Anthony Merante Re-Elected to Yonkers City Council District 6
By Hezi Aris

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Tim Hodges, Democrat candidate for Yonkers City Council District 6

Yonkers City Council Anthony Merante.

YONKERS, NY — November 4, 2021 — 47 out of 47 Districts, that is 100 percent, that comprise Yonkers City Council District 6 have reported. The tabulations are as follows and noticed herein in alphabetical order …

DEM…………TIM HODGES 2,362 41%
CON………….TIM HODGES     371   7%
TIM HODGES…..Totals …… 2,733 48%

ANTHONY J MERANTE …..Totals…….2,972 52%

Total* votes counted 5,705 100%

NOTE: *Official Declaration expected by Friday because absentee ballots have yet to be tabulated.

eHeziAnthony Merante Re-Elected to Yonkers City Council District 6
By Hezi Aris

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  1. Merante should run for assembly against Nader Sayegh. Although some say Nader is running for Senate and Tasha Diaz will be running for Assembly.

  2. I have to wonder if Merante will continue to lick the mayor’s bung hole when it is required. Is he still afraid of Nick and Zehy?

  3. In closing, I had stressed for weeks on this site the importance of the Catholic Italian vote coming out for the incumbent. I’m sure that’s what made all the difference here. ( No question about it.)

  4. Columbus Day was the biggest issue in District 6. Many Italians came out in record numbers and voted straight Republican not knowing who was on the ballot. The only elected official who was against Columbus Day was Mike Khader
    Voters were ill informed Many Democrats like Shelly Mayer , Mike Spano and John Rubbo support Columbus Day. Khader follows the political winds that eventually blew him out of office.

  5. The truth of the matter is Nolan Campaign was run by Devon Rourke and his crew. But Rourke showed his belly when Jeries and Spano came around and took their help. This should not be surprise. Mike Rogantelli is Devons mentor. Devon and Nolan are pushing Frank Jeries to take over the Young Dems. Look at pictures of their events. Lots of David Tubiolo. Devon and Dave are childhood best friends. Hmm.

  6. Zehy learned some of the business of politics from Fernando Fuentes back in ’93-94. Fernando became the first Hispanic member of the Yonkers City Council. I believe he’s no longer on the political scene in the City of Hills and may have relocated out of state.

  7. Tim was going up against a high tide, tough battle, tough area, and Merante delivered with UPS. Nolan started a grassroot , and Lakisha was not a warrior. I put an * asterisk on this loss. Do I need to even bring up the Biden factor?

    People hate young talent. I know Franky Jeries , I think people are jealous that his father taught him the craft so well at a young age. I personally think it upsets other parents to see Z’s son, who they want to point at and call a criminal is doing better, and was raised better than their kids. His kid has a better resume than some grown men who have been involved in this thing for decades. It is not a conspiracy, he is just the best at his job in our area, because his father took the time to teach him. He had time taken from him, that should have been available for his kid , but he utilized it better than many of you people; this is just the result. Anybody wanting to run for office in this area, is obviously going to want to hire the best talent around. Winners pick winners. Keep knocking the kid, I think he is just getting started . Barron Trump or Sacha Obamas campaign one day. Wait and see bigger than

    – #YO

    1. Post

      I agree whole heartedly. Zehy has learned his craft and has taught his son. They are successful because they work hard and have the intelligence to and savvy to win. Loss only comes when candidates are “Lazy”. Gordon Burrows comes to mind. This time around Ruth Walter. Shanae Williams failed because she too didn’t campaign effectively. That was her choosing and she lost. She could have won but she didn’t work hard enough.

      1. Come on Hezi , we all know that you are a big zehy supporter.

        can you really blame every loss on the candidates being lazy.? So any Is any win also the candidates fault ?

        Or does it go to the campaign function behind them? Let’s be fair fair

        1. Post

          Zehy is proficient in his understanding and guidance to those engaged in political campaigns and better than anyone else in Westchester County. Your jealous of his proficiency. If you want to prove a point, run either your own campaign for elected office or that of another candidate of your choice and then you may recognize that not all candidates recognize the value of those, like Zehy who are better in this “game” than anyone I have come to know. And the candidates have to do their part. Many are too lazy or believe their name or some other quality they posses will earn them a win. In this particular time, as I have pointed out in my writing there was an evident backlash against President Biden that was reflected in the outcome. Timing is everything. In the 6th District, the Biden backlash and the resuscitated Republican challenge won the day. In the Ruth Walter v. Nolan contest, Nolan didn’t win as much as Walter lost because she was disliked in Bronxville and Yonkers alike. She lost despite the help she got from Shelley Mayer and others. So it goes. Whether you like it or not, Zehy is the number one choice among all who intend to run for political office in Yonkers. His growing prominence, supported by his son will logically create a business model staffed not only with the like of Zehy and Frankie, but with people who are adept at creating advertising campaigns, videos, and so much more. Those are logical extensions of Zehy’s capacity, effectiveness, and that of his son. That is a “fair” dissertation of what has transpired. Kindly, Hezi

          1. No jealousy here- we can agree to disagree. I will say he’s great at what he does, I will not say the best in westchester. I few good races, a few bad races. All in all doesn’t make him a bad guy. Hope he stays clean this time around.

            Anyhow, I appreciate your dialogue nonetheless!!

          2. Post

            And I concur with your judgement. No one can claim 100 percent in wins. That is the reality. Some do better than others in guiding those they represent. Some candidates concur but do not always follow through. Sometimes lady luck can swing the outcome by a few votes that are separated by very few votes. I appreciate your balanced approach. Kindly Hezi

          3. I was one of 4 candidates running for Supreme Court in 1996. Frank Coppola and Zehy Jereis ran my campaign, I’m so forever grateful for all the work Zehy has done. Zehy Jereis is one of the smartest in the business.

  8. In politics a majority in a district will return an incumbent if their beliefs/ideology are similar. ( Merrante only one major line. WoW!) However, if constituents feel their concerns are being ignored they’ll do the opposite. As the New York Post interestingly pointed out that many Asian American Districts in Queens swung Republican and voted for the GOP for Council and mayor. The majority usually goes democrat. However, with De’blasio’s education policy changes not based on merit, but affirmative action, a substantial uptick in violence they felt they were being ignored and taken for granted. This is alarming for democrats state wide.

  9. Biggest winners of the 2021 Cycle:
    Mayor Mike Spano
    City Clerk Vincent Spano
    Zehy Jereis
    Chairman Tommy Meier
    Frankie Jereis

    New City Council President and new County Legislator 15 thanks to these guys

      1. Post

        Hodges didn’t get out there to campaign harder. His only issue, that of wild animal like coyotes was infantile. And he did not reach out to media. He was hiding out believe in family connections would make him the winner. AND THEN THERE IS THE FACT THAT BIDEN UNDERMINED ALL DEMS.

      1. Post
        1. cut the bullshit hezi we all know who u protect this city is being run down by developers

          u protect criminals like zehy spaNO nicky vinny and now his son frankie

          go grow up hezi we can smell it

          1. Post

            You must be joking. Perhaps you do not recognize the difference between balance and integrity. Perhaps you will figure it out over time. Kindly, Hezi

    1. Lol they wanna take credit for lakisha wins and Nolan’s win now . Nolan has been working his ass off after the tragic death of his brother. Don’t take credit from Devin .

  10. Anthony Merrante’s reelection was unbelievable . Here’s a guy who only had one major line. His opponent Tim Hodges had the Conservative and Democratic positions and blew it. ( I truly thought he was more popular, but I was apparently wrong. His team along with himself blew it big time. The Councilman’s win was similar to the Staten Island GOP who pummeled their opponents. ( Sal Albanese a liberal from Bath Ridge and a recent island transplant only 30% percent of the vote and he thought he would be competitive.) The moral majority triumphed and next year will challenge the Yonkers Assemblymen.

    1. Is this the same commenter who keeps saying how “moral” the 6th District is? Give it a rest please! A Republican won in a Republican district, it’s not rocket science.
      If Hodges ran as a Rep and Merante as a Dem, the reverse would’ve happened. Most people blindly vote with party, it’s not a referendum on Merante, he’s just a guy who happened to have the R next to his name.

  11. I thought Mimi Rocah was gonna, “clean up this town”? No sign of her while the Spanos continue to flout the law left and right as they do whatever the **** they want. It’s disgusting and disgraceful what these people get away with.

    1. You are wrong the Spanos do not do what they want, my point about the Mosque they wanted to make up by where the Spanos live. Oh wait they, stopped it from happening (MY BAD. CARRY ON )

  12. What a shame many of the negative comments regarding City Clerk Spano and allies of the mayor are unsurprisingly coming from the Khaders and surprisingly Akeem Jamal. If it wasn’t for the Spano family taking in the Jamal family, Akeem would be a barista at dunkin and his father would be customer service at bestbuy.

    Akeem go fuck yourself the clock is ticking on how much longer you’ll have a job in city hall

  13. The Khader’s corrupt schemes:
    John Khader’s phony financial filings with NYS.
    John Khader raises money for his PAC by shaking down business owners.
    Mike Khader and John Khader’s pay to play scheme with a local security company where Khader has the contract to run the hotel.
    Mike Khaders failure to pay campaign staff and instead wants to give a no show contract to Lena Badr for 20k.

    Cheers to Spano and Jereis for supporting Lakisha in order to get rid of these guys

  14. Here is the truth about the situation:

    Frank Jereis, Zehy Jereis, Mayor Spano, chairman Meier, and Clerk Spano were all in full support of Tim Hodges’ candidacy. All of the above people are democrats and wanted to see a democrat in 6th district. This was not a power grab but supporting the best candidate and doing right by the Democratic Party.

    Frank Jereis has been heavily involved in the campaigns for 4/7 members of the city council.

    1. Here is the truth about the situation ,

      Zehy Jeries Frank Jeries vinny Jaimie spano we’re all in full support of Tim Hodges, Tim being a neighbor of Spanos.

      The mayor, not so much. A spano shuffle possibly. Hodges was passed over for PC spot. Why would spano support him now.

      But one thing is for sure- a Hodges victory = Vin and zehy floating around like the top dogs. But the Hodges lose, getting thrown around like a hot potato’s. I hope merante remembers who his true friends are.

      1. Mayor Spano came out and endorsed Hodges a few days ago, when he thought it was a win situation. Obviously he was misguided, misinformed, as usual. Forgot the endorsement??!l Selective memory and recall for sure…wth?!

    2. He was heavily involved in
      Shanae- X
      Hodges – X
      Burrows – X

      They will only speak of their winnings while they puff their chest…. Smoke and mirrors.

      1. Post

        Shanae sat back and did not campaign as hard as she could have. As for Hodges he also did not work hard enough. His only issue was benign , something to do about wild animals being a danger to pets. If one feels pets are in danger the pet owner must protect them in the house or be by their side as they walk about. Kindly, Hezi

  15. Why is Joan Lefkowitz sitting on the khader investigation ???
    There’s a lot that will come out
    Why is she not allowing it ????
    This smells bad

  16. Lakisha would have lost if the Alliance had run a stronger candidate who could raise money. (Martinelli, Barbato or Merante.) She should count her blessings for she’s a liberal who lucked out. Moreover, the facts are Tim Hodges under performed. His team The Jereis’s ,Nader Sayegh and others couldn’t pull out the vote. In reality they were a hindrance to this candidacy and not a help. Senator Spano who is a gentlemen probably realized, that Hodges could be a threat politically, but is now finished.

    1. Lakisha crushed khader and then went on vacation!
      Republicans turned out the Maximum and Democrats stayed home and Lakisha still won by 8 points.
      The big victory was defeating the khaders who had all the endorsements and all the money. It shows they are a bunch of frauds

      1. Heard a lot of fat Yonkers politicians were swimming and partying LARGE on vacation!! What a disgrace they all are…both in the water and in city government!!!

        Why wasn’t RuRos invited to cover the vacation getaway ? Lol, he’s only covering murders and stabbing a in the safest city!

      1. Listen to the Fake BS fly…what about all the unrecorded payments from Yonkers Better Committee??

        This unidentified, anonymous slush fund from the Yonkers machine supporting Lakisha, this time around, while discrediting opponents wholesale levels. Who is next??
        All those mailers should be gifts in kind on Lakisha’s financial campaign reports.

        But this IS Yonkers, no one reports completely, accurately or timely. They hold out reporting until way beyond the deadline, without repercussion.

        The Westchester BOE is deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to compliance and enforcement for any candidate! It’s all a ruse in the pretense of legitimacy.

  17. so the spaNo crime family spends 200k on lakisha and she barely won by a new comer who had no money or campaign, cant wait for mike spano to make his next political move you may control the democrat district leaders but you don’t control the city people are waking up to you and your convict friend.

  18. Frank Jereis was the campaign manager for both Lakisha Collins-Bellamy and Tim Hodges as well as John Rubbo in the primary. He coordinated alongside Meier and City Clerk Spano the GOTV efforts of the party for the full democratic slate.

    He is a democrat who only supports and stands with real Democrats.

    1. This convicted felon employs nothing but dirty tactics like what happened in the Rubbo primary campaign, eliminating the competition and having a puppet Djonbalaj stand in as candidate on the ballot in the General election.

      His tactics produced a loss for Hodges.

      And Lakisha’s results were far from a mandate, with a higher electorate turnout Matten would have surely won!

      Mr J is no Democrat, but a self-serving, smooth-talking, back-stabbing manipulator. His track record is sub-par…time will reveal that and more….

    2. He is a democrat who only stands with real democrats???

      Like newly dem rubbo
      Like newly dem Hodges.

      He’s a kid- he’s had a few lucky races, all good things come to end. As for city clerk, he’s like a rat on a sinking ship. Looking to scurry anywhere he could.

    3. That explains the smear campaign against Walter , Khader, Merrante, let’s not forget Idoni they supported Williams. He is a Die hard republican in sheep clothing. Only way to make money and gain power is within the Democratic Party . Y’all need to stop this nonsense.

  19. We’ve got Khaders in these comments trying to spin the election results as some sort of proof of strength for the Khader clan… Ridiculous. Part of me thinks that they enjoy the beating they take on here – at least it keeps them relevant, because they certainly aren’t doing much to keep themselves relevant on their own.

  20. Tim showing was one that was poor . He had the Conservative line in this traditional values district and still lost. The constituents saw that he was an imposter. A recent Republican who changed to the Democratic Party. I believe his team did a poor job and shouldn’t be given themselves credit for an unexpected loss. The moral majority showed the alliance can take back city hall. They mobilized and turned out the vote. Just like the voters in Staten Island, Nassau County.

    1. Everyone one is on damage control- the vinny spano shuffle is in full affect.

      I wonder where the credit would have gone had they pulled this race off…. Steve Simpson ? I think not.

    2. They saw that Hodges was the Mayor’s boy and who wants a double-dipping retired Yonkers employee (with a six-figure pension) on the Council? Getting paid another salary on the taxpayers dime, not right! You can’t make this stuff up, only in the City of Hills.

      I’d like to know how Lakisha is permitted to be employed by MHA and also now sit as City Council President in January. First, the conflicts of interest. Second, The Hatch Act. And lastly, how can anyone handle 2 FT positions with any proficiency? Unless, both jobs are a sham!

      If she has any legitimacy or conviction, she should resign her position at MHA, effective January and do the one FT Council President job. Heard Lakisha thinks she’s exempt by ruling of Yonkers Corporation Council. Well I’d like to see that stand in court, with impartial legal review. Very unlikely in this corrupt City.

      So what does the Yonkers IG say about the Lakisha conflicts? Nothing…

      The NYS AG needs to look into this charade and abuse of the Yonkers taxpayers.

  21. It hurts to see Tim go down but what a great showing it was for a guy like Frank Jereis. With John Rubbo in as majority leader Frank will make a GREAT Deputy City Clerk. Congratulations young man you earned it. It couldn’t have happened to a better person.

    1. Rubbo will NEVER be majority leader, lol!! A turncoat Republican and reformed Trump supporter… give me a break. Corazon and Shanee won’t let that happen!

    1. Post
          1. Burrows? Shanae? And Khader was going down, hence why they jumped ship
            When they did.

            Can’t win them all.

        1. I mean…. Do we really have to say it.

          PSA- If you’re looking to run for elected office in the COY, this is who NOT to hire. Proof provided on request.

  22. Spano’s got embarrassed? Let’s see. They knocked out your brother. They elected Lakisha Collins Bellamy. He’s the Mayor. They got Rubbo back in. They got Pineda issac back in. So Tim lost in a heavy Republican area by a small percentage and that’s what you are talking about? Hysterical

    Khader lost the head meatball khader, Stella, everyone that ran against Rubbo, crystal, Ruth, hell they even lost caffe Classico.

    1. Come on Rubbo and Pineda-Isaac had no real challengers. And POS rubbo race was close to a noname candidate who had no endorsements, campaign manager. Rubbo will get slaughtered in his next campaign. He isn’t liked in his districted and the GOP will make sure someone is running against him

      1. Rubbo’s opponent was none other than Henry Djomblaj’s sister. She was only on the working family party line to block Carlos Burgos. They got petition signatures for her, to challenge Burgos and throw him off the line. Just another dirty trick.
        That means 16% voted anybody but Rubbo.

    2. 1000 lead for lakisha considering they spent 200k on her clearly its not a strong showing ,, lets see how nader does cant

          1. There’s a clear pay to play
            Wait till they open the books on the Doubletree
            Keep shooting your mouth
            A look forward to your arraignment

          2. Khader raises 300k for a Council President seat who raises that kind of money for a measly Council seat unless your corrupt !!!!!!!!!
            The truth will be out shortly

          3. look at mike spano list of contributions over 65% of them have contracts or ties to his convicted brother lobbying firm. he continues to have fundraisers when he is term limited rumor has it he will try a 4th term, boy I cant wait for that one. Zehy Jereis is charging between 2500 and up to 5000 for jobs in dpw his wife already has her claws on management. The spanos will self destruct due to the greed and hunger they lust for, like hodges nader too will suffer greatly for being tied to the hip with the 2 time convicted felon stay tuned folks the show just started.

  23. Wow I can’t believe a democrat did that well there the Spanos have a lot of support in the district otherwise the Dems would have done worse

  24. Good for Merante, congratulations! After this race, now he knows the Mayor and others on the City Council were/are not on his side. So NOW hope he works exclusively for the people of Yonkers, no hidden agendas, backroom deals or fear of retribution!

    1. Really? ‘Good for Merante, congratulations’??? Why do you give him a pass for four years of NOTHING? No wonder this city is finished. Is this all you expect from your elected officials? Let’s just give him another four years and cross your fingers?

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