Yonkers Police Arrest and Charge 15-year-old Gang Member with Attempted Murder

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Detectives from the Major Case Squad and Crime Scene Unit responded to the scene and interviewed subjects and witnesses, recovered surveillance video, and processed forensic and ballistic evidence. Within hours investigators were able to trace the victim’s movements back to where the shooting incident occurred, in the parking lot of the White Castle restaurant at 257 South Broadway. Investigation yielded that the victim, a 20-year-old resident of Yonkers, had driven to White Castle to meet several individuals in a marijuana transaction. One of the individuals, now suspect, allegedly displayed a 9mm handgun and attempted to rob the victim of all his property, including his money, drugs, cell phone, and car; the suspect then fired at least two gunshots at the victim, striking him in the torso. The suspect then fled on foot and the victim was able to drive himself to the hospital. No other parties reported being injured, and no proceeds were actually taken from the victim.

Over the next several days detectives continued to follow-up leads, review surveillance video, and interview the victim and witnesses. Investigators were able to identify the gunman as a 15-year-old male member of the local Mak Balla Blood street gang; he was located by Major Case Unit and Gang Unit detectives on November 9th and placed into custody without incident. The juvenile suspect is known to investigators as he was previously arrested, charged, and convicted of multiple shooting incidents when he was only 13 years old.

The juvenile suspect was processed at the Community Affairs Division and charged with Attempted Murder 2, a Class A-I Violent Felony in the New York State Penal Law; and Assault 1, a Class B Violent Felony in the New York State Penal Law. He was remanded to a juvenile detention facility pending his next court appearance. Due to his age, he is classified as a juvenile offender and his identity is being withheld from public disclosure. The case is being prosecuted by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office. Additional information may be released as it becomes available.

NOTE: Booking charges are merely accusations and the defendant(s) are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.


SOURCE: Detective Lieutenant Dean Politopoulos | Communications Director | Yonkers Police Police Commissioner John Mueller | Yonkers Police Department

eHeziYonkers Police Arrest and Charge 15-year-old Gang Member with Attempted Murder

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  1. If he’s guilty lock them up and throw away the key. Where’s his mother his father his guardians. What was he doing on the streets after all he only has two prior arrests for shooting to other people age 13. Juvenile detention center give me a break this guy needs hardcore maximum Security prison time. He’s a threat to everyone around him.

    1. Good evening, this a perfect example when both sides of the minor ‘s family aren’t seeing eye to eye.He has family. One side of the family was in a court battle wanting to step in to prevent this from happening. So now the other side could see why we stepped in to be a support system but they wouldn’t let us!!! This is very troubling and upsetting. Why would a 20 year old meet up with minors to do a drug transaction???? As claimed!!!!

    1. Were any “White Supremacists” involved?
      I know they’re out there somewhere 👀Joe Biden said so. Yonkers, Mount Vernon and New Rochelle are just being absorbed by the “Boogie Down” Bronx.

    2. The white supremacists are hiding in the woodwork where else would they be. Okay. I’m sure the responsible everything that’s happened in all of these cities. Better yet in the country all the crime and murder is the result of white supremacist. LOL

      1. I’m in San Francisco now visiting relatives and all I see wandering the streets are white homeless dangerous mentally ill ANTIFA junkies wandering around. Hopefully the Kenosha verdict doesn’t come down until late Friday until after I leave. I’ve never seen so many woke zombie residents ignoring the unbelievable inflation & crime out here as Chinese container ships sit in the port waiting to be unloaded. This country is in some serious trouble. We simply can’t and won’t survive 3 more years of this absolute woke lunacy and deadly cognitive dissonance.

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