How Lawyer Jeremy Diamond Built a National Law Firm

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Jeremy Diamond, Esq.

YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — November 18, 2021 — Few of us associate law firms with the glamor of nationwide fame. Sure, they provide a service and are good at their jobs. But to the general public, few lawyers and firms reach high levels of celebrity.

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers strived to be an exception. The firm was one of the first to use modern, creative methods for marketing and promotion. In turn, their innovation catapulted them to greater heights.

But it wasn’t always that way. No matter the field, no one gains incredible success and fame overnight. Growing a small firm into a household name takes immense commitment and clear vision. Let’s see how they did it. 

Humble Beginnings for Lawyer Jeremy Diamond

Diamond & Diamond started as a small firm founded by David Diamond, Jeremy’s uncle. Back then, personal injury law firms weren’t huge on advertising.

It was nowhere near the Diamond & Diamond Lawyers we know today. But, it was an honorable practice, and the firm celebrated its fair share of successes.

The firm was good at what they knew best, which was personal injury law. But, they saw no need to expand beyond that. It wasn’t even a common practice for law firms to expand beyond their home province.

Advertising flourished for other industries, but not much with law firms. Most of them stuck with more traditional ways. Few firms touched radio and television. Instead, they focused more on print ads like flyers and brochures.

Jeremy Diamond grew up in this environment. Seeing the impact of personal injury law on people’s lives inspired him to take up law himself. Little did he know that he would soon be at the helm of their small family firm.

 Jeremy Diamond Lends His Spark

Jeremy Diamond soon finished his undergraduate degree from York University in 1995. In 2001, he received his Juris Doctor from the  Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

He was on a roll. Even before graduating college, he was already helping out in his uncle’s law firm. This experience gave him firsthand experience in handling personal injury cases.

“Growing up, my whole family was in personal injury, so it was natural that I’d end up in personal injury as well,” Jeremy said. “I was always interested in the business and helping victims. It’s important for victims to know their rights.”

Jeremy’s passion for the field would make him the perfect leader for the firm’s ascent.

He revived the firm in 2012 with his wife and brother-in-law and took a whole new route. He addressed what he saw was missing in most law firms: an aggressive marketing strategy.

They started with a single radio advert. It was cheap, but it brought in clients. Soon, they ventured into TV commercials, and finally, digital marketing. Diamond & Diamond was one of the first personal injury firms to focus heavily on SEOmarketing and AdWords.

They didn’t abandon traditional print marketing, of course. Jeremy recognized the unique strengths of each platform and banked on them. It was a matter of maximizing each one to attract the most attention.                        

The Diamond & Diamond Legacy

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers has become a household name across Canada. Yet it has only been less than a decade since Jeremy assumed leadership. From a small family firm with minimal staff, they now have dozens of lawyers and paralegals.

Diamond & Diamond grew into a flourishing empire through expert service and fearless innovation. Their genuine concern for helping is one of their most significant points of pride.

With Diamond & Diamond Lawyers at your side, you can rest easy knowing someone is fighting for you. “Nothing is tougher than a Diamond” indeed.

eHeziHow Lawyer Jeremy Diamond Built a National Law Firm

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