Tim Hodges Concedes to Anthony Merante in Yonkers Council District 6th Race

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Final Election Results for Yonkers City Council District 6

Yonkers City Council Anthony Merante.

Tim Hodges

YONKERS, NY — November 18, 2021 — On Wednesday, November 17, 2021 BOE opened all available absentee and affidavit ballots for Yonkers 6th Council District. The absentee tally was Merante 138. Hodges 104 so Merante added 34 votes to his lead.

The final vote count Merante 3110, Hodges 2837. Merante won by 273 votes. Tim Hodges graciously called Anthony Merante last night to concede and congratulate him on the victory.

TribuneTim Hodges Concedes to Anthony Merante in Yonkers Council District 6th Race

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  1. I agree Senator Spano the Patriarch and one who’s savvy politically might have (rightly so) realized that Hodges could be a threat down the line. He possibly did give an 11th hour thumbs down to Tim and thought his younger brother Zehy Jereis and Assemblymen Nader had went overboard. Politically Hodges was a Zaleski and Spencer supporter and never did anything for the Spano Machine. A good call if that’s what transpired here.

  2. How does one contact Mr. Merante? I want him to challenge Nader Sayegh next year. Sayegh is part of the Nick Spano machine and needs to be challenged. Mr. Merante beat Tim, so he can do it.
    Ari Hochberg

  3. I am saddened by the comments directed towards Jeni Wallace. Criticizing a persons appearance is reprehensible.
    While I do not live in the Mclean Heights community, I have seen Ms. Wallace sponsor many worthwhile events for the City. Judge someone by their deeds and character. If you are going to criticize someone’s actions or allegiances, why not sign your posts.
    Ron Matten

  4. For some reason I can’t reply to the comments about the issue with the seniors. Ms. Wallace doesn’t like the seniors trying to take over a community center. They sound like some gangster grandpas and grannies. The police should look into these rabble rousers. Or maybe Ms. Wallace just needs a hug.

    All jokes aside, in my culture, seniors are respected – unconditionally. They are the backbone of the community and they share their wisdom which is passed down to future generations. One only hopes they are lucky enough to live to become a senior.

    Fighting seniors for whatever reason is despicable. I am sure they are using a PUBLIC center during the day when most of us are at work (Ms. Wallace sounds unemployed) and our children are at school. They paid their taxes. If they own property here, they are still paying taxes. For those that aren’t from here, I pay a lot of taxes here and I am okay with them using the center. If there’s an issue, take it up with the Yonkers dept. and let them decide what to do.

    Life is too short and there are more important problems in Yonkers than fighting seniors over a PUBLIC center.

    1. If she’s doing this to seniors now imagine how she would treat them if she was an elected official or worked for one. It’s horrible how she could treat seniors like that.

  5. Wow! Some of these comments are super vicious. Just to be clear I have no intentions on running. Also there is not one nonprofit that doesn’t have relationships with politicians and business owners. I’m just not covert about it. Happy Thanksgiving ✌🏽♥️

    1. That’s not what we think down here in the McLean Avenue area you always seem to get into someone’s business, always having problems with someone, and always want to compete with others. There are many in our neighborhood that don’t like you and pray the day never comes that you run for anything. Take your fake nonprofit and go somewhere else!

      1. Who is we????? Post your name or better yet come knock on my door and let me know what you think. And when you do bring all of the people that you’re claiming hate me.
        It’s easy to be malicious when your name is hidden. It’s easy to say nasty things that you will never be held responsible for. Smh…You are a sad person

      1. I’m not jealous of Jimmy. He is about 20 years younger than me. My 25 year career is over. His is in mid stride. He is a young man that has accomplished a lot. Now if he says something it doesn’t make sense and I question him that’s not jealousy.
        You criticize me does that mean you’re jealous of me?

    2. I was waiting for you to comment so I could reply. I am sure the IRS and the AG would disagree with your statement. There is building relationships with politicians, and then there’s you and your arrogance. Yes, the comments here are vicious. You earned them! You have been a Crazy, Unhinged, Nutty, Twat.

      Be a better person. God is watching you!! Happy holidays!🤌🤌👊

      1. 🤣 again hiding behind these anonymous post and making allegations that are untrue. Make yourself known. Make your allegations known to the authorities. But you won’t because you’re full of nonsense. And God is watching you too. I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving. ♥️✌🏽

    3. Jeni, people do not trust you because of your ties to Spano/Rubbo. You know they do not have the interest of Yonkers, yet you support then for your own betterment.

  6. Personal opinion/ guess, I think the Mayor had to put aside personal ties, and preferences for the greater good of being a fair representative in the city of YOnkers, a True moderate in the democratic party, and future support in his political career. Spano lost key support from his families historical base these last few elections but gained x10 outside of that. The same math for the Nader Khader beef, Nader had to put the people first, over personal ties, the result was respect from other bases. YOnkers is no melting pot, it is a Salad, with many different vegetables, meats, and ingredients. The recipe has surely changed over the years, and I think some of these guys in the game realize that. Yonkers is developing a nice balance within its communities, the city council seems more balanced than I would have expected years ago. I think it is all really interesting, I love following this shit. A fair democratic process would always benefit the people if the public stays informed. Merante did justice for his people with the UPS issue, and he seemed to stay on top of the sprain lake process. Hodges would have been just fine for the job, but Merante was not doing a bad . Many did not vote this election, most do not care, it is the same bunch who actually show interest, and give a shit. The ones who do not vote only come out when they are angry. People who care about YOnkers should be involved with YOnkers. I voted for Hodges but I hope Merante does well for the city, I am in his district lol. If the average person reads their local news, the world would be a better place.

  7. They also said the supposed political strategists that a republican couldn’t win the Westchester County Executive race again once liberal Andy Spano was elected. Then came along BoB Astorino who served two terms as County Executive.( A Republican Conserative.) It’s the wrong analogy to compare the Sixth District to a Yonkers city wide race.( Turn- out candidates ethnicity etc. ) THE Conserative Democratic candidate mathematically should have won in the Sixth, but the moral majority held the line. Please, spare us the lame excuses.

  8. the poster who believes that Yonkers Republicans will take back city hall is delusional.Yonkers is no longer a marginal city in which candidates from both parties have a chance to win citywide..Maybe the 6th council district is winnable but that says zero about the race for Mayor. Republicans used to be a force to be reckoned with not only in Yonkers but in Westchester county as well…Angelo Martinelli , a Republican won over and over again in the 70’s and early 80’s. Carl Vergari, also a Republican carried the city of Yonkers in 1973, 77,81,85,89…so did other Republicans running for county wide office Andrew O’Rourke just to name one. Recently however Republicans have tanked in both the county and the city of Yonkers. Registration changes based on changing demographics have essentially reversed the advantage that Republicans used to have making it now a 2-1 registration edge for the Democrats. And it really doesn’t matter who the candidates are because once their is an overwhelming registration edge by one party over the other these elections are pretty much determine before the vote even takes place. So the only question in Yonkers is
    which Democrat with the Yonkers city Democratic Committee nominate to be the next Mayor

  9. Might be time for Jeni Wallace to run considering she’s so far up elected officials asses but knows how to play victim really well!

      1. If she runs for council she would get destroyed. She is not liked in her area and starts way too many problems. She is always involved in some type of controversy and then wants to portray herself as innocent. She’s a leech and sinking with the rest of them liberals real quick. Jeni and Hector on the Human Rights Commission are a total joke they are nothing but race baiters and problematic!

        1. Jeni Wallace was very forthcoming in her comments about her dislike for the seniors as well as cat fights on Facebook being blatantly prejudice. Screenshots are priceless. She thinks because she settled with MTA and paid off her house that she is important. The Spanos know how you sued your last employer and that you are a liability. They can not afford a wildcard as they desperately try to hold onto their power. You can not have scandals in your life before being a politician that happens AFTER ask the Spanos.

          1. First, I have a great relationship with the seniors in our area. I don’t have a great relationship with seniors who come into our neighborhood and try to take over community center and not let the community use it.
            I have beef with one person in our community who uses the seniors by lying to them and weaponization them against people she doesn’t like.
            I have not settled with the MTA so you don’t know what you’re talking about and you need to stop referencing things and when it comes to my son and his death. If you wanna know anything about my personal life or information surrounding my sons death feel free to reach out to me via Facebook, email, my number has been posted on many of our event flyers, or if you’re from this neighborhood knock on my door.
            I am very open about who I am and what my opinions are. You may not like them but at least I’m not hiding behind animity like your post. If you got something to say say it to my face other than that stop spreading lies and rumors. I have no intentions on running for anything in Yonkers.
            Stop hiding

        2. I feel sorry for her. Just kidding! Lol
          She is a nasty little woman. Since she can’t act her age, she should act her weight. Every chance she gets, she attacks people online. Then when she gets called out for her ignorant and prejudice comments, she pulls out her violin to start playing the victim and then claims bullying or racism. I hope karma kicks her in her fat…

          1. 🤣🤣🤣 At least when I post my opinion my name is not hidden. Come out into the light and post your name. Face me and stop being a keyboard cowboy

          2. Boy you sure have a lot to say 🤣 Why don’t we meet so you could say it to my face? I’m guessing you won’t take me up on my offer. Why don’t you worry about your life instead of clocking mine. If you dislike me so much stop being a fan and posting about

          3. “I don’t have a great relationship with seniors who come into our neighborhood and try to take over community center and not let the community use it.”

            Miss, this is your ignorance and arrogance speaking. You do not have to be a Yonkers Resident to attend the centers. There is a fee for seniors to attend ANY of the COY centers. They are more than welcomed and encouraged to attend. I lived in Yonkers many years before my children grew up and my husband passed. Many of us sadly had to move as seniors but we have friends in the city and enjoy our time spent at the various centers.

            Also, a senior can be as young as 55. You can go to DD and get a free donut with the purchase of your coffee. We worked hard and earned respect as well as the mindset if you do not give us respect we will not respect you.

        3. I’m not running. And I’m pretty sure you don’t know me. It’s easy to be a keyboard cowboy when your name is hidden 🤣 You can make all the allegations with none of the responsibility for your words.

        4. There is only one person in my area that I have a problem with and I have not been quiet about it. She’s a busybody who likes to bully people. She also uses the elderly to attack people that she doesn’t like. And guess what I’m not gonna apologize for it. I’m not a politician and I can say whatever I want.

      2. I’m not running for anything 🤣 didn’t you see the other post about how fat I am 🤣 I don’t know why people are so interested in what I’m doing especially because I have no intentions on running for any office in Yonkers…EVER

  10. It’s hilarious how people will come on here still without leaving their names thinking they are Anderson Cooper with idiotic comments. It’s a different article and the same group of handful of losers who will make comments about things they could never do. People leave comments discrediting these peoples victories and give the credit to others who had nothing to do with it or very little. A lot of jealousy and rumors in Yonkers instead of facts as always. This is one of the reasons why I moved out of Yonkers in 2014 because nothing ever changes!

  11. Tim was a terrible candidate, having 2 majors lines it should’ve been a landslide win….

    Poor management- poor people skills- untrustworthy – sums up his efforts.

  12. Can we please stop trying to “read into” this victory. He had an R next to his name, that’s it. That’s how it goes in the 6th District.
    If there was a ballot printing error and the R was next to Hodges, he would’ve won. Look at the Board of Elections history for this district. Do you really think all the Republicans ran great campaigns throughout history and the Dems didn’t?
    No, voters are creatures of habit and the Republicans come out. Look at all of Merante’s advertising and fundraisers… there’s not a person under 60 years old in the crowd. And guess who votes consistently…

    1. 1- Frankie is a kid,

      2- Vinny has never worked a day in his life for anything. Luckily for him having been born into the right family has done him well, as it has his wife.

  13. Tim Hodges who had two major lines as opposed to his opponent who had one should have won this race. The Sixth District is an area were the voters lean Conserative. The incumbent was locally one of the big winners election night along with County legislator Elect Nolan. The Yonkers Republicans chances of taking back city hall in two years are within reach.

    1. Democrats stayed home. The fact that Collins still won and didn’t even campaign in general says that Yonkers is staying blue. That was the best the reps could do.

        1. There were Republicans campaigning in the 11th and 12th Wards for Lakisha. Matten ran a great campaign without the support of Republican Party.

    1. Shelly Mayer does not have a snow balls chance in hell of taking the Attorney Generals spot-she is white female which eliminates her right off the bat-outside of Westchester she is a total unknown.

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