Rob Astorino to Relaunch His Political Focus for New York State Comptroller
By Hezi Aris

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Rob Astorino

YONKERS, NY — November 14, 2021 — Political insiders with knowledge have informed the Yonkers Tribune that Rob Astorino will focus his political attention and effort by redirecting his campaign focus for New York State Comptroller against incumbent Thomas DiNapoli. Astorino’s revised political focus for NYS Comptroller is seemingly a more plausible undertaking than his languishing effort against the overwhelming Republican / Conservative support Lee Zelden has gained from both political parties.

eHeziRob Astorino to Relaunch His Political Focus for New York State Comptroller
By Hezi Aris

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  1. Rob Astorino is a weasel who at this point has become a chronic annoying empty political aspirant who will say or do anything to stay in the spotlight, however briefly.
    His appearance at that disgraceful event at NYS Assemblyman Dinowitz’s office with the anti maskers and anti vaccine fringe fanatics where he stood, looked at and spoke to the person holding the Nazi swastika emblem, is a sordid example of his need for attention.
    His constant reappearance like a loud nuisance noisy cicada at election seasons now suggests he should seek some mental and/or group therapy for his narcissistic tendencies.
    Seek help and seek new validation by dropping the constant anger and need to spew lies and exaggeration by moving toward a more humble ambition and honest livelihood to support your family. Seek a new path.

    1. Post

      I haven’t ever heard of anything like that. That happens when one is not a native English speaker. I won’t ever forget it. Exceptional thinking process. It is simply brilliant! Thank you for sharing it. Kindly, Hezi

      1. It is actually, “Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.” And it is attributable to Knute Rockne.
        I think it will be Prolific in the Nolan Administration.

  2. So, after Westchester spends the past 4 years digging out of the financial messes that Astorino left behind, he now wants to do the same for the state? No thank you. We don’t need your cronyism and fiscal ineptitude plaguing the entire state.

  3. what a nonsensical move…The present comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli is very talented and has done a really great job. In 2018 he led the state wide ticket with 65% of the vote. People love him…New York is a democratic registration state by more than 2-1 .so whatever baggage the gubenatorial candidate may bring to the table is not relevant…The notion that Astorino who lost his last three races, for governor, for re-election for County Exec of Westchester, and even for a state senate seat in his home district, can win a statewide race for Comptroller is laughable…which brings us to the question why is Astorino considering a race he cannot win?

  4. Rob. Astorinos days as an elected official are over. Losing recently to that liberal state senator sealed his fate. He’s like Chuck Les nick constantly running for office. He should consider his young family and give it a break. Mathematically he cannot win and realize his 15 minutes of fame have passed forever.

  5. Astorino needs to get a real job since no one wants him after FAILING in three (3) previous runs for Governor, County Executive and NY State Senator.
    Both Westchester and New York has rejected his pile of lies and divisive tactics.
    He could get a truck driving job since the pay is good and the need is there and by becoming a freight trucker he wont become a 4X LOSER. He might even get a job driving one of those new electric trucks from rivian or from musk when they appear.

  6. He has been a good picker of losing battles.

    Question to Astrino, why would New Yorkers replace a great comptroller with you? You lost the race for county executive, Governor, and State Senate. Your brought shame to the Republican Party.

    At this point, you are job hunting.

    Please don’t embarrass yourself anymore and get an actual job.

    Thank you Hezi for the story

  7. Why don’t all these politicos get jobs in the”real” world. They all wallow in the swamp until another pickin’s show up. They are everywhere. We need term limits and also we need those in an office already to step down if they are seeking higher positions. Example James and Mayer, just off the top of my head.
    You should also not be allowed to fail downwards either example Latimer.

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