The “Musical Chairs” Reshuffle to Temporarily Replace Yonkers Building and Housing Commissioner
By Hezi Aris

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YONKERS, NY — October 29, 2021 — The dismissal of Yonkers Housing and Buildings Commissioner Vincent Pici has become a responsive search for a qualified replacement. As the search begins, and there are prospects that are qualified to serve, a temporary musical chairs like solution is being engaged.

This is the scoop: DPW’s John Naughton will replace Sam Borelli as Deputy Department of Public Works Commissioner. Sam Borrelli, who is a licensed and qualified engineer will become Acting Yonkers Housing and Buildings Commissioner, a temporary position while the City of Yonkers seeks a permanent replacement. Once a qualified engineer with a resume of accomplishment is found, that person will become the Yonkers Housing and Buildings Commissioner thereby relegating Sam Borrelli to the permanent position of Deputy Commissioner of the Yonkers Housing and Buildings.

We have also learned that Building and Housing Deputy  Commissioner David Barbutti resigned.

It must be noted despite confirmation of Mr. Sam Borrelli, sometimes spelled incorrectly as Borelli, the New York State search site validating employees does not have and listing for Borrelli/Borelli at may be searched via the New York State Office of Verifications (Online Verifications) via the following hyperlink …

Yonkers Department of Housing and Buildings Commissioner Vincent Pice Fired By Hezi Aris

eHeziThe “Musical Chairs” Reshuffle to Temporarily Replace Yonkers Building and Housing Commissioner
By Hezi Aris

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  1. There are only two forces that can carry light to all the corners of the county… the sun in the heavens and The Yonkers Tribune

    1. One night out with friends at Tara’s this asshole was from one side of the bar to the other claiming what a “Big Boss” he was but the first thing I noticed was the massive amount of nose and ear hair he had,then while he was bragging to the wives and girlfriends all at least half his age he started continually farting we started calling him “Fart Vader” he was totally unfazed and was still bragging and farting when we left.LOL.

  2. Omg! The crap that goes on in Yonkers is insane?? We need an independent IG voted by the public. That must happen to curtail the abuse, corruption and insult to public fiduciary responsibility that is rampant in Yonkers.

  3. Hezi,

    Have you made your inquiries yet? Based upon every single comment here it seems as though this is an illegal appointment. Will you be addressing the same in a further article?

    1. Post
      1. So I guess it doesn’t warrant any further investigation Hezi? From your recent comments referring to the Saintly Mike Spano to your refusal to investigate this matter it has become abundantly clear that you too are now bought and paid for by this administration.

        1. Post

          I have no jurisdiction to create remedy. I can however give notice to what transpires. If you want to believe I am bought and sold, am handled somehow, be my guest. My work represents who I am and informs the readers of my demeanor. While you can chastise me all you want, now that you know what has occurred, what are you doing about it? Silent for the 21 years I have made my presence known? If Yonkers City Hall or residents are interested in changing that to which you think is not being conducted well, perhaps it is time for you to step up. I believe I have done as much as is possible based on my capacity as a journalist, reporter, and ethical man. Perhaps that is not enough for you. I however know is is a trying task to tow. You may wish to silently engage in a personal introspection or your self and family, friends, and associates as to why, other than the telling not a peep from anyone with regard to the conduct is not only unbecoming, but worse still, undermines The prospect for advancement and greater respect from residents for each other and from those within Westchester County and the State. At issue then is who in media has advised you of as much as the Yonkers Tribune? since you don’t find this operation credible by your measure,your may wish to read something else. I wish you luck. From my part, I believe you are simply a petty man who can only complain believing by questioning my integrity and capacity you can do better elesewhere. Toward that end, I wish you success. Kindly, Hezi

      1. Sarah Sayegh is a cousin of Nader Sayegh and Zehy Jeris employed as meier secretary at 80k.
        Michelle Sayegh is another cousin of Nader Sayegh and Zehy Jeris working in Rubbo’s office.
        Tony Marji and John Daoud are more cousins of Nader Sayegh and Zehy Jeris working at Dpw and MHA.
        The list goes on and on , foil the new hires of Jordanians for 2021 you’ll be surprised.
        While your at it Collins has referred about 7 friends to Spano for immediate hire .

        1. This is an outrage….The family and friends network continues to grow? Where is the oversight, independent and accountability? Why aren’t these positions posted for qualified, non-connected candidates to apply? Need to clean house. Disgusted Taxpayer in Yonkers!

  4. Wait this is a joke right???? I get it now Borrelli for Halloween this year is going to be a engineer??? He’s outside right now in his kids size suit walking around as the commissioner of buildings barking about decks and roofs not up to his standards when he doesn’t get KitKat & snicker bars or the good stuff!!!

  5. If anyone has ever been screwed over by S.V.B plumbing PLEASE have proof and send it to HEZI . Lets put Napoleon (Borelli) permanently out of business.

    1. Post
      1. Just search with Westchester county police, loser wore a bracelet and was on house arrest for a while for his scams taking money from people then disappearing and when it got hot and the complaints came in to bitch Sam the micro midget to the rescue shaking the people down with his power as dpw asshole and making the problems go away for his son

  6. Sam the wannabe just got made in his eyes, good job spano giving him more power, guy doesn’t have qualifications to pick up garbage let alone engineer , on behalf of us tho at dpw THANK YOU!!! And from Dpw to the building Dept just wait and see how painful that midget is.

  7. Sam Borrelli.

    The guy who got caught using a dead engineers stamp and arrested for it.

    The guy who pushes his son into all of city jobs under different company names then those companies get contracts….. the city has carpenters pulling permits for the son‘s plumbing work.

    The guy who has the FBI following him since day 1 asking developers if they have then been shaken down.

    The guy who drinks daily in the city car and drives home.

    The man is a criminal and the newspaper is already sniffing around yonkers into this… sit back it will only get better

    1. It will be a loose lipped,drunken,broke,loser like Kanky to take the whole thing to the ground.Who’s the dude from sewer dept. in truck 622 that never leaves the house? FBI wants to know his connection to Kanky.Interesting.

  8. Below is an excerpt from then Inspector General Kitley Covil’s 2013 investigation of ‘a top Department of Public Works official for approving repairs performed in part by his son’s contracting company after Superstorm Sandy’. How can Mayor Spano intentionally place this fox in charge of the henhouse by giving him a position of power in the Building Department, albeit interim?

    ‘In a report released Wednesday, city Inspector General Kitley Covill said deputy DPW commissioner Sam Borrelli didn’t follow contracting protocols when he authorized a private plumber to do additional work at a flooded city garage.

    It was “particularly concerning,” she wrote, that Borrelli approved the change order sought by plumber Peter Grotto knowing that Grotto often used SVB Contracting Inc., the deputy commissioner’s son’s company, for excavation work.

  9. In order to obtain the NYS Professional Engineer License a person must do the following

    1. Graduate with Engineering Degree from an Accredited College or University.

    2. Take Part 1 of the P.E. exam and pass to obtain “Intern Engineer” status.

    3. Acquire 4 years experience working under supervision of other P.E.s (3 years if person obtains a Master Degree)

    4. Have the supervising PEs of the 4 year training period certify the same.

    5. If admitted to the exam, take Part 2 of the P.E. exam and pass.

    Sammy has done only Step 1. He is not a Licensed NYS Professional Engineer. If appointed that would be a violation of the Charter and perhaps a illegal misrepresentation of his status.

    Maybe the NYS Society of Professional Engineers should intervene.

    P.S. Rumors are swirling that Vincent Pici, Jr. P.E. was dismissed because of disagreements over the Lionsgate project. The Spanos were pushing for him to do what they told him to do.

    1. “P.S. Rumors are swirling that Vincent Pici, Jr. P.E. was dismissed because of disagreements over the Lionsgate project. The Spanos were pushing for him to do what they told him to do.” That is the most believable of any reason out there.

      1. that’s confirmed the spano crime organization gets involved anywhere to make money how you think they bought all those beach front properties in Mastic Long Island????

  10. It is 100% true that Borrelli does not hold an engineer’s license. But this administration does whatever it wants, and has so since day one. It is clearly obvious that the reason they put this corrupt lowlife in charge of this department is so that he will rubber stamp circumventing proper permits and building codes for construction projects for preferred contractors – plain and simple. Pici was an ethical and professional man, the total opposite of this guy. Ask some of Sam’s customers about him. Or, better yet, ask his family. They hate his guts.

  11. Let me paint you a picture. Hon. Quinones wins a Supreme Court seat in the upcoming election (rightfully deserved). A vacancy is created in Yonkers City Court. Mike Spano in his almighty wisdom and power appoints a paralegal to this vacant judgeship.

    Does that sound right?

    That’s exactly what is happening with this appointment. You must be an attorney to be a judge. You must be a professional engineer to be the commissioner.

    This city is truly sickening. But then again, the Spano’s lack any respect for licensed professionals since there isn’t one amongst them, all one hundred plus something of them.

    1. This is not a matter of giving him a chance. It is a matter of rule and law. The same which can not be ignored by our current city government. If this shall come to pass there will be a state investigation.

      1. Lets see how many contracts hes going to give to his sons plumbing company. I would post the name of his sons company but they change the name of the company so many times I cant keep up

  12. This is not a gray area. He is NOT A NYS LICENSED ENGINEER, period, which is a requirement for this position required by the Yonkers City Code. A previous poster already sent the link to the NYSED licensing site and his name cannot be found. You can find and verify the names of Mr. Pici, former commissioners Meyer and Schneider, and also that of former mayor Amicone as being licensed NYS engineers. Something is not right here. What will the administration say if challenged as to this lack of credentials? How can they possibly plead ignorance?? Or maybe just claim Borrelli is only serving as an interim commissioner so an engineering license is not an issue? That doesn’t wash, either. There is already someone in the Building Department, also lacking an Engineering degree, who has been acting as acting director, BUT WITH A LICENSED COMMISSIONER STILL EMPLOYED, who could have remained in that capacity in the interim. But no, they decide on Borrelli.

  13. The above post is correct. There is vast difference between holding an accredited degree and being a licensed professional. Sam seems to have a habit of presenting himself as a licensed engineer. And it seems we have been here before with Mr. Borelli.
    If I find it in writing I will most certainly file a compliant with the state board.

  14. Hezi – Yonkers city charter reads as below and confirms that the commissioner MUST be a licensed professional engineer.

    Yonkers City Charter
    Article VIIIA – Section C8A1

    A Department of Housing and Buildings in and for the City of Yonkers is hereby established. The head of the department shall be the Commissioner of Housing and Buildings, a position in the unclassified service, vested with authority, direction and control over the department, with power and authority to appoint and remove officers and employees therein. The Commissioner shall be a professional engineer and have the other qualifications and experience necessary to perform the duties of his or her office, and shall be appointed and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor with advice and consent of the City Council.
    [Amended 11-4-2008 by L.L. No. 10-2008]

      1. The crap that goes on in Yonkers is truly beyond belief!

        Drain the Yonkers Swamp of the Spano’s who let unqualified, non-licensed and their family & friends occupy positions where they are utterly under-qualified for, and possibly putting the City and residents at risk and/or legal liability.

        Where is our IG?

        All this is why Yonkers is on the decline, not the incline…which is in direct opposition to the fancy/false PR and media the Mayor pushes for developers.

        Out with the Spano’s and F&Fs for a better Yonkers!

  15. Well Sam the Kankasore can be with his drug attic sons now as all housing plumbing and sewer work has been steered to the aforementioned drug attic sons all under other down and out contractors on their last leg business licenses.Kanky is like old man Biden and could fuck up a wet dream.

  16. Hezi, you state that Mr. Borrelli is a licensed engineer but I would fact check yourself about it. A simple search on the department of education website returns only two licensed engineers in New York with the last name same and neither is this man.

    I also believe there is a provision within the city charter that the building commissioner must be a licensed architect or engineer.

    Perhaps you can look into this?

    1. Post

      The Yonkers Building and Housing Commissioner must hold an engineering degree. City Hall advise Borrelli has earned that degree. It is too late for me to check further today. I will attempt to get a clarification over whether Mr. Borelli is indeed qualified. I understand he holds the required accreditation. I hope to reaffirm that he is as noted accredited. If my assertion is proven correct or incorrect, I hope to get an answer on Monday or Tuesday. Kindly, Hezi

      1. I respectfully disagree. There is a major difference between having a bachelor of science in engineering and holding a professional engineering license. Mr. Borelli does not qualify.

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