Your November Vote
By Ron Matten

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Ron Matten on the campaign trail for Yonkers City Council President.

YONKERS, NY— October 21, 2021 — In a few short days,

Yonkers City Council President Republican endorsed Candidate Ron Matten. Learn more at:

Yonkers residents will begin deciding on who will be their next council president. The Yonkers City Council President is the at-large councilmember representing the entire city. In addition to enacting legislation, the council president is the citywide ombudsman. The position advocates for all Yonkersites in an equitable manner. Based on my experience, competency, and vision for Yonkers, I am asking for your vote.

I have been working within the fields of operations and finance for 30 years. Twenty years of that time has been in educational leadership. I was a certified school business administrator in the State of Connecticut. I have worked for Greenwich Public Schools, City University of New York, Columbia University and the Ethical Culture Fieldston School. I will be the only councilmember to have written policy to meet curriculum. I have a graduate degree in public administration and a bachelor’s in finance. I have spent my career finding unique solutions with limited resources. I am running on my experience, competency, and ability to build consensus.

I have been the Republican candidate for council president since February. My campaign has been an internship, which has allowed me to interact with potential constituents from Riverdale Avenue to Roxbury Drive, from Bronx River Road to Buena Vista Avenue. Yonkers is a beautiful mosaic with varied needs, but there are commonalties that unite us. We require safe streets, quality neighborhoods, and fiscal stability.

The components of a safe streets program require community engagement and police resources. The recent spike in crime is fueled by gang activity. The long-term solution is working with our community anchors to provide engaging youth programs. The near and middle term solution is funding and supporting our police. The Yonkers Police Department needs to strengthen their predictive police program, which is an outgrowth of the early New York City Compstat program. By analyzing crime data, police departments can predict where resources are needed. This does not predict crime, but the probabilities of crime to time and general location. Equally important is the concept of community policing. When officers are part of the community, a partnership is built between police and neighborhood. It is important to remove the barrier of a car door.

Neighborhoods remain strong when they are stable. Development can be good for the city by creating jobs, which translates to business revenue and sales tax revenue. However, when neighborhoods are overdeveloped, it leads to instability, and possible blight. Yonkers needs a “Plan of Community Development (POCD).” A POCD would provide Yonkers with a roadmap for the future. A POCD gives communities much needed input and provides the Planning Board and Council a blueprint for smart development. Every action has a reaction or side effect. Sometimes it is positive, but many times it is negative. For instance, we built out the waterfront with luxury apartments. In the process, we displaced families and much needed affordable housing. A POCD would allow Yonkers to gauge the side effects and compensate for them.

Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Much like community development, Yonkers needs to plan its budgets for 10 years, not 12 months. Yonkers presents an annual pro forma budgetary audit. This is not a planning audit, but a compliance requirement. We need to build out a 10 year needs list, operating and capital, to plot our course. For instance, we know we have two years of special COVID funding on the horizon. What happens in year three? This is how Yonkers provides stability for taxpayers and employees. Government has failed when we pit taxpayers against our municipal workforce. A stable Yonkers also keeps taxes manageable and helps seniors stay in their homes.

I grew up on Valentine Lane in Southwest Yonkers. My elementary school was in Yonkers, and I graduated from Sacred Heart High School. I even owned a business within Yonkers. I have seen the city at its best and its worst. Early on, I told you that I was the Republican candidate, but I have a broad consensus of support across the political spectrum. With your vote, I can continue to build consensus and a better Yonkers. This November, you can vote for me on the Republican line or the Commonsense Line

Ron Matten was raised and resides in Yonkers. He is the Republican nominee for Yonkers City Council President. For more information visits: 

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TribuneYour November Vote
By Ron Matten

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  1. If Republicans don’t vote, we will have seven democrats on the council, who are all controlled. It will be a dictatorship the 4th term is coming !!’
    If you like it great if you don’t oh well you allowed it for 12 plus years. No one to blame but the tax payers.

  2. How about Ruth Walter lying about how she didn’t involve the police when she owed money to a staffer on a campaign? Hezi was right after all this time. There’s a police report that has surfaced on social media after she has denied it happening, after being rude and knocking on doors. As a lifelong Democrat I am tired of these shenanigans and the constant lying that they display, I am considering just not voting!

    Michelle Williams

    1. Thanks for remembering the report exclusive. I was advised years ago it was the most widely read story in Bronxville. Kindly, Hezi

    2. I remember when the article was written and thinking that this isn’t true and to find out now that it is its horrible. Legislator Walter is showing the democrats true colors. I wonder if any press will pick up on this story about a lying elected official (wouldn’t be the first time one of them lied). Hezi thank you for breaking this story! – Gary Presser

  3. I worry if we don’t elect Matten. I just watch a video interview where his opponent vowed to raise taxes and wanted ask property owners to convert their basements i to apartments in exchange for section 8 vouchers.

    1. Funny but you must have been watching a GOP ad because she didn’t say anything about raising taxes in the debate.
      But, you personify the modern Republican Party – lie about everything.
      Just like Jan 6th insurrectionists being described as ordinary tourists.

      1. The FBI said there was ‘scant’ evidence that there was a plot to overthrow the government. It’s been almost a year and there has been zero convictions for insurrection or anything of the sort. Only misdemeanors for trespassing. You have been gaslit.

      2. Lekisha Collins-Bellamy literally said she’d raise taxes. Straight up, no confusion. In what world is Ron lying? LCB and her supporters have the thinnest skin I’ve ever seen.

  4. Wishing you all the best on Election Day, Ron. I know you have tried to get your message out. Today it seems to be all about campaign contributions. When I ran I collected just about $10,000 in five years. Today my coffers would be ridiculed. You have stayed true to your message.

    Joan Gronowski

      1. Yes, actually I did make what is a reverse party switch, given the spate of Republican politicians changing to Democrats, not for the enrollment demographics, of course, but because they have been suddenly enlightened. But I have never voted party and would have voted for Ron Matten had I still been a registered Democrat.

        Joan Gronowski

        1. The reason many Republicans are switching to Democratic is because we don’t want to see an AOC become Mayor of Yonkers. There was a time when Democrats during Ralph Arred’s leadership were switching to Conservative to seek control of that party.

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