates combined statewide and got beaten badly . Signs are Litter and Yonkers should ban all campaign signs.

      1. That doesn’t include the ones that were stolen , the ones that Tom meir instructed his Dpw crew to take down, the ones that were on commercial properties who were threatened by the building dept.
        The handful of ppl on here can spin Khader’s loss all they want, but they and most voters know this election was stolen from him in a suppressed lackluster primary by Spano Jeris and meir and Sayegh.

          1. Ex-cons? Something of a double standard, given all of the ex-cons who have supported Khader over the years… Z, the Garbageman, hell, even his own brother. Also, remember Khader’s inauguration speech where he almost namechecked Z in his speech? Get a grip.

          2. Yes the corruption, deception, duplicity in Yonkers NEEDS to be exposed and the Mayor is right in the middle of it. If he chooses to run for higher office, I pray his opponents do their due diligence and dig for all the skeletons. Will fill a cemetery for sure!

        1. Get it over Lauren
          You drove Top Class limo into bankruptcy
          You ended your brothers political career
          You better off going back to the Deli business

          1. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

            May God forgive you for betraying your own family, not once but twice that we know of.

            YOU broke your own rule NEVER LET YOUR EMOTIONS get the best of you.

            Lauren Khader

        2. Khaders are a bunch of sore losers
          Nothing was stolen or suppressed
          10,000 Democrats voted and sent your family packing!!!! Get over it you LOST !!!! People are sick of the khader BS and lies

          1. You are only as good as your word. You can be smart, aggressive, articulate and indeed a persuasive person But if you are not honest, your reputation will suffer.

        3. You are correct. They say signs on city property are illegal and send the graffiti person to take down the signs BUT THEY MAKE SURE CERTAIN CANDIDATES GET THERE SIGNS BACK

          1. Don’t forget the Sayegh, Rabadi, and Jeris Family
            Fraud , Drugs, Suspensions , Bribery, Infidelity are all synonymous with the above families.
            Any attempt to undermine our Great Mayor Spano and you all will be exposed at the right time.

        4. Most voters who casted their ballots for Lakisha Collins Bellamy and more people voted in the CCP race than the Mayor’s race. You can spin all the lies you want. The facts are undisputed.

      2. Wouldn’t this police report incident make a whole lot more sense if someone actually knew what the guy had texted to Ruth Walter? There’s a bunch of people “in the know” reading these comments, can’t someone find out what was in the texts? This way we could better understand what happened.

    2. Lies I’ve received three of Nolan’s mailers so
      far and not one has anything on it about drag racing. I’m sure that’s added to the list of lies that comes out of Ruth’s mouth. It probably drives her nuts knowing someone in the community like Nolan who’s never ran for office has more unions behind him then her, who has advocated for more laws then her, who’s liked by more people, has more dems behind him, and worked a lot harder then her. One thing is for sure Ruth will have a party that night it will be a remembrance party of the two years she sat around on zoom calls talking about what if. Nolan’s going to be sweeping that night for sure……..sweeping her right out of county governor!

    3. Did you see the scathing article today about the Michael Nolan Foundation on Yonkers Times? Raises serious concerns about grant funding, resource allocation and oversight of the Foundation, which Candidate Nolan set up and runs. If Nolan can’t run a non-profit properly, there is ZERO way he can understand the multi-billion County budget. What a shame!

      1. I have asked repeatedly whether the Foundation is registered with the State without ever receiving an answer. Is it a 501C3, non profit? Tax deductible?
        I am led to believe that the donations with the exception of the known scholarships may in fact be spent on unintended expenses.

      2. He removed the article from his website bc it was completely fabricated and he never took the time to ask for James Nolan’s answers to his many questions.

      1. Post
  8. Ruth Walter is a textbook westchester county white liberal. An affluent upper class white woman from tony Bronxville that pretends to care for social injustices against black people just to secure votes. That is a page from the democrat playbook. Underneath the disguise of defunding the police and BLM advocate, Ruth has shown that she is a “karen” that wouldn’t hesitate to make an “unwarranted” phone call to the police on black people

    1. So, true…their secret is out…one example.. just look at the parks and streets in Bronxville vs. Yonkers. She is in her position to make sure it does not happen in Bronxville’s backyard.

    1. When is the public going to wake up to realize that all this is a giveaway to big developers (via tax giveaways) and reduces funds (revenues) to schools, roads, parks etc. Then the cycle starts again to tax us few striving to pay our mortgage.

  9. I don’t like either candidate! Now, I think any voter would look at a candidate’s forum and not vote for Nolan. Walter does need to go, just not by him.

    Besides his family being unapologetic Trump supporters, and in my opinion, volatile racists, He seems like a nice enough kid. But his answers to questions either makes no sense or they are just dumb. It is nice that he gave out free items during COVID, but that does not make a person qualified to run for office.

    Not being vaccinated and going to people’s homes does bother me. He said he had covid and still has antibodies, which is why he won’t vaccinate. Clever answer when no one can ask to see your positive test result. I still have questions. When did he have covid? Was it recently? When he was out campaigning?

    1. Vaccinated people get covid and can spread covid. Most of the covid numbers are bloated. People who died of unrelated causes (like a car crash), but also had covid, are counted as a covid death. The massive vaccine push is just a way to make BIG PHARMA billions on billions of dollars. Pfizer is the number one stock owned by Congress. Wake up!!!

    2. Calling them racist? Do you even know the Nolan’s? Go to one of their charity events and you’ll see people of all races hanging together. Nolan’s inner circle is full of people of different races. Can you say the same about yourself?

    3. James Nolan has run a successful nonprofit for years. It gives scholarships to Yonkers Public School students. During COVID he provided food for Yonkers Students who depended on school lunch to eat. What has anyone else done for struggling YPS students? Maybe look into James Nolan more.

    4. I hope Legislator Walter is ready to lose to the janitor and break up the tree hugger united club. He might be unvaccinated but at least he’s not a racist self centered libtard!

    5. Nolan is the epitome of “the empty suit”, he has no capacity or substance…actually don’t think he has the mental capacity to comprehend basics … other than being a narcissist, loving himself and standing in the spotlight…he has zero public speaking abilities, sounds like a third grader…there is nothing more to him…just more smoke and mirrors from an unqualified candidate…

  10. What about the fact that the Nolans are Trump lovers? Jimmy just took pics with Trump. Jimmy will be a puppet for Spano. No disrespect but he has severe learning disabilities and still has not explained what “legislation ” is or what he wil l pass.

    Ruth needs to look into the $9,000 he stole from the Go Fund me money . Also, where is all the money from his foundation? Only thirty scholarships in all these years with all those fundraisers?

    What about him soliciting funds for his brothers girlfriend and his niece. Yet his brother lives with her and has a DPW job. Yet, they were begging for money when her apartment got flooded.

    Good news is he is going to be a real pain in the ass for the Spanos. He is boasting he is going to demand a DPW job when he wins. Also, just because he is on office doesn’t mean he won’t get arrested for abuse of his foundation.

    Time will tell ….

  11. When the county executive race is over who is Joe Dalli going to suck off then? Guy was a loser years ago when I worked with him and he’s a loser now. I recommend he should go play in oncoming traffic!

      1. Love Liberals like Ruth who claim to be champions of minorities but choose to live in the most lilly white, segregated village in all of Westchester. Then she talks from her ass with a comment that minorities are disproportionatly policed. Hey Ruth, Yonkers PD go to where the crimes are based on need !!! Go for a ride along in southwest Yonkers next summer. You may be enlightened.

    1. It’s probably better service then the liberal bullshit that’s up there now at least some work would get done instead of the zoom calls from their homes

  12. Nolan said he is unvaccinated and doesn’t wear a mask because he believes in choice.
    What choice does he give the people whose doors he knocks on and don’t want to be exposed to an unvaccinated, unmasked person?

    1. Ruth Walter feels entitled and because of her liberal pals I’d like to see her take her shit cheese and racist self back to Dobbs Ferry where she was born and belongs. This is a woman that flags down police for people she owes money to but then will go marching for them. I would like to see how long she would last outside of her comfort zone where her tree hugging friends hype her up. She might have went to Princeton but she certainly didn’t learn common sense or class that’s for sure!

  13. Seems to be a lot of fictitious comments from fictitious characters in this fictitious attempt at real journalism called The Tribune.

    1. So you are calling Hezi a liar? Isn’t Hezi and The tribune the one that broke the story about the bigotry that Ruth Walter has denied? There’s an official police document to show it also. Simple why don’t people just ask the Chairmen and his son if it’s true if she owed him money and then ask her why wasn’t she not honest about it when asked. I’m retired NYPD these are basic questions they tell us to ask suspects!

    1. Post

      It seems quite evident that what I reported years ago has been substantiated by the Village of Bronxville Police Department document herein. — kindly,Hezi

  14. It’s a shame she always seemed so nice I loved going to her store with friends to buy the wonderful products they have. After seeing this horrible information come to light it is true unfortunately she is a racist and a liar. I will no longer shop at her store and even though I don’t live in her Bronxville anymore I will always tell people to stay away from her business!

    1. It is amazing how ridiculous this post is. You never shopped in her store. If you did , you would know that all this negative stuff is false.

  15. Nolan is a narcissist. Who the hell campaigns on doors knocked? He’ll do anything to win except get a vaccinate. What a coward.

  16. I was going to vote for Nolan but then I heard him speak.
    Didn’t anyone tell him that you only practice speaking with marbles in your mouth?

  17. Ruth is a racist. Why didn’t Mondaire Jones endorse her? He endorsed every Dem in Westchester and Rockland counties, except Ruth.

  18. Ruth supported Defunding the Police all of 2020, even held a rally in Bronxville. Now that she and the Dems realized that the average voter supports the police, she changed her tune. She’s a PHONY!

  19. Nolan is going to beat Walter next week. It’s a real shame too. The GOP should have ran a different candidate for this seat. Nolan has continously lied about the amount of campaigning he’s done. Merante knocked on those doors not him. I hope Councilman Breen knocks him to the curb in 2 years.

    1. James has been around the district a number of times he’s been to my house and friends houses a few times. I have witnessed it and so has others. The campaign has many volunteers as well !

    1. If Ruth WERE a Republican, you’d be screaming that we need people who run small businesses in office
      That we don’t need another person touting a pro-union stance.

  20. My friend told me also that Ruth dined and dash at a restaurant last week in Bronxville. She stated she forgot her wallet and would come back to pay the bill and never showed back up at Ernie’s to pay the owner. This woman is trying to use her power to get away with things and we need and deserve better then her!

  21. It amazes me how biased Republicans are. Not just that they supported a president who was and is a serial liar, abuser of women and a long time racist. All of a sudden these same people have become moral and joined with Black Lives Matter.

    Remember when Gordon Burrows was arrested for snorting coke behind the wheel of his car – one hour away from his destination? There were no cries that he shouldn’t be in office. He got the Republican vote and was re-elected.

    But not only does this report not state anything that is being alleged but anyone living in Westchester should know that whenever a noted Democrat (and his family) and money are involved, hold onto your wallet.

    1. What Republicans teamed up with BLM? If anyone lied it was Biden and co. acting like they were going to do anything for BLM. Go to BLM’s twitter. They are pissed at Biden for LYING and using them.

  22. Legislator Walter just lost my vote time and time again these Democrats lie to us and let us down. For years she has denied this ever happening I didn’t believe it until now. First she calls the cops on this young man that just wanted to get paid for his work and then last year she marched in the protest, she’s trying to play both sides. She needs to step down from her seat immediately! Carlos

  23. Ruth is a phony. She is the original KAREN. This is a true story on how she tried to arrest a young black man who was trying to collect his salary.

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