Political Scoop: NYS Senator Shelley Mayer To Announce Her Candidacy for NYS Attorney General Hezi Aris

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NYS Senator Shelley Mayer (D-NYS-SD-37)

YONKERS, NY — November 1, 2021 — NYS Senator Shelley Mayer, a Democratic member representing the 37th Senate District, will announce her candidacy for New York State Attorney General after tomorrow’s general election. The announcement is slated for November 3rd.


eHeziPolitical Scoop: NYS Senator Shelley Mayer To Announce Her Candidacy for NYS Attorney General Hezi Aris

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  1. There are two people dead in Yonkers. They were stabbed to death by a person who was accused of arson, but could not be held in jail because of the nonsensical no bail rules in this state. Shelley Mayer was one of the main supporters of that law. She does not deserve to be our attorney general.

      1. Nice going attack his job. News flash a truck driver took down a Leader of the New Jersey State Senate. This is what we need more blue collar workers running for office. The elites are not doing a very good job.

    1. Oh Lord, well that’s a joke.

      Nolan is going to have an extremely difficult time as a legislator. Feel very sorry for him, way, way over his head. No ideas, no agenda, and comprehension is a problem, only buzz words come from Nolan.

      He only won because Ruth had a piss-poor campaign. She should have worked as hard as she did against Burrows. Ruth underestimated the competition and over-estimated the George Latimer effect in her district.

      And no mention of all the time Nolan was campaigning, giving out food on time as Yonkers janitor?? No oversight or ethics in Yonkers. Why do we even need an IG? Seems like the IG is another joke position in Yonkers.

      Nolan is a one-termer for sure! Appreciate his social media intensity, he did a great job!! Got the attention he needed. However, it takes more than FB posts to make a difference in legislation!

  2. I think Senator Mayer is a great public servant and would make a terrific AG. I have often observed her working on many food pantry distributions. No entourage. No cameras. No limelight. Just quietly serving. Much respect!!

  3. don’t know why some posters automatically revert to criticizing Ms Mayer who is an attorney. The job of Attorney General is not simply a job of practicing law…It is being head of a lawfirm with a massive number of licensed attorneys practicing in many different areas all of which to safeguard the rights of the people of the state of new york. Louis Lefkowitz, someone who I campaigned for during the Rockefeller years when I was Assistant Director for Youth for the state of new york in the Rockefeller campaign, was the perfect model for an attorney general..As the “LOU” himself described his role, ” I am the people’s lawyer”…The attorney general is not expected to practice law…He or she is expected to run the people’s lawfirm…so that what is required is executive responsibility and knowledge of the state and how it functions. Shelly Mayer is more than qualified..In fact I was asked by the state republican leader in about 1989 to accept the nomination for attorney general. I declined because of familial responsibilities…Since no republican will ever win state wide in New York thanks to Donald Trump, we should turn our focus on those democrats who seek the office and Shelly makes a great candidate.

  4. So a popular dog-Catcher over 30 years old and resident of NYS for 5 years can be AG in NYS? What crap legislation is this? No wonder NYS is in the state of downfall it is, when AG position is political, without experience.

    “Although it’s helpful to have legal experience, the state attorney general needs to know how to set an agenda and address the state’s needs. But the only qualifications to be AG are age and residency, don’t even have to be a lawyer or have law enforcement experience.” What a freaking joke!


    “The Office of the Attorney General includes over 650 assistant attorneys general – who are required to be a member of the bar in New York in good standing – and over 1,700 employees. This staff is qualified to handle the legal minutiae, and the attorney general can focus on making policy and politicking.”

    Politicking says it all!!!!

    1. When the State Constitution was adopted in 1917, the New York Bar Association was a relatively novel innovation. Every NYS AG going back at least a century has had a law degree. AGs don’t need to have the legal minutia to actually try the cases, the same way that Governors don’t need to have the operational management to oversee the work done by the Executive Chamber. Their role is directive in terms of determining the agenda of the expansive office. However, as a graduate of a well-respected and accredited law school as well as somebody who has committed themselves to a lifetime of public interest law (working in the AG’s office as well as working as Counsel to the State Senate) Mayer is empirically qualified.

      If that makes your head spin wait until you find out that many of the town justices in smaller municipalities upstate, which I’m sure share your political disposition, do not need to be attorneys either. The same is true in nearly two-dozen states across the country. You also don’t need to be an attorney to serve on the United States Supreme Court, and we had non-jurist Justices serving on the court through the 1950s. Who said we only spew vitriol on here? Sometimes we learn things too. The more you know 🌈🌟

    1. Post

      Sen. Mayer earned her B.A. at the University of California, in Los Angeles; her J.D. at the University at Buffalo Law School.Prior to her election to public office, Mayer was a Senior Counsel at the National State Attorney General Program at Columbia University, where she focused on health care and labor law rights. From 2007 until early 2011, Shelley worked as Chief Counsel to the New York State Senate Conference in Albany. Her political career began thereafter. Kindly, Hezi

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