Westchester County Executive George Latimer to Endorse 2021 Mt. Vernon Democratic City Committee Team and Vice-Versa

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Mout Vernon Democratic Committee Chair and Westchester County Democratic Committee Chair Reginald LaFayette.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — October 5, 2021 — Mount Vernon Chairman LaFayette invited Mount Vernonites to attend Mount Vernon City Hall at 2pm today to the Democratic Party endorsement of elected and yet to be elected  candidates at the foot of City Hall located at One Roosevelt Square, Mount Vernon, New York 10550


Mount Vernonites can can join Westchester County  Executive George Latimer as he endorses the 2021 Mt. Vernon Democratic City Committee Team of Darren Morton for Comptroller, Danielle Browne, Cathlin Gleason and Edward Poteat for City Council, Tyrae Woodson-Samuels for County Legislator, LD-13 and David Tubiolo for County Legislator, LD-14. He will be joined by Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, County Clerk Tim Idoni, Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, among other elected officials.

The 2021 Mount Vernon Democratic team of Morton, Woodson-Samuels, Browne, Gleason and Poteat will also be endorsing County Executive George Latimer and County Clerk Tim Idoni.

TribuneWestchester County Executive George Latimer to Endorse 2021 Mt. Vernon Democratic City Committee Team and Vice-Versa

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  1. Who the hell is Nolan? Did James Nolan the candidate for Legislator ever go to college? Did he graduate HS? In any event, He has the intellect of an ant.

    He’s got a great job as school custodian with Yonkers, good for him! Should stick to what he knows!

    I ask, What qualifies this guy to run for a County-wide position???

    Even worse, Bad for our Yonkers custodian how does he manage to “skip” out of work during the day to campaign on the Yonkers taxpayer dime? explain Mr Nolan!!

    As for campaign finances, that’s another story. His family, especially his mother Donna, have a long history of recklessness, abuse, negligence very abusive with the non-profit family foundation. All is needed is an investigation, thankfully for Nolan it hasn’t happened yet.

    What really can you Mr Nolan do for Westchester? You talk the talk, but give no details. More of the same. When Nolan is called out, there is always Zero answer.

    1. I have seen James Nolan at many events during working hours. I understand that he is a school custodian who is supposed to work at night. We are paying him to go out and campaign during working hours.
      What is John Carr going to do about this?

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