NYC’s New Mayor Won’t Be Bullied By Thugs!
By Bob Weir

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Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover assignments. Bob began a writing career about 16 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.” Photo by and courtesy of Netsky Rodriguez.

FLOWER MOUND, TX — November 14, 2021 — When NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams ran for the job, his platform promised to significantly reduce crime and bring the Big Apple back to its better days. That is, the days before a left wingnut named De Blasio got elected, presumably, if actions demonstrate intent, to destroy the residents, the businesses, and the tourist industry. I don’t know if there’s any logical thought still remaining in the minds of New Yorkers, but if there is, even the lowest IQ individual would agree that De Blasio couldn’t have done more damage if he had run a giant bulldozer from Battery Park to Harlem, crushing everything in his path. How that nihilist was able to win 2 terms is an indictment of the vacuous voters in that rapidly deteriorating burg.

Adams, a former police captain with NYPD, wasted no time in declaring that, as soon as he took office, he would quickly overturn dopey De Blasio’s disbanding of Anti-Crime, the most productive crime deterrence unit in the history of Gotham City. I guess it was expected that hizzoner-elect would be hated by those who live off the misery of their own race by objecting to anything that might put the bad guys in the hoosegow. As soon as Adams’ declaration became public, a thuggish “leader” of Black Thugs Matter made a counter declaration.

Some wannabe Marxist, named Hawk Newsome, hurried to the microphone, and threatened riots and bloodshed if Adams followed through with his campaign vow to reinstate the prolific plainclothes unit. To his credit, Adams responded quickly to the petty rabblerouser, saying such comments further endanger the lives of blacks, “Because you know where that blood ends up? In the streets of our community. And we have to be honest about that.” Of course, he’s correct! But, expecting honesty from a lowlife like Newsome is like expecting virtue from a child molester! In fact, during a saner time in our history a cretin like Newsome would be arrested for inciting to riot.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was recruited into Anti-Crime soon after its inception in 1971. Also known as the Street Crime Unit, Anti-Crime consisted of a small percentage of very active cops from each precinct who would be mainly tasked with the job of arresting armed felons, taking them off the streets of the city. Wearing regular street clothes and driving unmarked cars gave us an advantage over the uniformed cops, who drove blue and white sedans with the bubblegum machines on top, which could be easily spotted by the jackals waiting in prey for their unwary victims.

For 9 years I worked in a unit of 12 plainclothes cops, 3 cars working days, and 3 working nights. We worked in pairs and, in addition to investigating past crimes, we responded to active calls of “felony in progress.” Most of the time we were first on the scene because marked units were often tied up with calls for domestic disturbances, aka family disputes, vehicular accidents, report preparation of past incidents, etc. Yet, we were always grateful for backup by those units when we ran into situations that required more boots on the ground or help in blocking streets when we got involved in vehicle pursuits.

Moreover, there’s no sweeter sound than a siren wailing in the distance when you’re struggling with a guy carrying a weapon who has made it clear that he’s not going easily. Not only did our unit take tons of guns off the street, along with the hard asses carrying and using them, we also removed a truckload of knives, chains, machetes, blackjacks, and an assortment of other bludgeons used in homicides, rapes, and robberies. Our unit was about 5% of the manpower in the precinct, yet we made the majority of felony collars each month. The amount of crime prevention is inestimable, but one thing was assured, there was a dramatic decrease in crime in areas with Anti-Crime units.

It’s truly sad that so many innocent residents lost their lives, their homes, and their businesses during the insane De Blasio regime. Those who have survived the most incompetent nerd in the city’s history can only hope that Adams will come to their rescue with some proven common-sense methods of saving lives, instead of wasting taxpayer’s money on ludicrous roadway graffiti that glorifies thugs and other assorted menaces to society!

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Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover assignments. Bob began a writing career about 16 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”



eHeziNYC’s New Mayor Won’t Be Bullied By Thugs!
By Bob Weir

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  1. NYC Mayor Elect Adams is right about putting a special undercover NYPD Unit to combat a surge of gun violence. To many young adults with guns all over the city streets and too many innocent victims losing their lives. I personally cannot wait till the current NYC Mayor is gone.

    1. Once again I’ll reiterate, I had a front row seat for Eric Adams very destructive racial antics while with the former NYC Transit PD and the NYPD. All I can say is if you live, work or visit NYC hold onto your wallets literally and figuratively. He’s nothing but a vile self serving racist who is going to bring NYC back 30 years to the Al Sharpton era (error). Narcissistic sociopathic pathological liars don’t and won’t change simply because they can’t. You’re the frog and they’re the scorpion if you trust them. It’s going to be a very violent, corrupt and chaotic 4-8 years.

  2. All successful politicians are narcissistic but some like Jeanine Pirro and Andrew Cuomo cross the line into sociopathic. Eric Adams is a narcissistic sociopathic pathological liar.
    I’m so glad I’m retired from the NYPD and no longer living in Brooklyn anymore or “The Democratic People’s Republic of Yonkers” anymore for that matter.

    An old Russian Jewish girlfriend described to me how the outlaw “Russian Bikers” MC and orthodox Jewish civilian patrols prevented BLM from Coney Island from invading Brighton beach. They bravely protected their elderly who survived Hitler and Stalin as well as their women and children from the invading hordes last summer. If you think for a minute that Eric Adams will not turn the NYPD on them and label them as white supremacist vigilantes and allow BLM/ANTIFA to run rampant you’re absolutely out of your mind.

    You’re an absolute moron if you join the NYPD today and if you’re encouraging your kids to follow in your footsteps you’re even stupider unless they plan on getting in and transferring out of the NY/N/J metropolitan area.

    Bringing back precinct anti crime and citywide street crime sounds great until you read the new Manhattan DAs manifesto. All I can say is that at least he’s honest about being soft on crime and combined with the other feckless NYC DAs and “bail reform,” they’re providing wonderful opportunities for retired law enforcement to work armed security.

    To my fellow retirees demand at least $50/hour because they’re paying security companies at least $100/hour and if you have to shoot someone don’t, just run or drive away because you’re not getting the courtesy of no cash bail or a reduced sentence and certainly not presumption of innocence especially if you’re a “person of no color!”

    Without divulging my current law enforcement occupation I work midnights in urban NJ hell holes and the criminal element there is just as emboldened if not more so. Luckily I’m not in a metropolitan patrol capacity but more of an investigative solo patrol Homeland Security role. But I can tell you that the gunfire is back with a vengeance in NJ just like it is in NYC. My coworkers in Chicago are working in an absolute war zone.

    The white liberals and NYC elite who view Eric Adams as their “magical negro” that is going to keep them safe from harm simply don’t understand what a narcissistic sociopathic pathological liar is. Eric Adams is about Eric Adams period. If you think he’s going to help anyone including his own “community” you’re out of your mind. He’s thinking only of scamming his way through 4-8 years as mayor, then scamming his way into the governor’s mansion and then the White House as he lazily accuses all of his legitimate detractors of racism and “what not” as he rambles and babbles on with his grammatically incorrect aggressive lectures.

    By that time I’ll be collecting multiple pensions as I emigrate back to Ireland 🇮🇪
    and you’re going to miss the DeBlasio and Dinkins days when you visit NYC.

    Dear white liberals please enjoy the fruits of your labor and remember just because YOU don’t hate THEM, it doesn’t mean that THEY don’t hate YOU!

  3. I’m sorry Bob but as a retired NYPD detective with two masters degrees, 35 years of experience, a chest full of medals and numerous awards I had a front row seat for Eric Adams’ antics when I was assigned to District #1 of the former NYC Transit PD thirty years ago. He’s nothing but a race hustler and a poverty pimp. He should have been fired and sent to prison for his multiple racial hoaxes which are just too many to list along with some of his codefendants listed below. While I was friendly with the lovely Latina Lissette Lebron I knew her to be a very troubled but very sweet beautiful girl who just craved attention. However having said that, she was truly a victim of Eric Adams and his “Guardians.”

    I was just too busy locking up violent armed predators as a young cop in the subway and later on as a narcotics and Bronx precinct squad detective to pay much attention to a lazy mindless Al Sharpton with a gun and badge like Eric Adams and the rest of his racist ilk. None of my interactions with Adams in the NYC Transit PD and NYPD were positive. Between Eric Adams, the BLM leader and newly elected Manhattan DA, NYC is going to be run completely into the ground by what amounts to be little more than African-American warlords acting in concert as we have seen for decades in cities like Chicago and Detroit. While Eric Adams was the Brooklyn Borough president he completely ignored his orthodox Jewish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic constituents all of whom have suffered much more and much more recently than African Americans.

    Eric Adams is a narcissistic sociopathic pathological liar and his wanting to close Rikers has nothing to do with criminal Justice reform but everything to do with his recent meeting at the famous Italian eatery Rao’s with the billionaire real estate Greek Tycoon John Castamatides and a very sleazy corrupt fellow retired NYPD detective turned high profile Private Investigator Beau Dietle.

    Having dealt extensively with the controversial Curtis Sliwa it’s an absolute shame he lost because he really cares about NYC and all of its residents. Sadly he was little more than a rodeo clown set up to lose by the Greek Tycoon John Castamatides who decided not to run for mayor again because nobody really cared the first time about his rags to riches story because he’s a fat, ugly, old white guy with a comb-over and speech impediment who looks and acts like a sleazy used car salesman or a creepy 1970’s pornographer. Please enjoy the fruits of your labor white liberals because you’ve certainly earned it!

    1. I never wrote anything about Adams’ character or past history on the job. My column was narrowly limited to his promise concerning the reinstatement of the Anti-Crime Units. Moreover, I pointed out my satisfaction with his rebuttal of that Black Thugs Matter cretin. As a practical matter, his past indiscretions, or peccadilloes aside, he is the guy running the city now. He wasn’t my choice either, Curtis was. Sadly, Sliwa came across as a bit too eccentric with his dozen or more cats living with him in a tiny apartment. Nevertheless, I would have voted for him over the others, simply because of his decades-long track record of preventing crime. Ultimately, Adams will be pressured to fulfill his campaign pledges, hopefully by putting that plainclothes unit back to work. What it will look like, when he finishes his list of things they shouldn’t do, is anyone’s guess.

        1. Exactly, my earliest memories of Eric Adams were in the 1980’s dealing with a sick subway passenger alone in the south Bronx. Of course as a fellow rookie he’s assigned to communications on the radio desk in Brooklyn and he’s giving me all sorts of bizarre first aid instructions that I couldn’t possibly perform even if I wanted to as I would have had to leave the aided alone as I awaited the impending arrival of EMS. So things of course deteriorated into a shouting match on a subway pay or token booth phone. As I tried to explain my predicament to a fellow rookie cop hiding in a non patrol detail he just screamed into the phone “don’t let MY PEOPLE DIE!” I called back and his white supervisor was laughing his ass off!

          Then years later he’s a sergeant walking by me at the 14th street subway station so I stop to salute him and he just gives me an angry black man dirty look which was beyond unprofessional. As I mentioned earlier I had a front row seat to his antics as the co-leader of the NYC Transit PD black officers Guardians fraternal organization. They were nothing but bullies and thugs to everyone except the criminal element of course. I was there for the sergeant test cheating scandal and watched as a later convicted and imprisoned codefendant African queen Sam James who never got his hands dirty had no idea how to voucher a knife in a robbery arrest despite having gotten over 90% on the test! I had to deal with LT Mike Gordon’s (the architect of the cheating scandal)lectures about my alleged targeting of people of color for committing subway crime despite my later dealings with far worse white criminals such as the Irish ☘️ Westies mob and the Hells Angels in the NYPD.

          The icing on the cake was coming into work one morning at the Transit PD District 1 Columbus circle command Circa 1991 and finding a flyer in my mailbox that all of the other white officers received as well from a fictitious white supremacy police organization called the “BLUE ORDER”encouraging us to shoot and kill our fellow black cops. So I promptly brought mine to the poor old white desk sergeant who was beyond disgusted as he mumbled and I’ll paraphrase “all of US got one!” Well not only did internal affairs and the DA’s office get involved but so did the FBI and the letters were “ALLEGEDLY” somehow traced back to the typewriter of Eric Adams’ PO brother in the midtown south NYPD precinct where he was hiding from patrol duties as well.

          I still remember sergeant test cheating scandal whistle blower Latina Lizette Lebron’s locker being removed from the female locker room with evidence tape on it.
          She had the wherewithal to get the sergeant test questions she received from LT Gordon notarized so as to prove their authenticity as well as the date received. She had no choice but to come forward after her boyfriend and LT Gordon beat the hell out of one another…AGAIN (yeah I was there for that also) and then LT Gordon threatened her life.

          She was a friend and a sweet beautiful girl who was deeply in love with her Irish American detective boyfriend turned husband who is now sadly deceased. She was more of a man and a better cop than Eric Adams could ever hope to be and that lowlife Eric Adams destroyed her life. She’s nothing short of a brave hero to me.

          I’ve had extensive experience Investigating whistle blower cases and she’s probably the only real one I’ve ever seen as Federal law mandates a whistle blower to have reported corruption and then have been retaliated against in that order period. You can’t be in civil, criminal or administrative trouble and then come forward with a laundry list of ridiculous allegations like these Guardian buffoons and be considered to be a whistle blower.

          I didn’t take that exam because I didn’t study because I unlike most Guardians members was too busy locking up bad guys and I wanted to be a detective eventually. I still vividly remember working the Saturday of the controversial test and LT Gordon visiting me on post at 42/7th and inquiring as to why I wasn’t taking the test. I don’t remember my response but I remember thinking that the Transit PD had such poor supervision that I wanted nothing to do with it. I’ll never forget his response “don’t let opportunity pass you by!” Thanks to the new Transit PD Chief William Bratton turned NYPD Police Commissioner, LT Mike Gordon and PO’s Sam James and Dave Tarquini were fired and actually did some time behind bars. I still remember the “Innocent Three” T-shirts that these idiots were trying to sell to raise money to support their ridiculous cause.

          Luckily lateral transferring to the NYPD prior to the merger of Transit and Housing into the NYPD gave me real opportunity. Once our Transit records were merged into the NYPD and they saw hundreds of earlier arrests in addition to my having a college degree, having been in a shootout off duty during an armed robbery as well as a recent bribery arrest I actually earned my detective promotion unlike the earlier Transit Guardian attempts at promotions. I won’t even get into the mostly minority Transit PD detectives laziness and incompetence OMG!

          Fast forward to 1999 and I’m a narcotics detective in Brooklyn North and he’s the desk Lieutenant in the 088 precinct and we had a prisoner in his command and of course he felt the need to lecture, pontificate and pull rank as a horde of his little ebony princesses openly and inappropriately flirted with him behind the desk as he attempted to belittle two white detectives with far more experience than him and making about the same money. Yeah he’s a playa with all sorts of baby momma’s running around da hood!

          Eric Adams is a con artist of the highest order and I absolutely guarantee you nothing but scandals, corruption, crime and chaos for the next 4-8 years.

          1. Oh I forgot how he claimed that he was beaten by NYPD cops in Queens as a kid during a burglary investigation which is probably where he got that huge scar on the back of his head. So he’s accused of a felony and probably resisted arrest and he not only became a NYC cop rising to the rank of captain, Brooklyn borough president as well as other state political offices and positions and he’s still seeing racists everywhere except the mirror? The NYPD applicant Investigation Section gave me a hard time for being suspended from school 1X for a food fight despite my never being arrested or even receiving a traffic ticket. Check out his Aqueduct Racetrack scandal to see what the future holds!

      1. When you’re on your 4th wife and in your 60’s and you’re married to a pretty Bernie supporting attorney 1/2 your age who wants a dozen cats, you get a dozen cats! Curtis for all of his flaws has possibly the deepest understanding of ALL of NYC’s neighborhoods and ethnic groups including Brooklyn’s Polish, Russian, Chinese, orthodox Jewish and Arab immigrants who have suffered far worse and far more recently than their borough president Eric Adams who ignored them. Additionally his first wife was a black West Indian so any racism alleged by Adams is ridiculous. His deep understanding of the diversity just within the NYC Hispanic population is extremely impressive despite the fact he doesn’t speak Spanish. The Polish/Italian Cutis Sliwa’s understanding of state, National and international politics is unparalleled. I listened intently to his on air dissertation about the extremely violent, complicated and complex situation in Northern Ireland twenty years ago. Not only did most Irish Americans not understand what he was saying, neither did most Irish immigrants. He had a very deep understanding of the depth of depravity and hatred that all sides including Catholic and Protestant paramilitaries, the British Army and Royal Ulster constabulary (police)were capable of. Having been in Belfast at the time it’s hard to describe the level of paranoia and anxiety because nobody knew who to hate or fear on the streets because they were all pretty much white Irish Christians. It’s much easier to know who to hate and fear in NYC, everyone who doesn’t “look like you!”

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