4 Suggestions to Get Out of Your Rut

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY — November 4, 2021 — Are you struggling with your productivity? Do you feel blah? Are you in that state where nothing major seems wrong, but nothing seems quite right either? It’s possible that you could be in a rut. It’s easy to fall into the grooves of a life that is the same all day, every day, but it can also feel deadening after a while. Luckily, you can get yourself back out of that rut and start enjoying your life again.

Do Some Boring Tasks

This might sound counterintuitive. Why would you want to do something boring when you’re already bored? This can work because sometimes, being in a rut isn’t really about anything more profound than your tendency toward procrastination. You can feel stuck with many small but annoying tasks to get through, and the best way to deal with them may be to power through them. One way to motivate yourself is to set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes. See how many you can get through in that time. Reward yourself at the end, and set it again if you feel like it.

Do Something Different

Sometimes, all it takes to shake you out of the everything’s-the-same routine is to do something, anything, different. It could be something energizing, like going for a run. It could be something relaxing that lets you shut off your brain for a while, like a hot bath. It could be trading one habit for another. For example, you could consider switching your cigarette smoking to vaping. You can look online at a collection of dry herb vaporizers, which can introduce you to incredible flavors. Other options might be trying a new hobby or a different work schedule if you control it.

Do Some Digging

At other times, your rut is about something much bigger. Maybe you’ve lost sight of your goals, or perhaps the goals you’ve been working toward aren’t meaningful any longer. You may also have set some goals but not really looked at the intermediate steps between where you are now and how to achieve them, so you understandably feel like you’re just spinning your wheels. Spend some time thinking about what might be behind this feeling that you’re stuck, and if it is goal-related, think about what new goals you can set or what steps you need to take to reach your aims.

Do Some Talking

Getting support can help. This might mean talking to friends or family about what you’re going through. Some people might find it helpful to consult a career counselor or life coach at this stage to identify their next moves better. If you have a spiritual practice, you might talk to someone at your place of worship. Even writing in a journal or finding support online can make a difference. You might get practical suggestions about what you should do, or the very act of talking or writing about your feelings could lead you to see solutions that weren’t apparent to you before.

eHezi4 Suggestions to Get Out of Your Rut

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