Election Results: Councilman Anthony Merante Says, “We’re Looking Good But Results Are Not Final.”

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Yonkers City Councilman Anthony Merante.

YONKERS, NY — November 3, 2021 — Yonkers City Councilman (6th District) Anthony Merante said, “As of today, we are 217-223 ahead which includes early voting. There are 207 absentee ballots in and 174 which have not been returned. There is also a question about ED 11-09 that would add 50 more to our column. Absentee ballots must be postmarked by no later than 11/02 and be received by BOE by 11/09. There is a one-week examination period of signature cards by candidates and the final opening and counting will take place on Tuesday, November 16th . At that time the results will then be final. Statistically we are looking good and are confident of victory.”


eHeziElection Results: Councilman Anthony Merante Says, “We’re Looking Good But Results Are Not Final.”

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  1. The biggest losers besides Hodges with his apparent loss were the politicians and operatives who put their reputations on the line supporting him. The biggest winners were the moral majority voters of the sixth District. They showed that values meant something and they’re way of life won’t be dictated by a sleazy group of liberal carpetbaggers.

  2. Merante is a disgrace, and he’s in cahoots with developers, protecting them and helping them over build and break rules, while telling lies on their behalf on camera at City Council meetings. Ask him about his Toll Brothers connections, where 150+ residents voiced and objection but Merante said that he was not aware of a petition which he had formally responded to months prior. Win or not, a simple investigation into his behavior should easily remove him from his position at a start, and if we really dig deep I don’t think its out of the question to take it further.

    Anthony Merante, if you read this, shame on you. You’re a disgrace to the residents of your district. Alot of Republicans voted Democrat because of you.

  3. The conservative party tried to screw Merante again and the y were taken to school., again. Hugh Fox and Billy Roza should resign, particularly since Roza was backing Khader.

  4. As Hezi previously stated you need a message that resonates with voters to replace an elected official. If this vote tally holds for the incumbent it goes to show some things. The Conserative line should have easily gotten Tim Hodges over the top, but didn’t. Having tons of lawn signs didn’t mean much here. Most importantly traditional values which we also saw were key in Staten Island, Virginia and elsewhere were key as was turning out the moral majority.

    PARTY 47 Districts out of 47 Reporting (100)% Votes Percent
    DEM TIM HODGES 2,362 41%
    CON TIM HODGES 371 7%
    TIM HODGES Totals 2,733 48%
    ANTHONY J MERANTE Totals 2,972 52%
    Office Totals 5,705 100%

    PARTY Votes Percent
    DEM TIM HODGES 2,122 43%
    CON TIM HODGES 340 7%
    TIM HODGES Totals 2,462 50%
    ANTHONY J MERANTE Totals 2,453 50%
    Office Totals 4,915 100%

    Looks like Merante is down at the moment

  7. After 2 straight elections of barely squeaking by political novices in a Republican stronghold, Merante will somehow still say that he has the support of his district. Well, 50.01% of them anyway.

  8. Hodges having the Conserative line in this crucial race should have been a game changer. However, coming out publicly with endorsements from characters such as Nader Sayegh may have backfired on him. We will see with the re count and the next several weeks. Traditional values in this district also helped the councilman who had only one major line.(lets hope we can hold on here and then take back city hall.)

    1. What are Merante’s traditional values? Dog whistle BS about low income and affordable housing? Claiming to hold the line on taxes after voting for two of the largest such increases in recent memory? Values rooted in political expediency and nonsense. It would make sense that on a night where Republicans overpeformed that this guy is so deeply disliked that he would manage to lose. The 1980s called, they want their desegregation-era politics back. Connie please clean up his desk and leave your keys downstairs please.

  9. I really hope Anthony Merante makes it to the finish line. Good Ole Nader, ATG and others did everything to take him out. I don’t live in the district, but had my sister vote for the incumbent. ( Goes to show how crucial votes are in squeaker elections.) Watch for absentee voter fraud with these characters.)

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