Yonkers Resident Writes to NYS Board of Elections Questioning Why Yonkers Councilman Anthony Merante Has Not Filed Any Campaign Finance Disclosures for “The Friends of Anthony Merante” Since 2017

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YONKERS, NY — October 8, 2021 — The Yonkers Tribune has today received the following letter dated October 5, 2021 “penned” by Teresa Cola of Yonkers who addressed the Yonkers Board of Elections regarding the lack of campaign financing with respect to the account of  the “Friends of Anthony Merante” account.

The copy of the letter reads as follows …


Teresa Cola

Exact Address Deleted by Yonkers Tribune

Yonkers, NY 10703


New York State Board of Elections

40 North Pearl Street, Suite 5

Albany, NY 12207


To Whom It May Concern:


My name is Teresa Cola, and I am a concerned resident of Yonkers. It has recently come to my attention and the attention of other Yonkers residents that the Republican candidate and current incumbent for the (Yonkers) 6th city council seat, Anthony Merante, has not filed any campaign finance disclosures for his campaign account, “Friends of Anthony Merante,” since 2017. This is a clear violation of the NY Election Law ELN § 14-126.

Myself and other Yonkers residents find it completely unacceptable that Mr. Merante, himself a CPA, has been so negligent in something that, we would think, should be something he specializes in and is no stranger to. We believe that he should fully disclose all of his campaign finances from 2017 onwards, when he first began to represent District 6 on the City Council. This is a grave matter for us residents of Yonkers, as this revelation leaves us with many questions: why has Mr. Merante not filed his campaign finance disclosures? Where is his money coming from? What does he not want us to see?

I write this letter in the hope that the New York State Board of Elections can look into this matter, as it is a major concern for myself and my neighbors. All of our elected officials should have their campaign finances be public knowledge, and no one should be able to get away with not filing their financial disclosures for a little more than four years now. It is clear to me that Mr. Merante’s failure to file his campaign finances properly is a crime, and is a violation of the law. He should answer for this violation, and appropriate penalties applied to him. We are all taxpayers in Yonkers, and we deserve to see what kind of money our city councilman is receiving.



Teresa Cola


CC:    New York State Attorney General

         Westchester County District Attorney

TribuneYonkers Resident Writes to NYS Board of Elections Questioning Why Yonkers Councilman Anthony Merante Has Not Filed Any Campaign Finance Disclosures for “The Friends of Anthony Merante” Since 2017

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      1. Khader’s Democratic primary results was the biggest embarrassment in NY Politics! The only run khader is going to have is at Club Fed.

  1. Who was that masked man?
    It must have been Jimmy Nolan, because he is unvaccinated.
    Don’t be a science denier. Vax up and show you are smarter than Jimmy Nolan.

  2. Khader just recently updated his financials, he was also in violation.
    He showing over a 100k in his campaign account, I could imagine the lies he told his donors to raise and ask for that kind of money. It didn’t matter how much money he raised because the people of Yonkers knew he was rotten, I intend on exposing his financials. There’s pay to play and etc. especially with a court receivership that I plan to outline and connect the dots with the contributions and work received. You will need this money for your legal fees.

    1. If you going to through rocks make sure your windows are shatter proof. Projecting yourself on to others has always been your style.

      Everyone filed late and several people had no expenditures . I guess it’s time to look into who paid for all the extras.

  3. Why would you think Hodges would be a better Council member? He will walk in step with Spano. Why didn’t Mrs. Cola identify her relationship to Hodges when she submitted her letter for publication? The devil you know is better than the one you don’t.

    1. Mike Spano has endorsed Anthony Merante. See Councilwoman Merante’s advertisement.
      Mike Spano dod vidoes with Lapesha Collins-Belomy, George Latimer and Ruthie Walter, but not Hodges. Vote the Merante/Spano Team

  4. It’s funny I never knew my kitchen guy was a councilman lol
    He installs kitchen cabinets his prices are good but his quality is shit

  5. To my fellow 6th district voters, if you think your taxes are high and your basic services are poor with Merrante , it will be far more worse with a disgruntled former cop.
    You don’t have to believe me just drive the 4th district and see for yourselves.
    Merrante is your only choice. Also vote for Matten, his Dem opponent is for affordable housing, anti police , and a puppet for the Spano family and a lapdog for Jeris .

    1. “yes my guy is bad but the other guy is worse” what a compelling argument in the final stretch by the merante campaign and it’s supporters.

  6. I won’t be voting for merante simply because I didn’t know he was my councilman until he started running for re-election. Where have you been the last 4 years. I please ask you to stop with the tax bullshit, taxes fund our schools, police and fire. I believe a police chief before I believe a politician. Lying politicians are the biggest problem
    I was happy to see khader lose and merante is next.

  7. With only a month left Councilman Merante the incumbent, has become the underdog in his re-election campaign. (This is fact.) His opponent is strong and almost became Yonkers Police Commissioner without ever attaining the rank of captain. Anthony Merante must mobilize the sizable Italian vote or he’s finished.(Poor job on lawn signs and to monotone as opposition leader. )Also, the tax vote was just plain stupid.

    1. You don’t mention the sewer expert that ruined all his equipment in the last rain storm Sam the Kankasore Borelli in that filthy distgusting city car getting shit faced in Tara’s every night talking more lncoherent shit than Old Man Biden himself.Both probably have massive load of shit in there pants.Pathetic.

    2. I think you have it backwards. Merante wants to run the Republican Party, because its all about him.
      There are many Republicans voting for Tim Hodges. I should know I am one of them. Republicans have permission to vote for Hodges, because he is a Conservative.
      Hodges/Nolan 2021

  8. Any person who knowingly and willfully fails to file a statement required to be filed by this article within ten days after the date provided for filing such statement or any person who knowingly and willfully violates any other provision of this article shall be guilty of a misdemeanor

    1. Please stop with the facts , reality doesn’t apply to Yonkers .1 you have Tiderman the guy is too stuiped to pass a manager‘s test so what does Yonkers do they make him a deputy commissioner.2 you get Riggeroio who crashed 2 city cars while drunk ,did he lose his job , no they made him deputy commissioner and even had the nerve to put him on the accident review board . And talk about Tiderman his son worked for Freightliner the truck co. on lake ave and WOW Yonkers started buying Freightliner trucks from where, you guessed it where his son worked ,Oh and by the way his son got fired from Freightliner and where does he work now yeh you guessed it ,the city of Yonkers

  9. I am a Republican, and I supported Merante the first time around. It’s unfortunate that he turned out to be just another Spano lackey. This is the only possible explanation for him voting for that first huge tax increase:. This was done so that none of the Mayor’s 300+ relatives on the payroll would get laid off.

  10. Merante has not broken any laws. As long as he is still running and keeping his campaign open, he does not have to file.

    If you think electing a Dem is going to give you a better shot at lowering your taxes in Yonkers/Westchester/NYS, then good luck to.

    1. guilty of a class A misdemeanor. of any candidate, or solicit any person to make any such expenditures, for the purpose of evading the contribution limitations of this article, shall be guilty of a class E felony.

  11. My name is Mary Federico I lived on Croydon Road for 38 years. My taxes go up every year, when my husband who passed away 3 years bought our house
    our tax bill was $832.00 today is $11,322.98. There was only one Councilman who fought for Tax Payers was Ed Fagan. Merante is Liar. Please stop sending me your junk mail.

    1. I never seen my tax bill decrease
      Each year my mortgage bill increase and when I call the bank they tell me
      We need to escrow more for taxes
      What City is merrento referring to ?

  12. He voted for tax increases and needs to pay the price for that at the polls . It pains me as a Republican not to vote for him but he needs to go. He really didn’t do anything for his district these past 4 years. I feel anthony is a good man and ran because he wanted to make a difference to his community . I thought his background in finances would be an Assest. However after 4 years are we better off with him or without ? Our taxes are up. Let’s look at CPA for example . Storefronts empty . The rock pile eye sore on heights drive which is never going to be completed . Quality of life has decreased for sure in our community and property crime is up. I feel we need to make a change to a former police executive who will hold the police accountable to help prevent crime in our community.

    1. Teresa Cola’s inquiry regarding whether Anthony Merante filed election financing reports to the Board of Elections is appropriate. What hasn’t been noted here is that Teresa Cola, is married to former Police Commissioner Charlie Cola. She is also Tim Hodges’ sister. Even so, why hasn’t Merante filed his financial reports since 2017? On Hezi’s radio show he said he is self funding his campaign. Even if he is self funding, he must still file a financial report. I’m surprised he hasn’t sent a press release to explain himself.

  13. It is not illegal to be late on filing campaign finance disclosure. The entire process is a mess and has been botched by Latimer and co at the county. They made a new online system that is impossible to follow. And there is 0 type of admin or IT support

    1. 4 Years Late
      Gimme a break !!!!
      The law is clear and Merante violated it.
      Our elected officials should be held to a higher standard. Follow the law and tells us where’s your money coming from and how your spending it ! I see your lying ads as a Tax Fighter , I live on pembrook drive since 1977 and my taxes go up every year.

      1. Wheres your outrage for the mayor, the rest of the city council, the county, and state??? Merante can only do so much when he is in the minority. Get more Republicans elected, then you’ll get lower taxes. Electing a Dem won’t do anything.

        1. Merante voted to extend term limits, so being in the minority is a bs excuse. For that reason alone he s##ks. Joan Gronowski had no problem voting no.

          1. To the poster at 11:41 AM

            I was not on the Yonkers City Council for the vote to overturn the term limits, for which the citizens of Yonkers voted not once but twice. I would not have voted to overturn the people’s wishes had I been on the YCC. I was, however, in City Hall that evening for the so-called ‘public hearing’ and subsequent vote which took place at approximately 1:00 am following the hearing. There were hundreds of people, packed like sardines, in the upper floors of city hall. I did speak against this legislation, but it was all for show. The City Council has a habit of holding public hearings – ostensibly for the purpose of actually hearing the views of the public – and then, moments later, voting without processing and possibly further debating the arguments, both pro and con, for the issue at hand. It was a done deal. For all of their talk about ‘continuity, keeping their progress going with consistency, blah, blah, blah, ‘ the bottom line is that if two four-years terms are the limit for the President of the United States, it should be sufficient for a city council. The problem is that some elected officials start planning their next campaigns the day they first take office. I would never support any candidate who undermined the very constituency they purport to have represented.

            Joan Gronowski

          2. Hi Joan, sorry I did not mean that you voted no on that issue. I meant you had no problem voting no when it came to protecting the voters.

          3. I thought that might have been the case but I did want to clarify, should there have been any question. Thank you!

            Joan G.

    2. You may be able to blame Latimer for some things, but not the election laws. Those requirements have been in place for a number of years and are laws of the State of New York.

  14. There should be a fingerprint system in City Hall
    The City Council Staff comes and goes as it pleases while taxpayers get screwed

  15. Hodges isn’t a real tax fighter. He is however, a person who people gravitate too. These politicians should be careful because he might take their positions. In politics don’t build up someone too much.

  16. How coincidental!
    I’m asking my fellow 6th district voters not to fall for more of the BS that Z Jeris and the Spano’s are putting Yonkers thru.
    They ran their puppet Collins against Khader and now their new puppet Hodges against Merrante.
    The voters should know why is a 3 time predicate felon running Hodges campaign?

  17. The city needs to implement a fingerprint time clock system. Plenty of staff are taking advantage, especially in the Will Library. No oversight whatsoever…

  18. Merante is duplicitous. He takes credit for a zero tax increase, when he did nothing to achieve it. He posts a picture of himself with Mayor Spano, when Spano has NOT endorsed Merante. The Mayor is endorsing Hodges. Hodges is a conservative and real tax fighter.

  19. Why don’t politicians like Merante follow the law ?
    Every resident should know where the money comes from and how it’s spent
    Nobody is above the law except
    A Trump Republican Merante

    1. Vote him out he is a do nothing who does zero for the west side of town . I have been emailing him for 2years to have a city tree stump remove from the front of my home nothing has happen .two years is long enough time to vote him out we need a fresh face who will get so.drying done for both east and west side of town . # Hodges

  20. Let me get this straight
    Merante is a CPA
    Chairs the Budget Committee
    Has NOT filed his campaign financial disclosures since 2027
    He must of went to the same college as Mike khader

    1. Lol! Accountant or not. All of our esteemed council have been delinquent in fling reports. Some just now catching up, after they won their respective races.

      How is this permissible? Rubbo, like his compatriot, Merante, is THE biggest offender.

      Williams too! Yonkers politics and ethics are a joke, all around, every political party!

      1. Once again Merante is a Certified Public Accountant, Rubbo serves beer, khader went to Cooley, Shanae uses to many hair products. He should no better.

        1. Wait.. Rubbo serves beer and Merante is Councilman John Rubbo’s personal accountant. This group has a real issue with conflicts! Nothing seems to phase this.

          Remember this when Annabi and another Council person went after the then City Council President Murtagh she ended up in FEDERAL PRISON!

          You all turned on Khader lets see how long before one of the current Council ends up in jail. Take a look at the the financials they are up.


          Williams has contributions but no names. Rubbo has his trusty landlord contributing to his campaign and the list goes on. Take a gander.

          It is all a matter of time before one of these politicians end up under investigation. It is not IF it is WHEN and WHO ?

          Time will tell…..

      2. It doesn’t make it right
        The law is clear and his a CPA
        I want to know who paying for his lying ads as a Yonkers Tax Fighter
        My taxes go up every year

  21. I foiled Merante’s City Council Secretary’s time sheets.. Her ID card on her entry into City Hall. Every morning I call she’s not there.

    1. Maybe one should be non-partisan and foil all of City Hall? Corruption overload.. Lol..good luck with the foil as cheating and undermining tax payers is paramount in Yonkers. Not ONE candidate or incumbent has a viable clue or solution. You get what you vote for!

  22. He’s not the Yonkers Tax Fighter he’s the Yonkers Tax Riser.
    Merante voted for the 2017 , 2018 budgets which raised taxes by 15%

  23. Breaking the law is common for Merante.
    His secretary is working at his campaign headquarters during City Work Hours.
    TAXPAYERS shouldn’t be funding your campaign.
    Use City Logos for your campaign is another violation.

  24. Totally understandable.
    Republicans believe that laws are made for others.
    Remember “Law & Order” Gordon Burrows getting arrested for snorting coke behind the wheel of his car.

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