Too Many Yonkersites Wallow in Their Resentment of Resident Power Brokers While Absolving and Denying Their Role in Facilitating Them for Having Risen to Wealth and Prominence by Their Envy
By Hezi Aris

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The Hezitorial

Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor Hezi Aris

Former NYS Senator Nick Spano.

YONKERS, NY — December 1, 2021 — Yonkers, like other communities throughout the world, is divided by those successful and well to do, and those struggling to make ends meet. Many who cast aspersions against those with clout, not only resent and envy the successful, but also suggest nefarious conduct brought them to prominence. Those who point their finger delude the sacrifice, toil, sweat, drive, and yes, even luck of those who now preside in such laudatory stations.

Too many people dismiss, or worse, are oblivious to the sacrifices that were suffered to bring present circumstances about.

I have long recognized the dishonest, holier than though types, who in hushed tones demonize the success stories of a growing cadre of Yonkersites today. 

Rather than applaud, even emulate their work ethic, they feign not recognizing the sacrifice and resultant good fortune their parents bequeathed onto their children. It was’t always money.

Those who “lucked out” didn’t become success stories overnight. The process may have taken two, more likely three generations before becoming recognized by such families. It may have taken an additional generation for the rest of society to recognize their prominence. But they were not alone. Others succeeded as well. Some lost their way, while others continued to embellish their outcome and passed it onto their progeny. It is the same throughout the world.

I was saddened to see that the denigrating attitude against former New York State Senator Nick Spano continues to be chastised by the so-called holier that thou  in Yonkers. He was at one time one of “three men” in the room in the state capitol, Albany. He shared power with the the New York State Governor, and the New York State Assemblyman. 

Last week, we posted that Operation Santa Claus Presents Record Amount of Grants Totaling $50,000 to Not-for-Profits at Annual Ceremony

Rather than celebrate the magnanimity of the fund raising effort, comments calling the former senator in derogatory terms had reached an ugly crescendo in the comment section of the Yonkers Tribune that were expunged by me, the editor, to which I am unapologetic. 

How much longer must Sen. Nick Spano suffer? He served prison time. He was released. He was slowly re-integrated in Yonkers’ societal structure.

Was everything on the up and up, I know it is not, whether others disagree or not. 

What I find disturbing is that no matter what some individuals do to make amends, they continue to be flogged as if they have not re-invented themselves, which they indeed have, but not if one listens to the naysayers. It is telling that even those who have been found guilty by the courts, who were at times more corrupt that those they placed behind bars, while other more corrupt characters never served a day for their trespasses. That is because those let off scott free had friends in high places  who knew how to traverse the system.

Not all people who are or had served time in prison were or are guilty. 

For those, such as Nick Spano, have turned some pages, though he may not have re-written them all, he has resuscitated himself. He is charitable, likely wiser, and less likely to make similar mistakes in life.

While I read a comment ascribed to Nick Spano on the Yonkers Tribune website that suggested Nick Spano does not always agree with me, and I not always with him, I suggest he will agree with me that he deserves to be respected for that which he accomplished and continues to do so today.

The final aspect of this telling is that too many Yonkersites continue to deny those who have or may falter in life a chance to reinvent themselves. 

And worse still that the derogatory remarks and finger pointing come from people who recognized the debauchery of the past, and even the present and engage in self denial that they did nothing wrong, but they too, have.

They whored themselves for a job they never earned, creating the ‘family and friends network’ that kept them at the food chain while denying all others to thrive on equal footing. 

I have only been on the scene 22 years. I watched Mayor John Spencer, Phil Amicone, and Mike Spano do what they did. They each have much to atone. Some already have, others have not. Such is life. 

Yonkers and Yonkersites can accomplish more when they all follow an ethical standard. Now that shouldn’t be too difficult? 

Then again, I recognize that everyone has their own valid way of interpreting reality!

eHeziToo Many Yonkersites Wallow in Their Resentment of Resident Power Brokers While Absolving and Denying Their Role in Facilitating Them for Having Risen to Wealth and Prominence by Their Envy
By Hezi Aris

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  1. I can say one thing about NYS Spano is he’s politically smart.(Whether you’re an adversary or Ally.) From his Assembly victory as a young man were he orchestrated a three way split in a race mathematically he should have lost. The only mistake he made is giving Spencer his backing to be Yonkers Mayor for eight years. That tenure must have raised the Senator’s blood pressure due to aggravation and many sleepless nights.

  2. I don’t believe the officer in Dobbs Ferry should have shot the person over a parking space. I understand the anger and bitterness and two families forever affected. You can’t get crazy over a parking space because you never know who you’re dealing with and what’s on a persons mind.(Again over a parking spot in front of a deli. What a tragedy.)

  3. Hezi, I’m confused. For years, you have decried Nick Spano’s influence in the city, called him a “felon” and “selfish and self-serving” (your words, not mine) and called out the various quid-pro-quos, questionable deals, et al, that he and Empire Strategic Planning are involved in. (Not to mention all of your reporting involving Nick Spano in the Blue Truth series.) NOTE: Links to articles deleted by Hezi.

    I don’t even per say disagree with you in this article. I agree that Nick Spano has served his time and that much of the rancor surrounding him isn’t entirely valid, but I am curious as to when/where/why your perspective changed. You might argue that it hasn’t, but it’s pretty apparent from those three articles alone that your past reporting on the guy hasn’t exactly been complimentary.* I did not believe then that the conduct for which I focused my attention was correct and on target. After those many years, the Nick Spano operation was able to confine its conduct outside the public arena. Not one individual that I knew ever mentioned his name nor was I privy to anything that I could write about that was derogatory or laudatory. While some in media intend to creat rancor, or incite derogatory albeit baseless reporting, I do not. To each his own.

    As for me, I am tired of the vitriole that is unsubstantiated and is relentless. This is not discourse. It is intentioned simply to undermine. When and ONLY if I find credible facts that are positive and/or negative do I write about them. Simply put, I can see both good and bad in everyone, which includes me. – Hezi

    Back to you … What I think is worth noting about Nick Spano (and the Spanos in general) is that they are competent. Hezi… I concur! You…cWhatever you want to say about their methods, performance in government, et al, they produce results, no matter how much one might try to dispute it. In my opinion, that sets them (and I’m mostly talking about Nick and Mike) apart from just about every single elected official we’ve had in the last 15 years in Yonkers. … I concur on this point as well. YOU… In terms of understanding the mechanics of government, and for that matter, power writ large, the Spanos are leagues ahead of anybody else we’ve had in Yonkers in ages. Compare that to the vapid Mike Khader, or the dunce Shanae Williams (just to name a few), and you’ll understand why the Spanos are so effective and have had such staying power. … Hezi Those you mentioned are who they are and I need not comment regarding either one.

    Here: There is one overriding factor with regard to the administration of Nick Spano and Mike Spano that you mention that is on that are effective. You don’t explain in your comment how so. I understand the complexity of it and that it deserves more than a sentence or a paragraph. I am backlogged like I would never have imagined, but I have been contemplating the issues you bring up. I have a valid answer, but it needs to be explained and unpacked by its complexity AND that will take me some time. Kindly, Hezi. P.S. I appreciate your perspective.


    how come i wasnt able to comment?????u took it away from me so i cant talk about the real nicky boy. his name isnt senator spano, his name is nicky boy first of all. nicky is a crook and scumbag. thats why he lost in 2006 next time write the truth Hezi im sick of ur bullshit too u love nicky all the sudden

    1. Post

      Interesting comment yet devoid of facts. Typical B.S. Anywya, thanks for playing. When I write, it is based on facts not innuendo, insinuation or opinion. Perhaps if you have provable facts we can go where you are more comfortable, until then everyone has a chance to do better. The past is the past, the present may be different. Besides I never let go. I continue to search for good and conduct that falls short. Stay tuned. Kindly, Hezi

  5. Hezi, to get city job he must say Yes.
    To build a house he must sayYes.
    To have a driveway added to your house he must say Yes.
    $50,000.00 is the price to use his firm to make sure it all works out will go smooth at your building site.
    But as you say he is such a nice guy.
    Also where is the list of donors you posted about ?

    1. Post

      In all the years I have covered Yonkers, no one has expressed what you are saying today. 22 years to learn the truth. Pathetic on your part. Well I have looked into many issues. I am not delusional, but your suggestion in this comment is in some respect correct. I will be writing about the reality as I know it. It is not a threat. I will only write about what I know. There are many things the Senator has done that must be recognized and applauded. Some may be recognized to not rise to that level. Before I have the opportunity to balance our reality from falsehood, let me leave you with a major fact, that your telling is on some or many levels correct. Lest you forget, while I have not, that his power and control is based on what he did on one hand, but do not forget that those with whom he is blamed have and may even to this day continue to dance together to which they are both corrupted by conduct that does not extol their respective integrity. It began years ago and there were many actors then, and many who were on the receiving end. They earned gobs of benefits, money, retirement benefits and overtime to which most Yonkersites have been aware. That is the biggest corruption because so many fell into the corruption to which many now express their disgust, much due to their envy and not telling it like it was and still remains on many level in the City of Hills. You’ll be reading about my findings within 2 weeks or so. It would be sooner, but doctors watch every step I make and I do as they say. If not, I would have died months ago. Kindly, Hezi

  6. As they say, “Only the strong survive!” The Spano(s) are a family clan with enough offsprings (and their children) to continue to dictate politics into perpetuity. With that, what’s the point in whining over “them that gots.” If you have the basic resources for survival in a City known for political impotency- move on, “Be Happy!” #inhale10commandments

    1. Post
      1. Nick makes all the decisions regarding the Democratic and Republican Parties. John Larken has been heard saying. ” I will need to see what Nick says.” Tom Maier has been heard to say, “Let me see what Nick thinks.” They weren’t talking about Nicholas Cage or Nick Jonas.

  7. Hezi if you only knew what I learned about Nicky from attorney journalist Richard Blassberg while exposing Jeanine Pirro’s countless wrongful convictions including former coworker NYPD PO Richard Diguglielmo as a retired NYPD detective with 35 years experience and two masters degrees you wouldn’t be here defending this twisted piece of garbage. Unfortunately he’s just a symptom of of the pathology that is the “Democratic People’s Republic of Yonkers.” As an old friend in the white plains FBI field office so eloquently stated “it’s not about finding the corrupt politician in Yonkers, it’s about finding one who isn’t corrupt!” Ask Nicky about “The Circle of Friends!”

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