New York State Issues Mask Up Requirement

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BRONXVILLE. NY – December 19, 2021 — We encourage all of you to continue your exceptional vigilance and follow Governor Hochul’s mask mandate in all Village buildings and places of business.

Our merchants in particular suffered through unthinkable losses over the last 20 months with many closing or severely limited capacity.

For the sake of your health and the economic health of our loyal merchants, we ask your compliance.




Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin. Photo by and courtesy of A. Warner.

Mayor Mary Marvin

Deputy Mayor Robert Underhill

Trustee Helen Knapp

Trustee William Fredericks

Trustee Mary Taylor Behrens

Chief Christopher Satriale

Village Administrator James Palmer

eHeziNew York State Issues Mask Up Requirement

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  1. We need Donald Trump. He delivered the vaccine in record time. He would have ended the pandemic already. He knows how to get results. Biden is not the real President. He’s a puppet, like LCB.

  2. Biden administration put out a memo on 12/19 that the unvaccinated are looking at a winter of severe illness and death. Biden is feckless leader amongst other things. What kind of administration puts out a divisive false narrative like this? The fear mongering tactic to alarm people they may die if they don’t get vaccinated is if anything dividing the country even more. That is their motive to divide the country and to control freedom. While undocumented illegals are flooding into the US by secret overnight flights, or at the border we must comply to Nazi dictatorship from the top with Biden down to the states with Hochul

  3. Get rid of all the immigrants who are the ones who have no shots of any kind they are spreading it they brought them on a sneak they think we are dumb to their doings

  4. Why is everyone saying that there is a mask mandate when, in reality there really isn’t? When you call the governor’s office they tell you that it was signed! So, everyone can take the mask mandate and shove it!

  5. Bend over pull your head out and look and see what’s going on. Move on like the rest of these states have done. You people are sick. Stop listening to Big Pharma Crocs. Proven facts shots don’t work. Metzger only to cover your face they do no good. Control for the unsecured is all we have.

  6. Crystal Run Mall in Middletown NY is OVERRUN by unmasked folks who refuse to comply.
    Mall Security is not supporting the mandate. Local Police are not supporting the mandate.
    The STORES are not enforcing the mandate because there is no support. Employees are threatened or worse by unmasked patrons.
    Great job!

  7. There is no signed mask mandate. NYS can not provide anyone with a legal signed copy of one. Words dont matter, law does! Stop feeding into these folks fear tactics

  8. I do not have a problem with the mask being worn the problem is threatening the owners with a thousand dollar fine. We are not the police and we get stressed out by the people who refuse. You offer them a mask they either get pissed or take it and still try to show you they have their own mind. You waste money by giving them a mask and get bad reviews. Or they lie and turn you into the health department and say you are not following the guidelines and get a visit with paperwork saying you did not follow the mandate. When you ask who said this so you can fight it they have no idea who it is. Why fine the business why are they not giving the thousand dollar fine to the person not following the mandate is it because they do not have the police manpower. Fed up with being stressed during the holidays.

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