Operation Santa Claus Presents Record Amount of Grants Totaling $50,000 to Not-for-Profits at Annual Ceremony

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Operation Santa Clause Honorary Chairman Hon. Nick Spano.

YONKERS, NY —  November 24, 2020 – Nick Spano, Honorary Chair, Operation Santa Claus, today awarded record amounts of grants to assist developmentally disabled children and adults, totaling $50,000.

“Operation Santa Claus is a Yonkers tradition that began more than sixty years ago” said Senator Nick Spano, Operation Santa Claus Honorary Chairman. “The money fundraised from the generosity of our residents and businesses show their vested interest in building our community and commitment to our city.”

Several area organizations that serve persons with developmental disabilities were awarded grants, including:

• ACDS Westchester

• Sail at Ferncliff Manor

• Richmond Community Services

• Westchester School for Special Children

• Jawonio

• Camp Venture

“ACDS feels so fortunate to be supported once again by Operation Santa Claus. This support is instrumental in ensuring the high-quality programs and services our young students and their families deserve. It is especially appreciated given the challenges of the past 18 months. Thank you to all the donors, to Senator Nick Spano and his team, and to the broader Westchester community for their commitment to meeting the needs of vulnerable children with developmental disabilities.”  Michael M. Smith, Executive Director ACDS

“Across the country, not-for-profits have been hit the hardest, resulting in less funding – at a time when those who we represent need it the most,” said Paca Lipovac, President/CEO, Richmond Children’s Center. “I thank Senator Spano for his steadfast support of over 20 years helping those who have often been overlooked.”

“Thank you so much to Operation Santa Claus. This money will go a long way to lifting our children’s holiday spirit during these trying times” Corinne Safarowic. Education Director of The Westchester School

For years, the generosity of Operation Santa Claus has helped us to provide state of the art adaptive and recreational equipment, essential to helping those we serve thrive far beyond expectation.  said Patricia Saich, Sail at Ferncliff.  Together, we have developed innovative pathways for improved communication, increased social inclusion and so much more.  We are grateful to Operation Santa Claus for their support in advancing our mission to insure self-rewarding and independent lives for the people we serve, as they participate in and contribute to the life of our communities.

“Their valued partnership is an important part of our efforts to provide every student with the superior, individualized programs and services that build a lifelong foundation for personal independence, well-being, and self-esteem.  Thank you, Operation Santa Claus, for your continued commitment.”  The organizations will use the funds to purchase equipment and enhance programs that are not otherwise funded for their residents and clients with developmental disabilities.

Operation Santa Claus will hold its Annual Holiday Party Brunch on December 5th at 10AM at Castle Royale, 92 Waverly Street, Yonkers, NY (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A CHANGE OF VENUE) For more information or to purchase tickets please contact Gail Burns at 914-469-4835 or by email at gmb927@gmail.com.

TribuneOperation Santa Claus Presents Record Amount of Grants Totaling $50,000 to Not-for-Profits at Annual Ceremony

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    1. All successful politicians republican or democrat are narcissistic but some like Jeanine Pirro, Andrew Cuomo and Nick Spano cross the line to sociopathic. This is not an insult or a diagnosis. It’s an analysis from a retired NYPD detective with 35 years experience and two masters degrees. And yes sometimes they’re wearing a blue uniform as I’ve encountered them on occasion. My whole sister team in Manhattan north narcotics went to federal prison for stealing millions in drug money and if you get a chance watch the 075 precinct documentary. These are extremely dangerous people because they appear very normal and benevolent. You have to realize that they’re extremely manipulative and are simply incapable of any real empathy, sympathy or compassion unless it’s about them as they simply lack a conscience.

  1. In your other article. Sorry I am too poor to pay $35. You allude to people being envious of people like Jeries and Spano. We are not envious. We know that they are dishonest. Even though they did their jail time, they are enriching themselves off the backs of Yonkers residents.
    How does a felon obtain a real estate license? I normal citizen would not get such breaks. How is a felon allowed anywhere near politics?

    1. Yeah. Hezi, I really support you and the site, but $36 (after the discount) to read the occasional subscriber-only article is pretty steep – almost as much as a year’s subscription to the Washington Post, which, whatever you think of their content, certainly offers more in total content than the Tribune. I recognize that it’s unfeasible to do the work that you do for free, but I would suggest that you rethink the subscription model a little bit.

      Have you considered setting up a Patreon, or something like that that would allow you to monetize your articles more, but with a more clear value proposition for your readers? (I bet you’d come out ahead.) I know for a fact that there are plenty of people who appreciate your work and would financially support it on a recurring basis, so just something to consider. It’s so rare to see subscriber-only articles on this site (I’m not sure I’ve seen more than a handful in the last few years), I don’t think your readers really know what they’re getting (I certainly don’t), if much at all, for their subscription.

      1. I hear you. I have not heard of Patreon, but will. I had Subscribers Only articles in the past. Then I learned that people were able to access the articles anyway so I dropped the Subscribers Only articles. The article will be subscriber only for 7 days and thereafter will be readable by all. Perhaps patreon will make it financially easier to endure the growing cost for the readers we have online burgeoning exponentially. So your suggestion may be worth my looking into it. Kindly,

        Thank you!

  2. John Khader has most of the classic signs of narcissistic personality disorder: an inflated sense of his own importance, a deep need for attention, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. I’d advise anybody making the mistake of dealing with him to be very, very careful. (IE, turn and run.)

    Remember when the Khader brothers used the equity on their parents house to finance MK’s first campaign? (It’s in the financials!) What does that really say about them as people, that they would legitimately risk the roof over their parents’ head in the name of politics?

    Hezi, I’m right there with you regarding John Khader. The community needs to know who this guy is, and our elected leaders need to realize that he is poison and diminishes any creditability they have by associating with him. Some day, I hope someone in a position of authority looks into MPAC, as well as anybody who has taken money from MPAC…

      1. I am note a hater. I simply don’t respect John Khader! Such is life. I do know he hates my guts. But I don’t concern myself with his shenanigans. Kindly, Hezi

          1. You may think I have those that feed me. Perhaps a few, That is the name of the “media” game and I make no apology for it. And whatever business come to the Yonkers tribune is because we engage in politics for the most part. That is our forte. So thos that were represented by Jereis did pretty well. Those that didn’t need to reflect what went awry. Thos who are honest with themselves will recognize what influenced their failed effort. An while you may not concur, Jereis was not the cause of anyone that ran by his guidance. And so it is! Kindly, Hezi

      2. Your such a loser
        I guess when the voters sent you packing 4 months ago hasn’t taught you a lesson Your an embarrassment to the community

        1. For an incumbent like khader to lose as badly shows that people don’t like you it’s not hate it’s they don’t like you or your family you stand only to line your pockets Everyone knows you take money from people look at your financials it’s criminal

  3. Hezi could you please do an expose of Nick Spano’s lobbyist deals with entities that do business with COY including Unions, Developers, contractors etc.

    1. I will be doing so this week or at worst next week. It will likely shock the YT reader and scare others. But I will have a twist in my presentation that will call out lall involved on many fronts. It will however be an expose! Be warned. Don’t make any assumptions. Kindly, Hezi

        1. I know of Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, MPAC and Limousine operator John Khader, and Issa Khader the restaurateur that built three different businesses, perhaps four on the waterfront. Kindly, Hezi

    1. To whom are you referring. People who ascribe to a house of worship, whether of the Christian, Islamic, Hindu, or Jewish faith tend to uplift their house of worship within their own faith. Some will do so with respect to their own faith, but many are magnanimous with their donations to others by disparate definitions. Kindly, Hezi

  4. I never respond on this site. Especially to the cowards who hide behind aliases. Sadly some have nothing else to do on thanksgiving but to berate my reputation. I feel sorry for them.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion but you do not have the right to demean or denigrate the great work of volunteers for “operation Santa Claus”. Every dollar raised goes to support the quality of life of people with disabilities.

    I may not be a perfect person ,in fact, I even disagree with Hezi at times (lol) But I respect him!

    Happy thanksgiving to all and I wish everyone a great holiday season…. Even the haters….

    Nick Spano

    1. Of course, you would respond with such a self-serving message Nick. How humane and humble of you and your corrupt regime that has overtaken and undermines the 2-party system in Yonkers?

      You, and your associates, are nothing but wolves, in sheep’s clothing…Doing the photo-shoots of good works, meanwhile benefiting financially behind the scenes with the IDA and property development in Yonkers, not for the residents, but the for the 1 percenters!!!

      So spin your tale of 2 Cities, one for the haves and the other for the have-nots. Your brother, Mr Mayor, is so benevolent, that he vetoed increasing the percentage of affordable housing for new development in Yonkers. Why don’t you talk to him about that, instead of handing out Turkeys???

      Wishing all the other self-serving, ambitious, incompetent politicians in Yonkers a Healthy Thanksgiving.

    2. We don’t sign our names because we know how malicious and evil you really are. It offends the almighty when you publicly seek accolades for your good deeds. I volunteer with other retired NYPD cops at a Catholic men’s shelter in the south Bronx. The last thing the Catholic and Jewish cops who volunteer there want is any publicity. I often wonder what it’s like being a narcissistic sociopathic pathological liar or in other words a successful politician. What we will escape Justice for in this world will visit us in the next world. I was very close friends with attorney journalist Richard Blassberg and I only hope and pray that what he didn’t print about you isn’t true. Happy holidays Nicky!

    3. Didn’t you hide behind the alias of the committee for a better Yonkers ?
      Didn’t you hide behind the real estate firm of Adler to broker the city jail deal?Dont you hide behind the Mayor to pull the strings in Yonkers?
      You see my dear lost “friend” you are the only coward who hides behind the likes of Olson, Jeris, etc.

  5. Nick Spano should be congratulated without the nasty snarky remarks…He involved himself in a worthy charity which raises money for a good cause. He isn’t getting a dime from his efforts and those of you who continue to berate him don’t really get it..Everyone is entitled to a second bite of the apple..His legal woes were a result of a tax issue not an issue having to do with the discharge of his official duties. If you want to make accusations why don’t you focus on the ex president who has run a criminal enterprise his entire life, who, along with his progeny , Eric, Don Jr and Ivanka have stolen money from unsuspecting people in multiple ways…from Trump University to the scam they ran while Trump was doing the apprentice…eg stealing from charities rather than hosting those charities and raising money for them. As state Senator Nick Spano did a great job bringing home the bacon to his district for years and years.

    1. Your defense of Nick is laughable. The tentacles run deep in this city where nothing is on the level. Yes, on the outside it looks bucolic, but it has a nasty underbelly. Yonkers would be better without the Spanos, Khaders and Sayeghs

      1. I sense envy and jealousy. Some of the names you mentioned, among many others have made mistakes or taken missteps in life. Most have paid one way or another; some in prison, some financially, some in losing their family structure. However, let us not forget that many have dressed in new clothing, adopted a demeanor that you will not acknowledge is much better than when they faltered. In the cae of Nick Spano, he paid his debt to society. Even the Khaders have suffered. What you may be implying with respect to the Sayegh’s is beyond me. No matter who one names, each paid for whatever took place under their watch. I suggest everyone let bygones be bygone. Enough is enough. You need not forget. But people need to move on. While many will feel those mentioned had their way and diminished Yonkersites in some manner, it seems naive to believe that residents believe they can absolve themselves of all that wriles their continually spewing venom. — Kindly, Hezi

    2. Nick Spano is a convicted federal felon. In other words a Yonkers politician. Trump hasn’t been convicted of anything and it hasn’t been for a lack of trying. You can’t imagine what deceased muckraker attorney journalist Richard Blassberg dug up on Nick and the other very creepy Andy Spano. Every Christmas the scum of the earth like outlaw bikers, Latin American narcotics traffickers and mobsters make their annual public display of affection for those less fortunate than them. One day’s worth of PUBLIC good deeds doesn’t balance a lifetime of corruption, crime and evil. Every successful politician is a narcissist but some cross the line to sociopathic. There’s nothing worse than a corruption within government, law enforcement or the clergy because they’re supposed to protect us from such negativity.

      1. I’ll never forget what attorney journalist Richard Blassberg was uncovering about Nick’s “Circle of Friends!” Even this retired NYPD detective was sick to his stomach.
        You have to realize that narcissistic sociopathic pathological liars are like
        icebergs because you only see a small harmless photogenic portrayal of the huge danger that’s lurking beneath the surface.

  6. Ironically he previously got arrested for money problems . And now he is back in charge of fundraising funds …SMH .. typical yonkers . Couldn’t find a better person

  7. What’s in it for Nicky? Why can’t this creepy criminal simply go away? My fellow law enforcement contact in the FBI said that they had so much more on him but the Al Capone tax evasion approach was simply the easiest way to keep him out of office. I wish muckraker attorney journalist Richard Blassberg was still alive to see our current state of local, state, national and international politics.

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