Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano to Endorse Tim Hodges, Candidate for Yonkers City Council District
By Hezi Aris

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Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.

Tim Hodges, Democrat candidate for Yonkers City Council District 6

YONKERS, NY — October 16, 2021 — Mayor Spano will be endorsing Tim Hodges, candidate for Yonkers 6th City Council District at the steps of Yonkers City this Monday, October 18, 2021 at 2:30pm.

Insiders advise that some unions will also be in attendance to lend their support and endorsement of Tim Hodges’ candidacy.

TribuneYonkers Mayor Mike Spano to Endorse Tim Hodges, Candidate for Yonkers City Council District
By Hezi Aris

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  1. Tim Hodges became Chief of the department by only attaining the rank of Lieutenant (This is pretty much unprecedented. However, I do recollect his brother_ in_ law being appointed Commissioner and was only a union leader. He never attained a rank of Sergeant. Another example Von Essen and the soon to be departing Dermot Shea.

  2. The race in the Sixth District really isn’t about Anthony Merante. It all comes down to what we the Silent Majority believe is best for our council area and the city as a whole. We believe in moral traditional values oppose protests that lead to violence and the safety of our loves ones. Moreover, we need checks and balances and not a liberal Democrat who was a supporter of the West Side Mayor Terry Zaleski.(Hold the line! Turn out the vote Tuesday, November 2nd.)

    1. Yes! Morality and storming the Capitol go hand in hand. Did you really type “protests that lead to violence” and January 6th not come to mind? I know, trying to violently overturn a fair and free election is so much more ‘Merican than looting a CVS.

  3. It doesn’t matter who the council members are, they are all rubber stampers for the “strong” mayor for of government. They do what they are told. Think of the Kremlin. Putin’s boys and girls. The “wrong” mayor form of government is a dictatorship pure and simple. Look at NYC, all Dems, pulling strings for DeBlassholio.
    There is no democracy. Dems out number Reps to in NYC. No elections there.

  4. Explain exactly how Hodges being a rubber stamp would be more beneficial to the mayor having him as police commissioner versus having a relied upon supporter in the city council?

  5. Mike Spano a former republican turned democrat endorsing Tim Hodges a former republican turned democrat. How novel? The are thick as thieves.

  6. I live in this district. I voted for Merante the first time around, but I was very disappointed in him when he supported that first big tax increase, which was clearly done just to save jobs in the friends and family network. However, I will still be supporting him in this upcoming election. The absolute last thing this city needs is another Spano suck job on the city council, which is exactly what the other guy is. When Spano decides to overturn the term limits ONCE AGAIN, Hodges will be right on board, along with that new puppet of a city council president.

  7. It’s pretty funny that we see Merante and Hodges signs all over the Crestwood neighborhood. Meanwhile the only section that’s actually in that district is north of Juana Street.

  8. It’s amazing how the mayor has gone all out for the democrat candidate in this council race. This individual never did anything for him in all his elections since first being elected to the County Board of Legislators. Moreover, never self sabotage or make someone more attractive than yourself in politics, business etc. If Hodges pulls this off he’ll be eyeing Yonkers City Hall. Reality will set in and John Rubbo will be an after thought. I was truly surprised that the Senator who is smart and political savvy went along.

  9. Great endorsement! More to come! Tim will win this November with the mayors endorsement and the support of the unions, and the informed voter. As a Yonkers Tax payer and home owner I can say that the other guy who is the current councilman has done nothing. Ask yourself what has he accomplished? Was there Any legislation proposed by him at all that passed? I certainly don’t recall any. In his district was there legislation that came from his office that had a positive impact on the residents? That’s his job, He is asleep at the wheel. Lip service only. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Also, in crest wood late last night saw two teens on Westchester Ave at Edinburgh all in black walking with a Hodges sign that they were Holding, looked liked they just took of someones yard. Anyone missing a campaign sign? Check your ring camera. Looks like someone’s campaign may be getting desperate.

  10. The Mayor’s anticipated endorsement for candidate Hodges a former Zaleski supporter may have a negative effect for him. For one Mayor Mikes record in many ways is similar to De’blasio the worst Mayor in NYC history by far. They both have attended Black Lives Matters rallies and have not come out against legislation to defund police. Like the bum in Alphabet City he too would have been booed by Italian Americans at the Columbus Day Parade. (You can’t hide from your record. Hold the line vote Republican Conserative. It is now in the voters hands.

  11. Timmy came on the job with a nickname of flipper, I see he’s holding to that 30 years later.

    Spineless, two faced, opportunist , maybe he would make a good politician

    1. Hodges was a registered Republican until February. In fact, he was going to meet Merante in a primary, which he was certain to loose. Merante runs the Republican Party after he slapped down Justin Tubiolo. It is rumored that Merante will run for mayor in two years.

      1. There’s not much of a republican party left to run. Extended term limits for Democrat mayor, tax increases, no accountability for the friends and family network, Merante lost my vote shortly after he got elected, tax fighter my a$$

  12. On what basis is candidate Hodges clearly the best choice? He’ll be a rubber stamp and will go along to get along. When he was trying to position himself as a candidate for Mount Vernon top cop he also attended a rally against Police in White Plains. He was in the news 12 footage next to the progressive speakers of the event. ( Again hold the line we don’t want liberals representing us.)

  13. Tim is clearly the best Choice in this upcoming election and he will win big! The other guy that’s in office currently, is in no way a conservative or friend of the yonkers tax payer. Just look at his voting record.

  14. The Mayors endorsement won’t make a difference in the Sixth District Council seat race. Here’s a career politician who’s supported abortion on demand and has attended several Black lives Matter protest. The Silent Majority of this area believe in the teachings of the Catholic church and oppose protests that compromise public safety and create an environment of looting and violence.( on Tuesday November 2nd hold the line and vote Republican Conserative. Never mind Sleepless in Seattle it’s clueless in Yonkers.

  15. If Spano truly supported Tim then he would have been Police Commissioner right now instead of running for City Council. Take the endorsement Tim but remember you can’t trust any of them.

    1. Just as they can’t trust him- had they trusted him he would have gotten the big seat. Vinnie spano was/is the only supporter out of the spano camp.

      Birds of a feather…….

    2. We’ll beat Timmy boy and off to the Mayor’s office for Merante and us. You’ll love Mayor Merante. Merante for Mayor, Khader for Deputy.

  16. The Mayors expected endorsement won’t make the difference in the Sixth. The Silent Majority of voters which believe in traditional values and who have morals won’t elect the liberal Tim Hodges. They’ll turn out the vote on Tuesday, November 2nd and will stay the course with the Republican Conserative team.

    1. Seeing that Hodges was once 250k employee I’m sure he’s fine with it…. If he had his way he’d still be on the payroll…. But now he’s enjoying a big fat pension, driving a Range Rover …. And still crying at night about getting pushed out by mueller. But he’s gonna be a tax fighter…….

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