Leading Injury Attorney David H. Perecman Shares Holiday Driving Safety Tips and Best Practices for Winter Travel

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NEW YORK, NY — December 20, 2021) — The holiday season is popular for both local and cross-country travel, but as one of the busiest times to drive, it is also one of the most dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the months of November, December and January consistently show 25% more motor vehicle accidents compared to other months, with December showing the most car crashes. In recognition of this, Founder and Lead Trial Lawyer David H. Perecman of The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., is sharing his tips and best practices to stay safe on the roadways.

There are many factors that can increase roadway risks during this time of year. Some of the most prevalent are adverse weather conditions, increased traffic volume, longer travel times, excessive speeding and more prevalent alcohol use. According to ValuePengin’s analysis of NHSTA data, drunk drivers caused over 6,000 fatal crashes during the holidays from 2010 to 2018. Fatal drunk driving crashes make up an average of 37% of holiday-related fatal crashes during this period.

To help drivers avoid holiday highway hazards and arrive at destinations safely and worry-free, Mr. Perecman suggests:

Drive Sober

    • If you are drinking alcohol, designate a sober ride or use a taxi, public transportation, or a rideshare service to get to your destination safely.
    • If you’re hosting a party, provide non-alcoholic beverages to guests who aren’t drinking.
    • If you have a young driver at home, speak with them about drinking and driving and have them sign a driver agreement plan to never drive intoxicated.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

  • Prepare your vehicle for winter weather.
    • Take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic for a full-point inspection.
    • Keep up with routine maintenance, as noted in your vehicle manual.
    • Pack a vehicle emergency kit to keep in your car at all times.
    • Prepare ahead before a long trip and bring extra snacks, water, a blanket and portable phone charger.
    • Check your tire pressure, lights, and windshield wipers regularly.

Drive Defensively

    • Be aware and mindful of your surroundings.
    • Check mirrors frequently, keep an eye out for pedestrians, cyclists and animals along the roads. 
    • Follow the 3-4 second rule to keep a safe distance from other drivers and have time in case you have to make a sudden stop.
    • Be considerate of others but do not assume other drivers will move out of the way or allow you to merge. Always be prepared to react in case another driver makes a mistake or disobeys traffic laws.
    • If you see an aggressive or dangerous driver, try to slow down, pull over or turn off at the next exit to avoid them. If you suspect the driver’s behavior will cause an accident, call 911 to report them once you
    • are safely pulled over.

Avoid Distractions and Drive the Speed Limit

    • Always focus on the act of driving and avoid texting or using a cell phone; sending just one text message can increase your crash risks by 23x.
    • Set up your music, directions, and other necessities
    • before heading out on a longer trip.
    • Obey the posted speed limit and be mindful of the speed limit in areas you don’t know well.
    • Drive at a safe speed for the prevailing conditions, even if that’s below the posted limit.
    • Reduce your speed in traffic, adverse weather, and construction zones.
    • Speak with your young drivers about the dangers of distraction and have them
    • Take the NHSTA Pledge

About The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C.

Founded in 1983 by David Perecman, The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. is a full-service personal injury law firm with offices in New York, New York, and Jericho, New York. The firm’s attorneys concentrate their legal practices in all aspects of personal injury, including construction accidents, premises liability, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, and civil rights matters, as well as workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability. Recognized by U.S. News for the past ten consecutive years as one of the Best Law Firms in America for Plaintiff’s Personal Injury in New York, and distinguished among their peers for their professionalism, knowledge, and results by nationally-recognized organizations, including Super Lawyers® and Best Lawyers®, the firm and its attorneys have recovered more than half a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements on their clients’ behalf. This year, in recognition of his groundbreaking work in and out of the courtroom, David Perecman has been named a Best Lawyers® 2022 Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs “Lawyer of the Year” awardee in Long Island. 

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For more information, visit www.perecman.com.

The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. is located at 135 West 20th Street, Suite 402, New York, NY 10011

TribuneLeading Injury Attorney David H. Perecman Shares Holiday Driving Safety Tips and Best Practices for Winter Travel

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