NuRealty Advisors Sells 26 Units Multifamily Within a Half-Mile from Yonkers Metro North Station

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156-158 Woodworth Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701

YONKERS, NY — November 23, 2021 — NuRealty Advisors Inc. sold the property situated at 156-158 Woodworth Avenue, Yonkers NY 10701

Seller Name:  156 Woodworth LLC

Buyer Name:  156 Woodworth Properties, LLC

Purchase Price:  $4,045,000

Brokers:  Michael Nukho, Principal Broker, and Lukasz Przybylek, Associate Broker

Closing Date:  November 17, 2021

Note: This was a very opportunistic deal which provided the buyer with rental growth in a striving Yonkers environment replete with plenty of development activity by the waterfront.

TribuneNuRealty Advisors Sells 26 Units Multifamily Within a Half-Mile from Yonkers Metro North Station

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  1. Hezi, the Nukho family are great people. Their dad Milad was one of the hardest working guys I ever met and someone I will always look up to. Milad and my dad were the original Jordanians that used their business skills to educate their kids to give them a better life. Anyone that write negative comments is a hater and jealous of their accomplishments. Please know and note the Nukho family does a lot for this community and donates to many organizations.

  2. Nukho are “derogatory comment deleted by Hezi”, born with a silver spoon (Many others have been as well – But it was their father that worked to bequeath his children a leg up in life and it took hard work. Your envy is showing. The children are not as you describe them “idiots”. Perhaps I should not that if your father worked as hard as their father and mother perhaps you too would be scoffed at and you might be called a “real arrogant idiot” as you suggest they are. Whether you recognize it or not. The family was poor. They built a fortune. All the kids went to college. Their parents made many sacrifices to place their children, I believe there are three or four brothers, though I am uncertain. If you emulate their parents, worked as hard as they, perhaps your kids can be the net “arrogant idiots” you call them. Alas, the care laughing all the way to the bank. They earned it because their father and mother sacrificed when they first arrived in Yonkers some 70 years ago.

    I suggest you don’t know them. I hardly know them. I respect what their parents achieved and suggest all who wish to succeed in live emulate their parents. Hard work isn’t everything, but it helps. You are actually defining Yonkersites of every definition, however disparate they may be from one another, what their parents did for them is priceless. They are not lazy people. There are other immigrants who arrived in yonkers and succeeded in following the same course as Mr. & Mrs. Nukho.

    Rather than spew venom, copy their ormular for success. It is not only a credible demeanor, it works!

    I wish you the intellect and physical stamina to achieve what the Nukho’s have. When you do, you too can wear a badge of honor for being called an “idiot”.

    I personally am not as well as as they. Circumstances, that is life, was not a partner to my success in my first 50 years. I do not begrudge the success of others because I know the hard work it requires, and some help from Lady Luck as well.

    Rather than becoming a grouch, I can say finding my way to Yonkers 22 years ago gave me the strength to achieve what in my mind is credible, while others with attempt to diminish my capacity. Their attempts don’t bother me because I know what I am, who I am, and thereby know my place in life, which has grown exponentially over the last 22 years. So yes, Yonkers can cajole that of anyone willing to strive for more.

    Try it. Stay true to yourself, and you will delight in your accomplishments rather than wallow in your envy. I likely won’t last another 20 years to see your accomplishments in life but I wish you well and know if you hunker down perhaps you can eclipse others how have done well in life. The ingredients are there for all who want to participate. Working hard, finding a partner who shares your view of life, and knowing that your future hinders on first giving to your children so they can nurture a family of successful people what are charitable to others and not envious of those who earned their way through life.

    I wish you well. I wish you the time to recognize that you too can thrive.At the end of the day, you are the only “judge that matters”.

    Kindly, Hezi

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