Covid-19 Testing Kit Distribution By NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh – January 12th @ 2:30 pm at 35 East Grassy Sprain Road – Yonkers Residents Only

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TribuneCovid-19 Testing Kit Distribution By NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh – January 12th @ 2:30 pm at 35 East Grassy Sprain Road – Yonkers Residents Only

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    1. At the same location the Yonkers Assembly office has been at since time immemorial? Please, be serious. Everyone had equal access to the same information. I received notice from his newsletter and many of my neighbors received a robocall informing them of the availability of test kits. Waited 15 minutes tops. Thank you Nader.

    2. Hezi please speak to John Khader and his sister Lauren. Tell them to stop bashing and bad mouthing Nader on your site. It’s not his fault their brother Mike lost the City Council Race. Nader is a good man and likely the next Mayor of Yonkers. John Khader just go away…..

      1. I don’t talk to him. His friends and associates may wish to talk to him. He is not a child. He must make his own decision. — Kindly, Hezi

  1. Hezi, is it true that some Members of the City Council allegedly received an allotment of testing kits and didn’t distribute them to their constituents? Or that they were given boxes of kits from the Yonkers OEM which was supposed to go to residents directly. I’ve heard that some Councilmembers supposedly have boxes of the kits in their homes and are instead selectively giving them to their friends. If so, this is a tremendous dereliction of duty to their constituents. They should be ashamed of stockpiling these finite resources knowing that they have greater access to testing than the average Yonkers resident, especially with positivity rates where they are. It is a fundamental abdication of responsibility. Can you look into this for us?

    1. Under MayorMike Spano’s directive, the City of Yonkers has disbursed testing kits to City Councilmembers for distribution to their respective districts. Once the supply, which are disbursed to every councilmember in equal quantities per district are delivered, it is up to every councilmember to publicly advise their respective residents that they have a limited supply. What each district received the limited number of kits, it alles on them to disburse these test kits. Yonkers City Hall cannot police what is done with these test kits to the councilmembers. Whether the allegations/assertions of specific councilmember(s) have given such kits to their friends or not is an impossible task to learn as no one in their right mind would undermine the “credibility” if they have done the wrong thing. I would hope they would do the right thing. While hope emails alive in my mind, I am not so no naive that everyone will or does the right thing. I can only hope they would or will. Perhaps your question will make every councilmember think twice if they have not disbursed the kits among their constituents. Thanks for your inquiry. Kindly, Hezi.

      P.S. I wish Yonkers City Hall had sent out a notice that they disbursed a specific number of test kits to every district so that every Councilmember will be known to have received those kits and thereby, people would be able to ask their councilmember for such a kit. The public could still be duped, but City Hall cannot police distribution.

    2. If a person can steal money meant to buy turkeys for the homeless what`s a little box of testing kits going to do; GOOD OLD YONKERS. Right Lorraine Lopez?

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