Get Expert SEO Advice from a Seasoned Entrepreneur
By Kevin Miller

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GR0 co-founder and CEO Kevin Miller is more than a seasoned entrepreneur — he’s a hard worker who lives and breathes startup culture and works every day to help fellow underdogs. His top priority is to help pay his success forward, investing in and enabling small companies to grow and find the good fortune that he has.


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YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — January 6,2022 — When it comes to getting advice on any topic, you will want it to be from some of the best in the business.

We want to share with you some of the best advice for your digital marketing strategies, specifically SEO, from none other than Kevin Miller.

Founder of one of the leading SEO companies known as GR0, Miller is one of the most seasoned digital marketing professionals out there, having helped a range of people and businesses find success online, whether a start-up or an already established company.

Some of his accolades include studying business at Georgetown University and working for one of the most successful companies in the world—Google. From there, he became a director at companies like Spire and Opendoor.

Miller’s behind the scene knowledge on how search engines like Google work and what it takes for a company to stand out online makes him one of the best experts to get SEO advice from.

So whether you are looking to build a website or drive your brand’s presence online, we’ve been lucky enough to gather Miller’s top SEO advice that you can take into account for your online success.

Everything Miller recommends you do to optimize your SEO going into 2022.

1. Take the time to make a great website

Even if you have all the best SEO and digital marketing strategies out there to drive people to your website, you will never see the conversions you want if your actual website does not offer a quality user experience. Plus, many people forget that your actual website will also impact your SEO optimization. So there are a few things you want to ensure your website has to do just that. This includes having a sitemap, the ability to share your content that you post on your website, high-quality images that you have the rights to share and even engaging videos that are accessible to view on any mobile device. And of course, take the time to make your website clear, clean and easy to navigate.

2. Show your expert voice

People want to be directed to sources of information that are experts on a specific topic. So do not shy away from showing off just how much you know about relevant topics to your brand. This means that you can take the time in an SEO blog post or on your website to showcase the knowledge you have of the industry or topics that pertain to your industry, rather than just trying to give the hard sell of your products themselves.

3. Placement of keywords matter

It is not just what type of keywords you use that matters, but also where you use them that equally matters. In general, you will want your SEO keywords to be placed on content pages that you will want to show up in SEO rankings. As a general rule of thumb, make sure that your keywords show up in your page’s title tag, website URL, and within the first 100 words of your written content. Again, consistency is vital when it comes to optimizing your keywords.

4. Research suggested words

So how do you know what keywords to use? Well, there is an easy DIY hack that you can try yourself. You can search in places like Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, and Bing to find out what good keyword phrases might be that are associated with your target. For example, if you want to find good keyword phrases for your public speaking class, simply go to all these different search engine options, type in “public speaking,” and see the most popular searches associated with that term. Of course, another great way to make sure you nail your keywords down is to team up with SEO professionals who can do this all for you with delivered results.

5. Study your competition

As with anything in life, you can learn from your competitors. See how those in your industry are talking to audiences online, audit their websites and social media platforms, read their blog posts and see where you can get a one-up leg on them. You will want to make some goals for yourself within your industry that means you show up at the top of the google searches when someone is searching for something that is related to your product or industry. The more you understand your competition, the easier it will be for you to fight your way to the top.

These are just a few ways that the best in the business recommend optimizing your SEO success.


TribuneGet Expert SEO Advice from a Seasoned Entrepreneur
By Kevin Miller

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