Attorney General’s Abuse of the Power of Her Office
By Team Cuomo

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Former NYS Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James.

NEW YORK, NY — January 18, 2022 – Over the last several weeks more and more information has come out proving what we said all along: that Tish James abused the power of her office to railroad Governor Cuomo so that she herself could run for Governor.  While her failed campaign lasted only a few weeks, that does not change what her motivation was.

Tish James hid from the public that the first accuser witness tampered by threatening to ‘destroy his life’ if he didn’t back up her allegations.

Tish James lied to the public when she didn’t disclose that the second accuser had a history of colluding with others to make false allegations of sexual assault against a student when at Hamilton College.

Tish James falsely credited the allegation of a woman who made the outrageous claim that she was assaulted only to have the District Attorney dismiss the charges, concluding that ‘after reviewing the available evidence’ he ‘could not secure a conviction’.  

In fact, four District Attorneys have reviewed James’ bogus report and concluded what we said all along: the law was not broken and no crime was committed.

Rita Glavin held a press briefing last week on this and more — please take the time to watch for yourself here.

Tish James and Albany politicians abused their offices to do through politics what they couldn’t do at the ballot box: remove Governor Cuomo from office.  They thought New Yorkers were stupid — but we know better, and we will not give up fighting until the truth finally comes to light.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship,

Team Cuomo


SOURCE: Team Cuomo

TribuneAttorney General’s Abuse of the Power of Her Office
By Team Cuomo

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  1. Thank you for covering this and getting the truth out. This is an awful moment in history. Justice needs to prevail here. The truth needs to be out for Andrew Cuomo and his office. He was set up, ambushed, and forced out of office not by Democratic means but by a mob who had political aspirations for that they felt he stood in the way of. Also by some who had vendettas against him. New York voted him out, and a group of low life, incompetent, hateful liars removed him.

  2. Governor Cuomo please run for Governor in 2022. You are a tremendous leader.
    Also where is the Media Breaking News with the Truth to Catch the LIES ?

  3. this is a weak attempt to rehabilitate a disgraced former Governor. The attorney general put together a report that could not be undermined by Team Cuomo…I don’t see any reference to the female state Trooper who was assigned to protect Cuomo and who ended up having him run his hand all over her body….This was not a situation where one or two people made accusations….There were a continuing stream of similar allegations naming Cuomo as an abuser….He won’t be running for President and he will not be returning to the Governors mansion any time soon!

  4. I knew right from the beginning that this was a well planned political hit job . U don’t have someone be in public office for so many years and all of a sudden starts harassing women specially when he is running for office again . This is the injustice of the century.

    1. Political hit job you can’t be serious-it has been a long known fact that Cuomo was a ruthless, vindictive bully-the problem was that no politician had the political balls to call him out on his conduct-the cowards who represent Yonkers are among those no balls hacks, spineless, gutless political cowards,

  5. Yes, yes, yes Americans are so pleased the truth prevailed. We all knew individuals were up to no good huuray, huury.
    We Americans want SO MUCH for Gov. CUOMO To Run For PRESIDENT.

  6. Yes, yes, yes Americans are so pleased the truth prevailed. We all knew individuals were up to no good huuray, hurry.
    We Americans want SO MUCH for Gov. CUOMO To Run For PRESIDENT.

  7. New Yorker know that all a long they just want to tarnish the governor because of his policy he was making in the criminal justice system

  8. The media needs to pay attention to this. There’s only going to be more information favorable to Cuomo that’s going to be released..either through legal means or by James doing her job. Release the rest of the transcripts!

  9. 2 things can be true at the same time, in this case 3 …1. no NYers are not stupid we fully understand 2. the AG abused her power, she has a history of abusing her power … team Cuomo helped hide her abuse of power, and it bit them in the butt when she abused her power again to attack the governor who 3. Got away with murder …. And will not be held accountable for his bad decisions or poor behavior …. Mostly because of Albany abusing its power

    There are no victims here aside from the overly taxed people who can’t afford to leave this dumpster fire of a state or are tethered here longer than they want to be

  10. The AG and the nysa have humiliated New York State and all of its inhabitants with their lies; they’re nothing but an embarrassment to us all and they need to go.

  11. Like I said previously , Governor Andrew Coumo will always be my Governor!!! I hope you will come back stronger with your quest for any office in NEW YORK STATE… am right behind you Governor Cuomo!

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