Yonkers Police Department: Operation Clean Plate — Paper License Plate Enforcement

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YONKERS, NY – November 8, 2021 — Last night members of the #YonkersPD and Westchester County Police Department conducted Operation Clean Plate, targeting improperly registered vehicles with expired, unlawful, or fake paper license plates throughout The City of Yonkers. Over 50 vehicles were impounded and dozens of summonses issued. Combined, many of these vehicles owe tens of thousands of dollars in parking and traffic camera fines, and are also the source of quality-of-life complaints including aggressive driving, noise pollution, and parking violations. Your local police will continue targeted enforcement for the foreseeable future to abate these issues.

Special thanks to the overwhelming majority of the public who take the time to do things the right way, wait on line at the DMV, fill out forms, pay registration fees and taxes, etc. and for supporting the Yonkers Police!

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SOURCE: Detective Lieutenant Dean Politopoulos |

Yonkers Police Headquarters Communications Officer | 104 South Broadway, Yonkers NY 10701

eHeziYonkers Police Department: Operation Clean Plate — Paper License Plate Enforcement

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  1. ATT: Second Pct CO or Traffic.

    344 Midland Ave opposite Tibbetts, white Sentra with NY inspection and registration, but a phony paper plate on the back. Go get ’em thanks and keep up your great work.

  2. 50 down only about 10,000. to go the police are to blame for letting this scam go on to0 long.
    Too lazy to0 much paperwork.
    Good luck finding parking for your legal cars in Yonkers.
    There are 29 phony plate cars last count just on my street .
    Have complained to YPD. They dont care.

    1. I agree. One day my neighbor has paper Jersey plates and the next day it’s Connecticut plates and two days later it’s back to the Jersey plates. The problem is you need to hire more Parking Violation people just to drive around and check and even those people only work days.

    2. It’s good to hear Yonkers PD cracking down on phone registrations at phony plates on vehicles the lack of parking spaces improperly parked cars is nothing but a headache to say the least. Thumbs up to that Yonkers PD for impounding and taking in cars with phony plates no registrations and improperly parked .

      1. Nothing more than a public relations stunt-on my block a vehicle with commercial plates, expired registration (June 21) and an expired inspection sticker(June21 parks every nite and never a tag-further up there is another vehicle which has been in the same spot for a year; the owner keeps switching dealer plates from out of state – never a tag on any of these vehicles – another suddenly appeared parked on the block and has been in the same spot for over a month. It has not been moved – the problem is the 2nd Pct never comes up the side streets – you can’t spot anything going 30-40 miles per hour and your recorder is bullshitting on their cellphone. The problem is that the local politicians are in bed with the unions and never call them out. No accountability what so ever.

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