Yonkers City Council President-Elect Recognized by City & State New York

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Yonkers City Council President-elect Lakisha Collins-Bellamy

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano with Yonkers Board of Education Trustee, Yonkers Municipal Housing Legal Counsel, and  Yonkers City Council President-elect Lakisha Collins-Bellamy. (Photo Credit: Joe Panella/City of Yonkers).

YONKERS, NY — November 22, 2021 —  The next president of the Yonkers City Council will be Lakisha Collins-Bellamy who upset incumbent Mike Khader in the June Primary, and went on to defeat Republican candidate Ronald Matten in November for the leadership post.

With her election, Collins-Bellamy will become the first Black woman in the role. In addition to her job as legal counsel for the

Municipal Housing Authority for the City of Yonkers, she was appointed to Yonkers’ Board of Education last year and also sat on the city’s Police Reform Committee.

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SOURCE: City & State New York

TribuneYonkers City Council President-Elect Recognized by City & State New York

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    1. Problem is Spano wasn’t running…your comment attests to the corruption that is embedded and systemic in Yonkers under the Spano regime. So in advance of the banter, I am not from the Khader camp, I’m an informed and disgusted resident.

      1. Mike Spano wasn’t running, but Nick Spano orchestrated Khader’s loss. Nick recruited Pete Spano to siphon the white vote of of Khader. In fact Tom Meier Jr. ran Pete Spano’s campaign.

    2. It is actually higher for Mike Spano. Nick Spano ran two candidates in the primary Lakisha Collins Belamy and Peter Spano. Nick promised Peter his support and even got Tom Meier junior to run his campaign. The idea was to draw white vote away from Belamy with a famous last name.

      Spano 71%
      Khader 29%

  1. The Khaders sure do love to make excuses. You had incumbency. And lots of money. What you didn’t have was a candidate capable of forming a complete sentence, or a team capable of not embarrassing itself. Complain about Spano all you want – you brought this upon yourselves.

    1. the promises of employment,promotions to many not to mention the phone calls and threats many got including local business that had khader signs up was at all time dirty style tactics of jereis/spano team its all good cant wait to we employ the same to you

      1. To run campaigns like the Spanos or Z, you need power, fear, or respect – preferably all three. You don’t have any of those.

        Instead, you have priors, a failing limo company, and a waistline for the ages. I fail to see the equivalency.

    2. What Khader didn’t know was that a narcissist will smear you way before he realized it, they are they were prepared for the day he walked away from the manipulation.
      Moral of the story trust no especially those closest to you. Time to move on and focus on the real issues in Yonkers .

  2. Khaders are Phony gettin there Karma its just starting.
    Mike forget who voted for him
    the minute he got in.
    Told many voters how he was against the DPW yes remember Mike you were going to stop the curruption !
    Then you turned around and was kissing Louie ass hope it tasted good .Glad to see you out of office. Cant wait till they run you out of city or put in prison.

    1. Lakisha is a total tool of the Spano Adm and people in the know, know that with out dispute. Run Matten with no support almost defeated the wonder, anointed Lakisha.

      Too bad, the general public is so disengaged OR she would have lost by a landslide.

      Well, I’m engaged, and I want to know how she keeps her FT position at Housing, while assuming CCP role? Explain please… Conflicts and double dipping abound. Totally unethical… where is our IG?? Sitting on Spano’s lap…

  3. The Democratic Primary was significant
    Khader the incumbent with a huge war chest loses by 30 points is a big victory for Lakisha Collins Bellamy

    1. The Spano war chest was bigger. I’m sure Liam is asking why didn’t the Spano’s do this for him.
      Regardless, she’s another puppet for the Spano’s who will get nothing accomplished.
      2022 will be a year of lawsuits, investigations for many in city hall, make no mistake about that.

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