The Different Types of Life Insurance and How to Determine Which is the Best One for You

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY –  October 24, 2021 — When people research life insurance, they typically want to know more about permanent and term policies. However, there’s more to this type of insurance than just these two policies. There are other types of life insurance you can choose from, each having its unique benefits. Here are the different types of life insurance and determining which is the best one for you.

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A universal policy works similarly to a permanent one. You pay the premiums off each month or whatever deadline the insurance company sets for you. However, there are a few key differences that separate these two policies. For starters, it’s much cheaper than a permanent policy because the cash value is so low. However, you also have to ensure the payment goes through. If you don’t, the company may cancel the policy altogether. On the other hand, the premiums will never change on the plus side, so you don’t have to worry about random fluctuations.

Indexed Universal

There’s another form of universal life insurance known as indexed universal. Indexed universal works differently from the typical process. While the general rule of applying and paying premiums is still in effect, the cash value can vary. This is because the policy is connected to stock values.

If the stock market you’ve chosen is doing well, you can expect to see a considerable increase in value. If the market isn’t doing well, chances are you’ll lose a lot. This policy is a gamble, and it also requires you to be more hands-on than the other policies. In addition, you have a limit on what you can get. For example, if your limit is 30 percent and the stock goes up by 20 percent, you only get 30 percent. The premiums, however, are flexible, so there’s no harm in skipping a payment here and there. Just remember that if you miss too many, the entire policy can be null and void.

If you’re financial picture warrants it, you can always sell the policy for some fast cash. You can sell it back to the company for a set amount, or you can get a life settlement. These work slightly differently from each other, so to understand them better, you should review a guide online from the comfort of your home to help you decide.

Guaranteed Issue

Guaranteed issue life insurance takes the term guaranteed to the next level. If you’re eligible, you cannot be denied this insurance. This means that you don’t need to have any medical exams or provide any of your medical backgrounds. The age range in which you can apply for this is around 40 to possibly 85 years old. Just bear in mind that this coverage is significantly more expensive to purchase. It also has a clause where if you happen to die within only a few years, which is usually between five to eight, your beneficiary may not receive the total payout. Instead, they may be entitled to a percentage of it.

eHeziThe Different Types of Life Insurance and How to Determine Which is the Best One for You

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