2022 Subaru WRX Premium Review
By Driving Me Crazy Duo John and Laurie Wiles

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PINEHURST, NC — January 20, 2022 — Remember those Subaru WRX racing commercials from a few years ago? You know, the nifty little sedan drifting through the turns at a dirt or rally track. I do, too!!! I looked at some of those videos and then looked at the WRX Premium we are driving. And then I saw the most recent one on their website – https://www.subaru.com/2022-wrx. You have to check it out. Talk about getting your blood pumping.

What I saw in the 2022 WRX at first blush was mostly a very similar vehicle, at least to the unwashed or untrained like me. Subaru says WRX is the “latest most exciting chapter of the WRX legend starts now.” After my adrenalin shot up at the video, I wanted to know more.

First, let’s look at the power plant on this little speedster – a Double OverHead Cam, 4-cylinder, 2.4-liter turbocharged Boxer engine. What does that mean? According to JD Powers, the guru marketing research firm, “because of its low, flat shape, a Boxer engine sits lower in the vehicle, resulting in a lower center of gravity. In turn, this gives cars with boxer engines an inherent edge in lateral stability and decreased roll when hustling around corners, resulting in greater balance and predictable handling characteristics.”

2022 Subaru WRX Premium

I am not a race car driver, but I want that in my race car, actually in any car I drive – stability, balance and handling. Plus, the Boxer engine produces 271 HP with that 2.4L engine and, (yes, I let it out a little) and I was impressed. It will ‘jump’, and were I 35 again, I would want a car that ‘jumped’, if you get my meaning. It features a 105 in. wheel base, with a weight of 3320 lbs. – low, wide, fast, and powerful. Drop in a six-speed manual transmission and you can get 258 lbs. of foot torque that builds smoothly between gears at high speed (so they tell me) or low speed (this is Pinehurst after all). This particular six speed transmission has a name too, the Subaru Performance Transmission (SPT) because it offers faster up and down shifts. Cool.

Subaru also says the Dual-pinion electric power steering provides quicker response and improved steering feel. Well, what is Dual-pinion electric power steering? Dual Pinion EPS allows for the primary pinion to be optimized for vehicle dynamics and performance and a secondary pinion to be optimized for assist. It also provides additional design flexibility to locate the motor, controller and assist mechanism opposite the driver side of the vehicle; under the hood. I feel smarter, but there is more here than I can comprehend.

I can comprehend this, and like it too. Subaru claims that they have been at the forefront of safety for 50 years, and from that desire for safety they developed the Subaru Global Platform. What’s important about that, you ask? Me too. Answer – “The Subaru Global Platform has been engineered with three main objectives in mind: increasing straight-line stability, reducing noise and vibration, and boosting ride comfort. From great strength comes great security — this is why the super-strong Subaru Global Platform creates incredible levels of protection. Greater active safety is achieved through increased structural rigidity, improvements to the steering and suspension systems, and a lower center of gravity. All of these enhancements combine to create a more stable driving experience and greater accident-avoidance capabilities.” And where does Subaru apply this Global Platform? On all their vehicles. Thus the word “Global”. The applause you hear is mine.

The one feature that, unfortunately, seems to go along with low, i.e., close to the ground, wide, and small is ‘rough riding’. Again, at 35 I would have ignored the ride for the speed and handling. If you are 35 or younger, you probably will too. Not the smoothest ride I have ever had, but not the worst either. In this instance, your opinion will definitely matter – ride in it.

Here are some other standard features you might find intriguing: Active Torque Vectoring, Automatic Climate Control, Auto dimming rear view mirror, Dual USB input ports, dual USB charge ports, Multi-mode vehicle dynamics control with Track Mode, Cruise Control (never used it), Performance Designed front seats, LED Headlights with auto on and off based on windshield wiper operation, High Beam Assist, Incline Start Assist (love this), High Flow Performance Exhaust; Power doors, windows, mirrors and fuel door; Automatic Power Door Lock and Unlock, Rear Seat Reminder, Leather Steering Wheel, and more.

Because we had the WRX Premium, we also had things like: an 11.6” Multimedia Plus high-resolution touchscreen, on-screen controls for audio, smart phone integration, hands free phone, Sirius XM, HD Radio, and All-Weather package that had three mode, heated front seats, heated mirrors, and a windshield wiper de-icer (that worked, as we had ice). Our WRX premium also had Dual-Zone climate control with voice activation, Keyless Access and Push Button Start, Steering Responsive Headlights, LED Fog Lights, STARLINK Safety and Security, a Trunk Spoiler, Visor Illuminated Vanity Mirrors, and additional USB charge ports in the rear center console.

Powerful, racy, and cool, the WRX get 19 city and 26 highway for a combined 22 mpg.

Oh, and the price. Yes, saving the best for last here – the WRX starts at $27,495. Not a lot for you own Rally car.

Our WRX Premium was $30,245 and you can top out on a WRX STI at $37K. Given all that’s out there these days, and given the winning history of the WRX, there is an awful lot of racing in this four-door sedan.

Looking to move fast and look good doing it? Check out the Subaru WRX. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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John and Laurie Wiles2022 Subaru WRX Premium Review
By Driving Me Crazy Duo John and Laurie Wiles

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