Yonkers Police Department Investigate Tuckahoe Road Shooting

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YONKERS, NY — October 3, 2021 — Yonkers Police Officers and Detectives are presently investigating a shooting incident that occurred last night at approximately 9:15 PM next to H. Boo Wilson Park located at 45 Tuckahoe Road: a 17-year-old Bronx resident suffered a single life-threatening gunshot wound through the neck; he was taken to a local area trauma center in grave condition. Preliminary investigation has yielded that the shooting may be related to an earlier dispute in the park between two groups of people; it is believed that the gunman fired at least two shots in the direction of the victim before fleeing the area. P olice are actively developing information to identify the perpetrator(s) and effect an arrest. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Yonkers Police Detectives at (914) 377-7724.

SOURCE: YPD Detective Lieutenant Dean Politopoulis | Communication Officer | Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller 

TribuneYonkers Police Department Investigate Tuckahoe Road Shooting

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  1. Mayor Spano and his Council of “See no evil,” “Hear No Evil,” and “Be no Evil.” Need to answer. What will empty suit pretender Collins Bellamy bring to the “No Evil” club?

  2. Dear white liberals please enjoy the fruits of your labor of “reimagining police, no cash bail and restorative justice” because you most certainly have earned it. Congratulations the South Bronx is now at your doorstep and central Avenue “looks like” Fordham Road
    A retired nypd detective with 3-1/2 decades of experience and two masters degrees

    1. It don’t matter what color you are defunding the police is a stuiped idea, and by the way i`m white and NOT a police officer . Remember : BACK THE BLUE

    2. You could have 10 Masters degrees, you still sound like an idiot. Changes in laws and policing have led to the “browning” of Central Ave? Besides being not-so-subtly racist that having more people of color shopping in NE Yonkers is bad, what does bail and policing have to do with Central Ave? If you want to attribute those things to an increase in crime, make that leap then. Otherwise you’re just saying you don’t like seeing black and brown people in formerly mostly white areas.
      And these are some of the bad apples that make it difficult for good police officers to do their jobs.

      1. No, Central Avenue is becoming unkempt, run down with perpmobiles ghetto “barber shops” as well as tattoo parlors, smoke shops and other narcotics prone locations and crime is completely out of control on the Yonkers end. But please Don’t worry Yonkers was always known for its incorrigible “white trash as well !” It’s you who’s making it a racial issue you self loathing, self hating, self righteous virtue signaling. white liberal keyboard warrior! Please enjoy the fruits of your labor white liberals because you’ve certainly earned it!

        1. I was remiss when I forgot to mention the drug peddling “bodegas” on central Avenue as well ! The same leftist trolls me regularly and then gets upset when confronted with facts

        2. I’m saying this apolitically, Yonkers has been going downhill fast for the last 6+ years. We have an ineffective, obtuse, out of touch Council and a Mayor that sits in a multi-million dollar glass house with his pseudo wife, Mary Calvi.
          Overall, Yonkers is on the decline, for the average resident, renter or homeowner, and Mayor Spano and his administration is totally to blame!
          I say this with regret but let’s face the facts!

          1. Unkempt, ghetto, bodega… nice dog whistles.
            There’s a difference between saying Central Ave needs to be cleaned up (which is probably true) and saying that Central Ave is being ruined bc of lax bail laws leading to more criminals who “look like” they belong in the Bronx. You’re retired, get a broom and go sweep.

          2. No that’s inaccurate Yonkers has been mismanaged since it’s inception over 100 years ago. I remember my grandmother complaining 50 years ago about Mayor Martinelli being a”crook.”

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