The Hezitorial: Urgency Eclipses Safeguards Required to Uphold Ethical Decorum
By Hezi Aris

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Abusing the System: Only In Yonkers? Let’s Not Be So Naïve! 

Has John Khader Indicted Himself By His Own Conduct?

The Hezitorial

John Khader

YONKERS, NY — December 27, 2021 — Covid-19, no matter the variant, is recognized to have undermined the capacity of disparate societies and businesses to engage in practices once considered to be prudent, efficient, and yes, lauded as best practice. Covid-19 demanded innovation and/or deep pockets. The most successful had enough of each to survive. The nation, in fact the world, is still reeling from the changes demanded and the continuing need to respond to stimuli that is misunderstood on many levels, yet unrelenting, and which, in most cases are not fully engaged. The basis for this are many. Fear and foreboding first comes to mind. Best practice for some does not translate well to the governments/business models of others because they may simply not always conform well to circumstances, political dogma, sensibilities, or demeanor of others because most still do not appreciate the differences among us.

Government must step up to the plate lest their capacity to stay in power is wanting due to a lack of responding in a manner appreciated by the electorate. Neither party is right, and lo and behold, neither is wrong. And so the travails of the days, weeks, months and years drag on without a remedy. There may in fact, never be one. Even so, perhaps the most astute, or the one who knows how to experiment and massage the system to their benefit, whether the simplest or most erudite may succeed, becoming the oracle of the present. Government, saddled with the need to serve powerful businesses at the top of the business hierarchy, and those most needy at the other end of society is also flummoxed over what is best practice to serve society overall.

It is in fact the need to respond with alacrity that too often undermines government, whether national, state, county, city, town, and/or villages from overlooking pitfalls that serve the greed of some, and yet is deficient in serving the desperate needs of others. Lest it be misunderstood, this dynamic is neither a contest between the wealthy and the poor, gender, sexual preference, religious affiliation, specific ethnicities, or the color of one’s skin. 

And so, urgency eclipses safeguards.

While the needy await for government to find solution to their travail and despair having little fiscal tender to grease the wheel of government, the more well-to-do, knowing how to play the game better than those in the lower socio-economic divide, possessing the time to connive and malign government’s effort, search for an intentioned / unintentional fault line(s) that usually exists whether contemplated or not. It is they, who too often perceive the “hole” left open by law that does not preclude their capacity to scheme and scam their way to unearned riches.

Yonkersites know in their gut that they need not search afar to find those whose conduct may best be defined as  malfeasance rather than simply misconduct.

Even though John Khader and MPAC have had questionable financials since its inception, the period from January 1, 2020 to July 1, 2020 had the greatest amount of questionable transactions. 

The numbers expose the revelatory facts:

March 5, 2020 MPAC issues a check to John Khader for $2,500.

March 9, 2020 MPAC issues a check to Sabrina Khader for $500.

March 16, 2021 MPAC issues a check to Lauren Khader for $500.

March 13, 2020 MPAC spent $859.72 at Restaurant Depot.

March 13, 2020 MPAC spent an additional $433.59 at Restaurant Depot.

March 15, 2020 MPAC spent $62.09 at Speedway Gas Station.

June 06, 2020 MPAC spends $42 at Amoco Gas Station.

June 17, 2020 MPAC spends $128.43 at Caffe Classico.

July 1, 2020 MPAC issues a check to Sabrina Khader for $121.

As soon as the pandemic hit the pockets of the Khader family, they were embellished by MPAC cutting checks in their favor from MPAC’s coffers into those of John Khader and his family’s bank accounts. At issue is what business does a Political Action Committee conduct requiring the need to buy $1,300 worth of food from Restaurant Depot just as the pandemic hits and restrictions on gatherings were and had been restricted? One could surmise that the food from Restaurant Depot purchased with MPAC money was a misappropriation of a Political Action Committee’s funds. Caffe Classico, a local business with close ties to John Khader also got a cut of the action from MPAC funds; they were paid over $100 for their “trouble”. 

Just as restrictions began in New York State, John Khader’s car service, known as Top Class Limousine, took a financial toll on John’s only source of income, that is, his car service business. John Khader used MPAC funds as a financial safety valve / parachute where he received $2,500.

Is the reader aware that John Khader has accepted close to $70k in PPP loans for his business? One loan has  either been repaid or forgiven, but he still owes taxpayers at least $30k according to this database:

Which begs the question why he is still going on vacation, hosting lavish parties, while engaging his devious conduct, when he should be taking the money out of the “sham/scam” MPAC operation over which he presides. Disgusting is deficient in describing his conduct to the silence of all who are members of this political action committee.

It is worth noting that Mike Khader also has an unpaid PPP loan:  

John Khader’s claims for needing to maintain drivers for his limousine operation are a total falsehood. Every limousine service, including John Khader’s Top Class Limousine, came to an abrupt halt. There were no customers who needed Top Class Limousines’ chauffeured limousines for weddings, special events, or even needing to be driven to one airport or another. Everything languished due to the impact of Covid-19. The most salient point is that the “supposed” chauffeurs that drove his cadre of various makes of limousines were never full-time workers. The federal program was intended to help businesses maintain those employed by businesses throughout the nation. The prospect for ever finding a client who needed a chauffeur and a bill for filling up the limousine with gas before or after such a “job” cannot be found or corroborated.

Further still with respect to those employed by Top Class Limousine is that it was only John Khader and his sister Lauren who worked the operation. In order to obtain the federal loan, John Khader filed for loans claiming to employ his relatives without informing the government of that fact.

PPP Loan Data — Top Class Limousine LTD, Yonkers, NY

ALERT: There are 2 PPP loans for a total of $68,151 in our database for businesses with the name “Top Class Limousine LTD” in Yonkers, NY. This this is typically due to the same business receiving both first and second-draw loans, but may also include similarly named but unrelated businesses, multiple branches of the same business, mistaken multiple applications, or potential fraud. Click each loan below to see full details.

$33,332 Loan – Corporation – February, 2021

24 Ashburton Ave
Yonkers, NY 10701

Lender: Wells Fargo Bank, National Association

$34,819 Loan – Corporation – May, 2020

24 Ashburton Ave
Yonkers, NY 10701

Lender: Wells Fargo Bank, National Association

Top Class Limousine LTD

Entity: Corporation

Industry: Limousine Service

Location: Yonkers, NY

Top Class Limousine LTD is a corporation located at 24 Ashburton Ave in Yonkers, New York that received a Coronavirus-related PPP loan from the SBA of $33,332.00 in February, 2021.

The company has reported itself as a White male owned business, and employed at least eleven people during the applicable loan loan period.

$ PPP Loan Information

Loan #4715558407

Loan Size: $33,332

Jobs Retained: 11

Loan Approved: 2021-02-06

Loan Status: Ongoing Loan

Lender: Wells Fargo Bank, National Association

Top Class Limousine LTD in Yonkers, NY received a Paycheck Protection Loan of $33,332 through Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, which was approved in February, 2021.

This loan has been disbursed by the lender and has not yet been fully repaid or forgiven. The exact status of ongoing loans is not released by the SBA. The loan’s status was last updated by the SBA in November, 2021.

Payroll Estimates Based On SBA PPP Loan Eligibility Formula

Understanding The SBA Formula For Determining PPP Loan Eligibility

The simplest way to describe the standard PPP calculation is that businesses are eligible to receive a maximum PPP loan of up to 2.5 x average 2019 monthly payroll costs. However, specific calculation methods vary based on entity type and have numerous qualifications.

Read More

Understanding Payroll Estimates Based On PPP Amount

Please note that payroll estimations are based on a simplified PPP eligibility formula and do not account for factors such as salaries over $100k and other PPP eligibility components.

Read More

Based on the standard PPP eligibility formula, it may be possible to estimate the payroll expenses represented by a company on their PPP application (see details above). In order to qualify for the PPP loan amount received, Top Class Limousine LTD’s 2019 payroll expenses are estimated to be at least $159,994.

Based on their reported 11 jobs retained, this equals an estimated average yearly compensation of $14,545 per employee1

Reported PPP Proceed Usage:

On the PPP application, Top Class Limousine LTD reported intending to use the proceeds of their PPP loan for the following expenses:

  • Payroll: $33,326
  • Utilities: $1

Business Information – Top Class Limousine LTD in Yonkers, NY

Top Class Limousine LTD 

24 Ashburton Ave

Yonkers, NY 10701

Business Industry:
Limousine Service
NAICS code 485320

Business Owner Demographics

Race: White

Ethnicity: Unreported

Gender: Male Owned

Veteran Status: Non-Veteran

Business Demographics

Business Age: Existing or more than 2 years old

LMI Zone: Y

HUBZone: Y

Rural / Urban: Urban

Westchester County, NY — SBA Office 0202 — Congressional District: NY-16

Similar Companies near Yonkers

In the Yonkers area, 19 businesses in the “Limousine Service” industry received a PPP loan. These local businesses reported an average of 2 employees (compared to this company’s 11) and received an average PPP loan of $12,152 (compared to this company’s $33,332).

Similar Nearby Businesses Who Received PPP Funding:

Umair Ijaz
Yonkers, NY

$1,980 PPP Loan

Yonkers, NY

$4,444 PPP Loan

Younis Dajah
Yonkers, NY

$17,558 PPP Loan

JR Limo Service Corp
Yonkers, NY

$6,310 PPP Loan

Spotlight Transportation Enterprises Inc
Yonkers, NY

$3,792 PPP Loan

Top Class Coach
Yonkers, NY

$27,082 PPP Loan

Raed A. Khalil
Yonkers, NY

$5,492 PPP Loan

Spotlight Transportation
Yonkers, NY

$3,792 PPP Loan

Industry PPP Comparison Statistics

Nationwide, 27,203 businesses in the “Limousine Service” industry received a total of $646.78M in PPP loans. This industry in total received less than 1% of the total PPP funding distributed.

PPP recipients in this industry report an average of 3 employees, 73% lower than Top Class Limousine LTD’s reported 11 employees, and received an average PPP loan of $23,776, 29% lower than this company’s loan of $33,332.

FederalPay’s PPP Information Policy

Paycheck Protection Loan data has been made public by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for all private companies that received a PPP loan.

All information displayed on this page is publicly available information under PPP loan guidelines, in compliance with 5 U.S.C. § 552 (Freedom of Information Act) and 5 U.S.C. § 552a (the Privacy Act) and is published unmodified, as provided by the SBA. FederalPay does not modify the data and makes no claims regarding its accuracy.

Any corrections or modifications to this data can only be made via the SBA. For more information, please see the FederalPay PPP Data Policy.

Footnotes & Information

1. Estimations for informational purposes only. Payroll and salary estimates assume the borrower used the standard PPP calculation of 2.5 x average 2019 monthly payroll costs to determine PPP loan eligibility. Calculation methods vary based on entity type. Please read the latest official SBA PPP calculation rules for a full explanation of PPP loan amount calculation methods.

2. If a company’s reported number of employees divided by the maximum PPP range amount per the SBA is greater than $100,000, the estimated maximum PPP loan received by the company can be adjusted down to assume no more than $100,000 yearly salary per employee was used in the PPP application. While employees at the company may earn more, $100k / employee is the maximum amount that can be used in PPP eligibility calculations.

eHeziThe Hezitorial: Urgency Eclipses Safeguards Required to Uphold Ethical Decorum
By Hezi Aris

Comments 124

  1. Can this City Council stop with these food giveaways like some 3rd world country leave it for the pantries and churches you were elected to give us good paying jobs , quality housing and lower taxes do the job you were elected to do I don’t need expired food or toilet paper

    1. These food lines come out of the book of Marxist. They are designed to suppress the poor population. These lines exist in Russia, Venezuela and Yonkers. Khader, Pineda and Diaz as elected officials it’s your job to pass laws to lift people out of poverty not keep them down.

      1. You rant of the same things over and over again. It’s called being redundant. If you don’t need the assistance of a food pantry then try being thankful. Be grateful!! Your bitterness is very evident. We are still, as a nation suffering from the consequences of a pandemic. Also, inflation is off the charts. People are suffering. Does that concern you?? Or are you so obsessed with petty politics. Actually, since it’s such a concern of yours you should run for office. Come out of hiding and put your money where your mouth is. Also, for the sake of accuracy, the pantry that Councilwoman Diaz manages is fully funded by a church. Don’t you think that is a role of a church. Your rants are tiring and anonymous. Try being part of the solution.

    2. “Can this City Council stop with these food giveaways like some 3rd world country leave it for the pantries and churches you were elected to give us good paying jobs , quality housing and lower taxes do the job you were elected to do I don’t need expired food or toilet paper”

      Thunderous clap!!!!

    3. Well, what ELSE would Tasha Diaz do if she didn’t take stuff, given to her for free, and then give the stuff to other people, taking credit for it. This is what you do when you don’t have a clue about what you are doing, nor do you care. I don’t think she asked one question during committee and council meetings.

  2. John Khader was only influential when he teamed with Zehy Jeries. Once Zehy and Frankie abandoned John, he became irrelevant. I don’t know why anyone is wasting their time on this con man.

  3. I put my trust in Mike Khader. I worked to get him elected. He guaranteed him that he was innocent and promised to show me proof. It has been 10 month and he has yet to show proof. No one hides evidence that would exonerate them.
    John Khader’s shenanigans are further evidence of how this family is trying to enrich themselves through phony narratives.
    I thank Mike and Vinnie Spano for finding Lakisha and engineering her win.

    1. Council district 3 never had a Latino Councilperson.
      Not a Latino in the bunch, and Tarnisha Freeman aka Diaz is not a Latino either.

    2. Pfffttt at “Latinos will unite”.

      The only Latinos allowed in are the ones the Spanos and the Tom Meier has allowed as long as they push Spanos agenda.

    3. In the new census District 3 has a majority of Latinos and the Latinos will unite and not be divided by Carmen.
      Corazon Pineda needs an ally sitting next to her. Not a fake Latina.

        1. Someone thinks that the Yonkers Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has something to do with elections in politics,
          He is just another misinformed video blogger.

    1. John khader is a thief, he was offered and accepted a ton of money to get the donators kids on to the city. Unfortunately for him he has no strings to pull to get it done. His MPAC is a big scam to help raise money to feed his cocaine and sausage and cheese habits. A drug dealing informant who has never been arrested for his crimes. I must say karma will catch up to him and his corrupt family. A rat in a suit is the worst thing you can be and I have to say John is of the lowest scum on earth.

      1. Remember Kenny’s Cafe this clown was at the door he was acting Tony Montana.
        Selling stepped on 5X garbage . He had to be a Rat to have that spot.

    1. Who cares what Johnny Limo and MPAC are doing? This is all a distraction of minor importance.

      Think of all the significant and compromising, unethical maneuvers this unscrupulous Mayor and Council have done and continue to do? Affecting the city wide? Developers? Affordable housing? Major Leader? No accountability or transparency!! Where’s the outrage? Let’s focus On what’s important!

  4. This is a good story
    I know him to be a crook
    I hope they call me testify against him
    I worked for him for years and he cheated me

  5. Baked After Midnight INC was a business much before they opened a tax id and a registered company… was John Khader’s daughter paying taxes on this as I would assume the cookie business is mainly a cash business

    1. Oh now this is really pitiful, going after a female entrepreneur…that’s the way things start…get a following…and then incorporate. Please focus on things material to Yonkers besides putting a young woman down. Shame on you! You must be a city employee, 9 to 5 guy, who has no clue!

    2. Ridiculous, to go after a smart industrious Woman just because she is the daughter of a political rival. The father’s photo is on the article, talk about him, there is way too much to talk about to go out of your way to talk about the founder of Baked after midnight. She is somebody who generously went out of her way for an entire school year to tutor me for free in higher level Math. She is a smart cookie, no pun intended, so I doubt with her knowing her family is in the spotlight, while growing her business, and just having common sense; that she would not dot her I’s and cross her T’s legally and financially. Critique those who voluntarily put themselves in the spotlight. A New Year’s resolution for all of us should be to stick to Talking about facts, legislation, or God forbid grow balls and sign your name. Many of you are cowards and thank God that Hezi gives you the opportunity speak your mind without revealing your face. Honor that privilege with substance, say things you cannot say aloud / or in public that are important, or be funny. I do not like J.K-Limo, I did not vote for his brother, and I have no motives to write this other than it bothered me to read some of these comments. The Jordanian community does not/will not, and never will tolerate that – J.S #YO

  6. Hezi, you should write about John Khader running an unsuccessful smear campaign against Nader Sayegh and Zehy Jeries. They have some joker, who I will not name spreading lies about the mayor and other prominent officials.
    Khader feels if he throws mud on everyone else, he won’t look like such a pig.

    1. The pigs in Yonkers existed long before the Khaders came. But the pigs, now are bigger, fatter and more greedy than ever and have a problem with their pen being opened and cleaned out by the farmer. So sad.

      Next, the Farmer in the Dell!

      God help Yonkers!

  7. We can talk about Tasha later. She’ll find a way of embarrassing herself (and all of us) soon enough, just like they all do. We’ve got the next two years to lament that tragedy.

    Let’s keep the focus on John Khader and MPAC. Demand accountability from him and every single elected official that has taken money from him and MPAC.

    1. Let’s demand accountability from City Hall and our elected officials!!!

      Who cares what Johnny Limo or MPaC does when so much worse is going on…

      Let’s focus on the nepotism, pay to play and back room deals that go on regularly in our City government to enrich the themselves and their F&Fs at the expense of the taxpayers and the people of Yonkers. And what about the developer deals and the stall on Affordable Housing? All this happening at the hands of our elected. They should be held to a higher standard, but they are not!

      Vision straight needs to be focused directly on City Hall and the City Council for accountability and transparency! Stop the interference with things that are completely irrelevant and immaterial to the greater good of the City.

    2. Electing Tasha Diaz majority leader was the smartest move the Republicans have done quite some time, Breen is turned out, rubbo is a useless as a Democrat as he was a Republican. Spineless.

      Tasha will make the Democrats and city alike look so poorly citywide you may actually see a blue wave come back

  8. Tasha as majority leader, Breen as minority leader and Collins-Bellamy as council president only helps cement a fourth term for Mike Spano. The three most unqualified people are running the council. Yonkers voters will be begging Mike Spano to stay.

  9. I’m trying to get copies of council members ethic/financial forms I’m having difficulty getting them
    Is there a City Website for it ?
    What are the rules for gifts and dinners ?

    1. Post
  10. This was a ploy by the Republicans to put the dumbest democrat as majority leader. Many in our party know Tasha is not a real democrat. She supported Nolan and Matten in the last election.
    She voted against Affordable House Ordinance.

    1. My goodness, how many times are you going to post the same thing? Your obsession with Majority Leader Diaz is excessive, to put it mildly. Did she break up with you in Middle School? She’s the Majority Leader and you’re not. Get over it! Therapy would be a good place to start.

      1. To the sycophant shielding her from criticism, I hope you know that she isn’t going to keep you in her good graces for very long either. Yonkers is a vibrant city with many educated, compassionate, and decent people. It eludes me how we could have allowed ourselves to be so apathetic to permit an extremely small minority of people to consolidate power in this way, allowing such a starkly unqualified person to ascend into the Majority Leader position. It’s clear that the real people in power no longer care about maintaining the facade of legitimacy or seeking any qualifications outside of subservient servitude from unwilling idiots who will do their bidding. An extremely shameful moment for our city.

        1. You are right!!! We need to go back to the days where only older white males held political office. Anyone who doesn’t fit that criteria is certainly “unqualified”. Fortunately, you and your antiquated mind set is eroding rapidly. You’re pathetic! That’s the kindest compliment I can offer.

          1. Post

            It is evident to me that you simply don’t get it. Nothing in the writing suggests anyone of any ethnicity or any other definition is of greater capacity than another. Even so, if that is your takeaway, so be it. The best i can respond to your comment is that your premise is unsubstantiated and invalid.

          2. Newsflash: Tasha Díaz is majority leader thanks to the white men on CC and a black female CCP that was put their by another white man (shhhh… many of Spanos Republicans voted for her and not Matten)

            Your point is moot.

            Tasha let her constituents down! She sold her soul to the devil. The same will be said about Lakiesha.

        2. Too right!! The Mayor and City Council members who nominated Tasha for this leadership role have totally disrespected the people of Yonkers. To those who voted in favor voted of such an unqualified person to be Majority Leader, shame on you. You are all tools and lack any backbone, integrity or leadership skills. Yonkers has sunk to a new low!
          The puppet masters are really pulling strings now and it shows…disgraceful and insulting to Yonkers voters, residents and taxpayers. Blind and ignorant leading the blind and complicit!

      2. Tasha Diaz is a person who has never held a real job-she is good at handing out donated items-she has been in office for a substantial amount of time yet her City Council page has no biography on her. Why? Because she has nothing of any substance to display – it really speaks volumes that an inarticulate person such as her can be the Yonkers City Council Majority Leader. No wonder Yonkers is a shit hole with people bailing out of this city like there is no tomorrow-in closing Mrs Diaz has no compunction whatsoever in playing the race card none whatsoever because that is all she has to offer.

  11. Who are the fools still writing this guy checks? Are they braindead? If I had ever given a cent to MPAC, after reading this, I’d be taking Khader and MPAC to court. He can have his legal eagle brother represent him – should be good for a laugh.

    Seriously, it baffles me why anybody in politics has anything to do with John Khader.

  12. Yonkersites, find the closest mirror, look at it and say, “I live in a city where Tasha Diaz is the Majority Leader”.
    Let the reign of giant sunglasses and fuzzy slippers begin.

    1. Let’s make it clear Tasha wasn’t picked by the People or the Democratic Party
      She was picked By Spano’s and the Republicans.

      1. Only in Yonkers… the Democratic Majority Whip is a guy who was a Republican his whole life.
        Spano will regret his choice for Majority Leader. Loose cannons can’t be controlled forever.

      2. Last month rubbo was walking around boasting he was Leader. He couldn’t put it together- he’s a weak man as proven by his primary. I wonder if Tasha apologized for B!tching him out before he voted for her. …… Such a sad little man Johnny boy

        1. Rubbo has gone swinging from the Spencer/amicone regime , to the spanos , to zehy Jeries, like a desperate joke.

          He’s well aware that the mayor could’ve put it together for him, but the mayor knows he’s weak, and can’t stand his ground.

          I hope he enjoys his last term. Nowhere else to turn to.

    2. Yonkers can’t go any lower with this incompetent Diaz at the helm. Shows you how compromised the Council is, shame on you Rubbo, Merante and Breen for voting for her appointment . Shanae and Corazon were 100% right, she is completely unqualified for the role. As a woman, I support women, but not those who have limited capacity!
      What a disgrace the Council really is!!!

  13. John Khader should run for office. If Tasha Diaz is competent to be majority leader, then Khader could be Governor. Merante, Rubbo, Bellamy and Breen must have rocks in their heads.
    Even Mount Vernon is laughing at this.

    1. Yonkers is truly a disgrace and by the latest shenanigans should disqualify Spano from any respect, credibility or aspiration for higher office. Watch for the corrupt Council to give him another 4th illegitimate term, losers all around!!

    1. Post
    2. “Is there an education requirement to be a Yonkers City Council?” :::Inserts chuckle meme:::

      Yonkers, you are doomed! Three white men voted for Tasha Diaz to be the next majority leader. I wonder why? If that doesn’t tell you anything then you get what you deserve. Hmmmm. Wasn’t she the education chair? Did nothing to support YPS families last year. She was too busy throwing expired scraps at the poor.

      Look at your new CCP. She couldn’t even dress up for her swearing in. Such a shame. That election was a big scam. Note that Lakiesha’s appointment to YPS board trustees had a purpose. Spano knows how to play the game well. 😉

      Corazón is no longer Spano’s darling. She got the boot . Rubbo, Merante, & Breen kicked you out. They did Spanos dirty work.

      I can’t stand to watch these people. They’re so unprofessional, uneducated, unethical and straight garbage. The good thing is that while Yonkers crumble we will at least get a few laughs. Can’t wait to see the the live takes on FB.

    3. Obviously not, look at Tasha!! What a disgrace to have a junior, uninformed, uneducated, person without the capacity to comprehend basic concepts, be a majority leader in the 3rd largest City of New York State – Yonkers. Rubbo, Breen, Merante and Lakisha you are all really corrupted and disgraceful to endorse her. Obviously, you guys have no morals, convictions or concern for the ongoing viability of our City, appointing her to the leadership role. Disgraceful!

  14. johnnylimo just asked me to buy a box for the super bowl a 250$ box can someone tell him that everyone knows his bullshit by now

  15. Great article, Hezi.

    I think it’s really important for candidates and elected officials to understand the toxicity of John Khader and his way of doing business. The best way of removing that toxicity? Take away his power and ability to hold sway with candidates and campaigns. I would urge anybody who has taken money from John Khader (or MPAC) for their campaign (read, many/most Yonkers and Westchester political wannabes) to return the contributions, and decline to accept any funds in the future. One’s integrity and absolution from this boldface corruption is literally priceless, and I will be really disappointed to see officials continue to accept money from this clown. Candidates will eventually come to realize that associating with John Khader has a price far greater than any benefit that he can provide.

  16. It didn’t take Lakisha Collins Bellamy long to give the store away to the Republicans, to shut out 2 prominent Democrats who supported her, meanwhile Tasha Diaz helped Ron Matten what a disgrace!!!! Lakisha will be a one termer.

    1. Ron Matten was the Democrats choice. He was supported by Bob Stauf an Fred Polverre. Now we know why Lakisha was the Republicans choice.

    1. For trashy Irrelevant people you love talking about them.
      It’s almost as if you get off on it !!! Lay off the coke and get some sleep.

  17. In all fairness, Councilman Rubbo took out PPP loans and has unethical oversight of Real Estate Committee. Some investigative reporting is needed there and across many others in Yonkers City government.

      1. Post

        The translation of هيوان مجرم which is Arabic translates to “criminal animal” in English. No need to give expression so that only Arabic speakers can understand. To whom do you refer? Are you suggesting that someone on the 2nd floor is a “criminal animal”? Have you looked into a mirror lately? Is it you who speak Arabic? Are you trying to insinuate that only an Arabic speaker should understand and your implication is intended for what reason? Why spew such a venomous and derogatory term against the entire Jordanian-American community? How dare you! Your use of Arabic is an affront to all decent people. Shame on you and your family lineage. You disgust me. I am insulted that you would insult my cousins who lived across the border where I was born. Shame on you and your ancestors for thinking this would fly without earning my outrage. You deserve NO RESPECT whatsoever! After all, only a fluent Arabic speaker recognizes the depth of your insult. You should apologize, but your audacity reveals you have little self respect. You embarrass yourself by using such a filthy term. You are sure to suffer because you uttered such an insult. Kindly Hezi,

    1. Post
    1. Post
  18. Hezi, great reporting. A quick correction, Top Class Coach shares an address with Top Class Limo, 24 Asburton. It is also a Khader enterprise and it is his small bus or van division. KHA independent contractor is another flow through enterprise.

    Very informative article on how the connected are able to game the system.

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