Subtle Voter Pushback Changed Political Outcome in Yonkers as Well as Throughout the Nation
By Hezi Aris

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The Yonkers Political Revelation Hezitorial

Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor Hezi Aris

YONKERS, NY — November 5, 2021 — Voters throughout the nation experienced an unexpected epiphany. The promises eschewed from all sides of the political divide have been evidently judged by the electorate to be vacuous. Americans have been living the deceit espoused in one degree or another from both sides of the political aisle. Rather than serving the public interest with investment in infrastructure, thereby resuscitating the national degradation of roads, bridges, rail, focus has been replaced by veering toward promises that have languished for years. An unexpected epiphany has captured voters’ understanding of the milieu espoused to them by failed, albeit self-serving interests of those we elected to office, and to a great extent to the voters’ detriment.

Voters, more engaged and aware than ever before, have been permitted to dwell on their circumstances and the failed response of government(s) by the ferocity and virulence of Covid-19. 

Still the issues remain unabated. Tellings of remedy that are maligned and deceitfully expressed, have evaporated due to repetitive elected officials’ pronouncements that satisfy the hopeful, yet do not satiate those in need of results. The political ploy to deceive while not halted, has lost its momentum. It may not have informed every community to the same degree, but the individual responsibility to be engaged in recognizing feigned platitudes from those that are credible and sincere has been timidly revealed. Rather than waning over time, this writer purports that reality, devoid of exaggeration and falsehoods, with not retreat, instead, understanding and knowing will captivate minds. It will not wane, instead, it will be sustained. Learning and knowing will bring us to a higher plateau of understanding; thereby demanding resolution as opposed to platitudes.

The empty, feel good pronouncements proposed by the so-called “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party have languished in “feel-good” rhetoric that does not employ, feed, educate, or grow a nation embellished with  the monetary capacity to meet the challenges of foreign adversaries, climate change, assault and death by disease, among many other issues.

Joe Biden’s failed capacity to meet the challenges in his first 10 months in office has revealed the emptiness of promises that have borne no fruit. His withdrawal from Afghanistan was botched up as needlessly as it was an embarrassment in execution. The adversarial assaults that   began under the Trump Administration, continue unabated today from the other side of the political aisle, the Democrats.

Upon reflection, the electorate recognized the camouflaged and ineffective deceit of promises expressed but not delivered.

Enough was enough. Voters would not wallow in opinion. Instead they chose to cast their vote. Those that campaigned credibly gained voter support, while others retreated after primary elections brought them prominence. That devious ploy won some “wins”. Change came about to some degree or another. The trajectory has changed. Public interest has been found too often juxtaposed to the interests of those seeking public office. The secret is now exposed. Some will have crossed the Rubicon while others are uncertain and unenlightened. As public interests rise above political interests, more and more people will recognize the value of being served when their personal interests are served.

People cannot be defined by one singularity. Often there are two, perhaps even three compelling definitions of each of us. Often forgotten is the fact that every society is a little bit “country”, and a little bit “rock and roll”. Some outliers are even “classical”. So, how and why does this relate to society and communities today?

The “Founding Fathers” emulated human behavior patterns by drafting The United States Constitution in which advancement on all political fronts was defined by incrementalism. In a sense, a little bit for you and for me in ever evolving stages.

As in all things, timing is everything! So what transpired in Yonkers. 

The Lakisha Collins-Bellamy (Democrat) vs. (Republican) Ron Matten contest for Yonkers City Council President was understood to be a battle for prominence, that is Democrat vs. Republican. The Democrat was endorsed by Mayor Mike Spano, she was after all appointed to the Municipal Housing Authority by him. She was extremely well funded though those about her, allegedly with knowledge, suggest she was not well funded. After winning the Democratic Primary contest against incumbent Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, she retreated from the political landscape believing Mayor Spano’s support would carry the day, and it did. She is the Yonkers City Council President designee.

Ron Matten was poorly funded, and did not gain support from the Republican Party. It was as if he was the sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered by the self-serving Republican Party whose allegiance was to Mayor Mike Spano rather than the candidate they initially endorsed to represent the Yonkers Republican Party. 

Despite Matten’s capacity, as defined by his experience as School Facilities Director in Greenwich, Connecticut, Executive Director of Facilities Management and Capital at City University of New York, and New York College Associate Vice President for Facilities and Capital Planning came to naught. The political decree was extolled, as City Hall “made their decision” and they would not budge. This despite there being little to differentiate the two from one another other than by experience and competence. Backing Collins-Bellamy was more about embellishing Mayor Mike Spano’s Democratic “bona fides” than anything else. That is because there are many in Westchester County and even in New York State who do not regard Mike Spano a Democrat, even though he changed party affiliation years ago.

Future election results will evolve under the watchful eyes of an ever more astute electorate who will clamor to be served rather than simply placated by aspiring concepts that are simply deficient in changing the electorate’s prospects for the better.

eHeziSubtle Voter Pushback Changed Political Outcome in Yonkers as Well as Throughout the Nation
By Hezi Aris

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  1. James Nolan beat Ruth Walter and he had the help of the Trump machine.
    James Nolan is Donald Thump’s boy.
    We have let Donald Trump run Westchester County.

    1. Post
  2. Hezi,
    There are nine outstanding collective bargaining agreements which have lapsed. These union were advised to turnout for Collins-Bellamy if they wanted favorable outcome to their contracts.

      1. They worked against Shelley Mayer, who was grooming Ruth Walter to take her seat. There are no parties in Yonkers only puppets to do the Sopranos bidding.

    1. Yeah, whatever happened ???

      Wrong-way drunken driver Communications Yonkers Asst Director out with Mayor Spano and Rubbo all night…injured others. How does Akeem still have his job in CoY and not a word about consequences…well that’s just crazy, unethical and borderline criminal. What’s going on?

      Yonkers public need an update. Must be numerous lawsuits against Akeem individually and also COY, because he was out boozing it up with elected officials.

      Hezi, can you inquire and find out? No other news sources will take it up, hope you do.

      1. Post

        I wrote it up when we first learned about it and the Yonkers Tribune was the only one with the facts.What has transpired since the incident is unknown to me. I will await a verdict that will eventually come to light one way or another. I even tried to reach out to the lawyers representing the driver who suffered being crashed into. No response. And i did not pursue it since. The court system will eventually contend with the issue. Kindly, Hezi

        1. Post
          1. Post
          2. This was back in July, Major swimming accident- major physical confrontation between COY employees, all in front of city union leaders, YPD officials , the city council, but no story….

          3. Post

            The reason there was no story was because one of the guests, as I was told about the incident, jumped into the swimming pool head first, and in doing so, he hit his head that caused a gash and he had to be attended by a doctor. I don’t know who the person was that was injured. I understand it was not a physical confrontation. If you learn it was, I will again ask about it. I remember months ago asking about it but I was told that the person diving into the pool hurt himself and was not involved in an altercation with others. Kindly, Hezi

          4. I/we know what happened, I could share with you if you’d like Hezi. Unfortunately I don’t feel it would be given the same story as If it were at someone else’s home.

            If you decide otherwise id love to share …

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    1. To add to your point specifically. People have had enough of CRT, vaccine mandates, Black Lives Matter/white guilt, bail reforms, illegal immigrants having more rights than american citizens and so on………

  3. SpaNo gave away the city to developers, he screwed over every union, employed and promoted his family and friends network, gave special treatment to all of Nick Spano’s clients that do business in the city. The fact that they let the former gop city leader and convict now take control of the Democratic Party says the Spano crime family is a Rico act feds already know this I can’t wait to the house of cards to come down on them

  4. Wow, what a bright outlook! Yonkers politicians serving the people, who would have thought? Didn’t Pres. Carter say something to the effect that government should service the people lest it becomes the master. So how close is Yonkers to be coming the master?

  5. Good analysis Hezi. I would love to see a chart of tax receipts vs tax breaks. Amicone vs SpaNO.
    I would love to see who the”winner” is !!!!!

        1. How about the free firehouse the taxpayers were supposed to get from the ridge hill project???Where did that money go??? Stay tuned its still in the courts…

          1. They spent the funds on a new Firehouse in LaGrange.
            For the volleys to protect all the Yonkers F.F. and there houses.

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