The Most Recent Sexual Misconduct at the Yonkers Board of Education as Validated by “People In the Know”
By Hezi Aris

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Investigative Report Exclusive

The Hezitorial Regarding Sexual Misconduct

The Law Requires That All Adults are Required to be the Stewards to the Entire Student Body in the Yonkers Public School District

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — November 23, 2021 — A brazen sexual act took place at Saunders High School. “People in the know” learned that two boys, memorialized their sexcapade that took place in the “boys” room while  a third person, a videographer, memorialized their sexual act. The protagonists and the videographer were seemingly not concerned about being discovered. Even so, Principal Steve Mazzola learned of the incident, which was thereafter relayed to Yonkers Board of Education School Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada, as well as having  been reported to the Yonkers Police Department (YPD). Even though YPD was informed, they did not issue a press release. Instead, YPD has kept this incident under wraps, never divulging that this incident “did” take place, and that they were made aware of it. This act alone questions the integrity of the Yonkers Police Department.

But there is more. In another separate scenario, this one having taken place at Palisades Prep involved a “threesome” comprised of two boys and a girl. This incident was learned to have taken place at Palisade Preparatory School (Palisade Prep or PPS) where the Principal is Dr. Robert P. Vicuña. “People in the know” knew of the incident taking place, what they are uncertain about was whether the “threesome” engaged in a stairwell or in the school library itself. At issue is not the actual location, but that many sources vouch for the integrity that this incident did take place. 

It is evident that the protagonists and the videographer were unconcerned about being discovered. 

Since the public was not informed, it would be logical to presume that the “silence” will likely embolden those engaged in such conduct on school property to repeat their conduct at the same or another venue. Fearing no retribution whatsoever because they were likely not admonished over this incident, they likely suffered no consequence whatsoever.

No notice of either situation having taken place was ever divulged to the public. Not by the Yonkers Board of Education Trustees, neither by the YBoE Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada, nor the Yonkers Police Department.

Yonkers “insiders in the know” shared their learning of both incidents, confirming they in fact they did take place. Each happenstance was confirmed through multiple sources who were perplexed and outraged as to why no media outlet reported what transpired over the past 2 ½ weeks. The public has a right to know. YPD must divulge such incidents. That IS their responsibility and it cannot be shrugged off or set aside by their silence.

At issue then is what is the purpose of making such incidents public? Other students must be made aware that such conduct will not be tolerated. Those engaged in these acts, should they wish to continue, must find other venues to indulge their sexual desires. Every student must  learn what standards are demanded and consequences must be devised to thwart such incidents from being repeated on school property, public property, and/or houses of worship.

It is understood that every human being, no matter their gender, their sexual preference(s), their ethnicity, the color of their skin, or any other definition to which they may ascribe, behavior as noted above, is best conducted in private, but definitely not in public.

While one’s hormones may be raging, the prospect of being caught in the act can cajole, even coerce a criminal record which can and may haunt one’s life for eternity. It is not my position to advise anyone what to do and with whom to do it. Those who indulge, if caught may suffer the wrath of the law. If so, those caught may be paying for such conduct their whole life. It may not happen, but if it does, engaging in sexual release may happen in prison. From what I hear, not everyone is up for that scenario. 

What is evident by these incidents, perhaps even informed by photos of a Yonkers Public School teacher who was publicly shamed when photos of her revealing outfit to satisfy some “adult” boys in the Yonkers School surfaced and spread like wildfire on social media. The incident died almost as quickly as it surfaced.

I am saddened to say that such debauchery has continued unabated to one degree or another in the  Yonkers Public Schools District among those at the top of the “food chain”, as well as by teachers who have been targeted for one reason or another to engage in unwanted sexual conduct.

The result is now evident, that is, that some of the student body, have chosen to engage in conduct similar to the adults at the top of the echelon who indulged themselves because they could and likely still do because they still can!

It has also been suggested that conduct as described above will not see the light of day in order to omit knowledge of such happenstance. Can Yonkers afford to permit such decadent debauchery to continue among adults and teenagers without a negative outcome likely to eventually undermine the patina to which Yonkers likely aspires?

Under Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, under Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller, and under Dr. Edwin Quezada we must make an immediate change that is written, expressed in unequivocal language, and will bear the brunt of the law for those who can’t keep it in their pants?

What ever happened to respecting people, whether straight or gay, whether women or men, of every age, whether having reached sexual maturity or not.

Let us also not forget that circumstances as divulged herein may find themselves on the front burner of Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah.

Have the parents/guardians of those revealed herein received a letter from Dr. Quezada, Commissioner Mueller, or Mayor Spano advising them of what transpired at the respective schools of the kids involved? If not, why not?

This must not be permitted to continue on school property? That is the law. The law also requires that the Yonkers Police Department must divulge all that takes place under their watch. No “if”, and or “but”!

Within 5 weeks from today, rather that rising to more respected heights, the City of Yonkers, having grown into the third largest city in New York State has been diminished by almost 11 years rather than rising to the promise before the city on the hill whose majestic Hudson River has carved the Palisades for everyone to contemplate in awe. The view itself permits us to aspire to greater heights on every plane. We must collectively agree that the debauchery we have tolerated for so long must be expunged from our minds. We must begin that journey together and only with respect.

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Thanks to our readers in advance for your respective consideration. Remember, your identity is sacrosanct. It is not divulged. Direct eMail to 

eHeziThe Most Recent Sexual Misconduct at the Yonkers Board of Education as Validated by “People In the Know”
By Hezi Aris

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  1. Palisades Prep and Yonkers Middle High School are both 7th-12th Grade Schools, with one set of administrators in each of those schools. Maybe if they both had two sets of administration, one for the middle and one for the high school, you would see increased supervision and performance. Can’t be easy running a middle and high school at the same time with that kind of staffing.

  2. it’s so sad to read the opinions of people who wait for a reason to denigrate others. Yes, the two incidents that happened are unfortunate, and the public and parents should be aware of what happened. On the other hand, do you understand how many incidents do not happen on a daily basis because of the work of theses professionals? Do you understand what it’s like to run a school in a post-pandemic world where academic and social emotional deficiencies are at their highest level ever? You say send your kids to other districts or private schools. Do you think you are made aware of every incident that happens there? Private schools have the ability to get rid of students who do not conform to their rules. Where do you think they end up? In their home district public schools where that option does not exist. Before you cast stones, please know what encompasses the task that you are quick to criticize. With the state budget formula that the Yonkers Public Schools has to function under, it is actually amazing the job that they do with the budgetary constraints and staff shortages they have. Stop being part of the problem and offer something more then your shallow opinion. So lame.

    1. The solution is simple: proper and effective supervision of students at all times. If there was proper supervision, the alleged sex act would not have taken place in the library at Pal Prep. This has nothing to do with funding and everything to do with negligence. Yonkers gets a lot in funding: there are principals making over $200k and several teachers making over $150k.

  3. This is the fault of that short Napoleon guy who surrounded himself with incompetent outside educators that don’t have clue about running a school nor do they care. Let’s face it folks the Yonkers School system is shot from the top down. Send your kids to other districts.

    1. How is William Shaggura doing, the newly tenured Principal at Gorton High School? How is he treating students, teachers, and parents? Is he a champion of equity? Is he a fair, trustworthy leader? Is he improving the scores and quality of education? How is his leadership role with the Mediterranean Political Action Committee (MPAC) positively influencing his role as a leader of all teachers? What feedback do you have for Mr. Shaggura that will help him continue the success at Gorton?

        1. Post
          1. Post

            How so? If you want to send me information that is encrypted, first direct an emailto with the word “test” and I will revert and create a cloaking of your email to me that is encrypted no matter the email service you use. Kindly, Hezi

          2. Mpac is sham organization for John khader to make money
            we all know how khader was slaughtered by an unknown candidate which shows how much khaders are disliked

    1. Post

      I reported about the lead recognized in the water at the Yonkers Public Schools District on May 15, 2016. City Hall was distributing bottled water after we wrote the article. They then simulated the lead content was cause by a few water spigots leaching lead into the water. The never issued documentation, they simply wrote a press release that was devoid of any findings or rational. Almost 6 years later there has never been a follow-up divulged by the Yonkers Public School District, Yonkers City hall or any other entity. Sad, to say the least. – Kindly, Hezi

      Mayor Mike Spano Must Know Lead Laced Water Courses Through Many of Yonkers Public Schools By HEZI ARIS

  4. I do not understand why Mr. Arthur’s name is being mentioned in the comments. This has nothing to do with him and the comments are all one sided. The people that are accusing him of being unfair and making ludicrous comments to staff are the same people who are threatened by his positive presence in the building. Mr. Arthur is providing the structure and stability that YMHS desperately needs, and with that comes change.

    He truly is a breath of fresh air. Mr. Arthur knows our students by name, greets them in the halls and can relate to our students. He knows the challenges that our brown and black students are faced with, unlike many of the disgruntled staff members in the building.

    Instead of bashing Mr. Arthur, what is you took the time to learn from him instead? YMHS staff members, is it so bad to dress appropriately and stay with your students during fire drills? Is it so difficult to educate ALL students? If so, time to find another job.

      1. I notice all the nice comments about Mr. Arthur are all done during the school hour.

        Instead of singing his praises why don’t you get back to teaching the students and get off your phones teachers and administrators.

        The US Row Association

    1. Thank you! I agree. People hate having to take accountability for their lazy haphazard behavior, so they make him the problem instead of changing their behavior! I think he’s doing a great job, and I am proud to work under him!

  5. How does the principal from YMHS get dragged into this conversation?

    Prior to Mr. Arthur’s arrival to YMHS, it has been known to many how dysfunctional of a school it was. Administration in the past has avoided accountability and sought to preserve the artificial harmony within the building. Since Mr. Arthur’s arrival at YMHS, he has so eloquently pointed out the dysfunctions within the building and developed a plan to increase accountability and trust. He tremendously cares for staff and students and it is unfortunate for someone to come on this website and post microaggressions. That is what this post is about!! Mr. Arthur is a black man. Unfortunately, certain staff members DO NOT KNOW how to take insightful direction from a black administrator and it shows! SHAME ON YOU! Change is coming, and if you are not welcoming positive changes at YMHS, then row in another direction. Respectfully, the rowers at YMHS.

  6. Principal Arthur of Yonkers Middle High School is a sharp, caring, and well-educated administrator who takes pride in ensuring that students receive the best possible education through the curriculum. He also checks to make sure to hold staff members accountable in providing students with appropriate goals and lesson plans that are aligned with the curriculum.

      1. Looks like the teachers who are mad they actually have to work for there paycheck now: And cant get away with profiting off of failing our children are coming out to play.

        Row, Baby, Row

  7. As far as I know a few days after the incident at Saunders there was a zoom meeting with the parents, students and faculty about the incident. A robocall went out to all families and staff alerting them to this meeting. Isn’t that alerting the public? Are you suggesting we should bring these children out into the public? Perhaps we should put a letter on their forehead or chain them to a post in Getty Square for public shaming.

    This incident is sad and I believe the students involved at Saunders were suspended. The students involved in filming and spreading these videos could be charged with a crime but that is not for the schools to decide. The schools and the parents of the students and society at large could do a better job with educating children about all of the pitfalls that come with social media and the potential legal trouble that they can get into if they spread child pornography, even if it is of themselves and consensual.

    The Yonkers Public Schools have many problems perhaps you should report about them. Here are just a few topics of interest: Lack of funding, outdated technology, buildings that are falling apart and unsafe, inadequate ventilation in the buildings, crowded classrooms, a questionable balloting system, gangs, drugs, homelessness among student population…

    1. Get out of Yonkers , putting your kid in Yonkers public schools is like feeding raw meat to wolves. Just ask the mayor that’s why his kids went to Stepinac HS

    2. Here we go again with the race card-were picking on Mr. Arthur because he is black and his short comings are brushed aside because he is black,

  8. Yonkers needs new leadership and not the same old blood suckers that have been bobbleheads for the Spano Clan.
    Out with old and in with new fresh leadership that will be transparent on what goes on in the City of Hills.
    Until then Yonkers is no place to get educated.

  9. Hezi, I’m a little confused as to what the “wrong” is here. (I agree that the entire situation is troubling, but beyond the pure facts of the case…) Teachers and school officials have mandatory reporting requirements in situations where there is sexual misconduct, which it would appear from this story were met. Simultaneously, the law creates a strong standard for anonymity and protection of minors’ privacy in such cases (and that’s before we even consider any coercion, sexual battery, consent, et al). Is your gripe just that the story didn’t make it into the media? As far as I can tell, there isn’t a clear “smoking gun” here of any institutional wrongdoing – the school district and police department could (and likely do) have quite legitimate reasons for not publicizing these unfortunate events, prescribed by law. Your sources should also probably be wary of FERPA.

    1. Post

      The wrong is that the public, as well as parents/guardians are not advised of circumstances as they have transpired. The public has a right to know what has transpired. No indidual who was engaged in the acts described had their name revealed, nor need they be as you note under FERPA guideline: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that affords parents the right to have access to their children’s education records, the right to seek to have the records amended, and the right to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the education records. When a student turns 18 years old, or enters a postsecondary institution at any age, the rights under FERPA transfer from the parents to the student (“eligible student”). The FERPA statute is found at 20 U.S.C. § 1232g and the FERPA regulations are found at 34 CFR Part 99..

      But the public needs to know so that they may forward their child(ren) to be aware of such circumstances in order to conceivably be hurt by witnessing such occurrences or be blamed for being at a particular place while something like these situations take place. It is also the responsibility of every police department, including YPD to appraise residents of such situations having taken place, because has the right to know. The issue is plain and simple, society has the right to know! That is the only issue. Would you be comfortable if your child inadvertently by happenstance went to a place in the school where they ended up seeing such conduct? Most parents/guardians would not. Since this behavior could not be thwarted or stopped, will it occur at another place and/or time? Kindly, Hezi

      1. Well said Hezi! The issue is that under Mayor Mike Spano and Nick Spano they intentionally keep the residents of Yonkers in the dark about how disgusting the school district is in the hopes to fill those empty condos on the waterfront. Also why crime goes under reported .

  10. Let’s not forget one Rodney Arthur the new experiment (Principal) ay Yonkers Middle High School who came from Peekskill High School, who after 5 years had a 70% HS graduation rate (83% is NYS average), who in his 5 years as the Principal at Peekskill HS grades went up in his 5 year tenure. Here is an idea…..let’s make him the Principal of the highest preforming HS.

    One month at the helm, he has managed to fat sham a female teacher b/c she couldn’t get out of the building in time during a Fire Drill.

    On another occasion he told a teacher that her clothes were to tight, not realizing she was pregnant (title IX at its finest).

    He has exposed himself to numerous students a bullet hole in his chest, as well as showing these students his paycheck and personal savings account. As a teacher and a parent this is extremely disturbing almost as if he is “grooming ” certain students. The Yonkers Board of Ed is fully aware.

    It’s not even December yet, but Yonkers will do what everyone is doing, and blame Covid….Covid is the greatest excuse and blame for all the ills of the country.

    Keeping Rowing Rowers.

    1. I agree with Mr. Arthur not being fair to many students and choosing favoritism which is clearly creating a problem. I should also mention that there’s a lot of things being thrown under the rug in this school. There are a lot of issues that need to come to light in YMHS. WHERE IS QUEZADA WHEN NEEDED!?

      1. Post

        If you know the issues and are comfortable sharing them with me I may have the means to corroborate your concerns and make them public. Direct your email to
        Thanks in advance for your consideration. Kindly, Hezi

        1. Like I said in another article, there will be many investigations and lawsuits in 2022. Unfortunately, I can’t share anything with you.

      2. Mr.Arthur is very fair to students. However, many have an issue with the love and support he gives to students in need, particularly to those of color. He is what the YMHS students need! Excellent Hire! Bravo Yonkers. You finally did something right.

        1. Please don’t assume Mr. Arthur is fair with all students when you are not in the whole building with different classrooms. He is a gentleman and a nice man but when it comes to giving consequences to students only SOME get a phone call or pulled to the side when they actually need a suspension. You can know kids by their names and give them a pound and say hi all day that doesn’t mean you dismiss the wrong they’ve done that day or disrespect with other staff. You don’t know the disrespect and defiance some teachers and school aides have to deal with daily! We don’t leave this job because we love what we do and we want the best for our students. Everybody should be treated equally!! Welcome to Yonkers District! Happy Thanksgiving!

          1. Note: Nothing negative was said about the principal at Saunders and Pal Prep whose failure arguably contributed to the incidents. Why not? They are not Black. Black teachers and principals do not fair well in Yonkers. If the principal at Pal Prep was Black, he would have been removed already because the sexual act took place in the library. The victim alleges rape(?). Again, the incident at Pal Prep allegedly took place in the library. Black Teachers and black principals are under attack in the YPS schools! The defamation of Mr. Arthur here is an example. I bet that Arthur is also under attack because he is trying to effect change!

  11. One wouldn’t expect anything else from Q. One of his former teachers during his time at Lincoln had filed a sexual harassment complaint against him and the board.
    Like a lot of other cases that disappeared from public scrutiny, DPW thefts of many sorts etc. all kept silent on .with YPD help.

  12. The first incident is uniquely concerning. Two minors consenting to sexual activity with each-other and another choosing to record it doesn’t preclude them from violating laws relating to child pornography. Irrespective of how this took place, the schools should be more affirmative in ensuring students know that having sex in a school is a crime, and recording it even amongst contemporaries is a very serious crime that can lead to outsized consequences at their ages.

    I will not proselytize about social decline leading to this behavior, or students being compelled to act this way because of adults gone wild. Kids are stupid, and these types of incidents aren’t unique to Yonkers. Hell, these types of incidents aren’t even new to these two schools. However, it is quintessentially Yonkers that Steve and good ol’ “Dr.” V have ultimately chosen to sweep these occurrences under the rug rather than address the gravity of the issue at hand with these student populations. Unfortunately, Hezi is ultimately right, this is reflective of a pervasive culture of secrecy that exists across the school system and at the highest echelons of municipal agencies at large, that regularly exposes (pun intended) its indifference to anything that isn’t an exercise in self preservation.

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