Rob Astorino’s Statement Regarding Last Night’s Election Results

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New York State candidate for Governor Rob Astorino

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — November 3, 2021 — “Last night’s election results around the state and across the country sent a clear and undeniable message. Voters want safe streets, accountability, in their local schools, more educational choice, lower taxes, a stronger economy, a stop to out-of-control spending and rising inflation, secure borders, and an end to these harsh and punitive Covid measures that are based more on politics than science or data. People voted for balance and a return to normalcy and they clearly said no to radicalism. But it’s only a first step.

I am running for governor on these issues and when elected I will quickly usher New York back on the path to prosperity and personal freedom. It can be done.”

TribuneRob Astorino’s Statement Regarding Last Night’s Election Results

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    1. Good luck in the NY Shit Show. Another year or 2 of this woke BS and one could have a Republican Gov. Otherwise look at the mess. Looks like James cleared Cuomo out of her way for an identity pass. Lots of questions to be asked here. No fan of Cuomo but the rest of the crew running, PRICELESS….

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