John Bailey, White Plains CitizeNetReporter Publisher/Editor, Michael Edelman, Esq., National Political Analyst / Pundit, Ron Matten, Yonkers Politician, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor on Westchester On the Level-Monday, January 17, 2022 from 10am-12Noon EST

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PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL, WHITE PLAINS, NY, and YONKERS, NY — January 17, 2022 — We open today’s Westchester On the Level Blog Talk Radio broadcast with John Bailey, Publisher /Editor of the White Plains CitizeNetReporter. 

  1. The Greenburgh Town Board studied the space heater fatality / faulty self-closing doors tragedy with the Greenburgh Deputy Inspector Bob Dam. Greenburgh plans to sponsor a community educational initiative on Zoom addressing residents and property managers to discuss action steps we can all take to make sure The Bronx tragedy does not ever happen in Greenburgh. Date and time of such a meeting to be announced. Building Inspector Bob Dam said, “The town, by law, follows New York State fire code requirements. However, it often surpasses them with even more restrictions. When the state required commercial spaces to have sprinklers on buildings with three or more floors, the town required it for all; we are also very strict about sprinklers”, Dam continued. “We require an alarm to sound when the sprinklers are flowing, so everyone would know when there’s a fire. The town regularly issues violations for sprinklers and alarms that aren’t up in compliance, which is expensive”. “There are self-closing fire doors required on any multi-family building outside each apartment and for the general stairs. To check to see if your door is functioning properly, open it and let it go. Does it close automatically? If there were a fire inside an apartment, these doors prevent it from spreading to other apartments. If it doesn’t close, contact the building inspector or your building owner to get it fixed. It’s not expensive to get a self-closer if needed.

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  1. We review the statistics with respect to the Covid-19 infection rate and whether this past week’s 10 percent reduction of newly infected is the hoped for diminution of Omicron. This segment from 10-10:30am.



Michael Edelman, Esq., National Political Analyst and Pundit shares his analysis on the following issues, among possibly other concerns from 10:30-11am.

  1. In a CBS News poll released on Sunday half the respondents said they were frustrated with Joe Biden’s presidency. When asked respondents were asked how Biden’s presidency made them feel, half said they were “frustrated” and “disappointed.” Additionally, 40 percent said his presidency made them feel “nervous,” while a quarter of respondents said it made them feel “calm” and “satisfied.”
  2. San Francisco’s KCBS Radio reported that as hotels and restaurants struggle with ongoing staffing shortages, some are turning to non-human help. A new robot named “Wall-E” is making the room service rounds at the Radisson Hotel in Sunnyvale, CA. The future has arrived; this will likely be a major disruptor to hospitality and restaurant staff. What are the ramifications to workers and its impact on people who will lose employment.
  3. Donald Trump held a rally in Arizona on Saturday in  which he admonished anyone who dares to question his lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, including Arizona’s (Republican) Governor Doug Ducey. South Dakotan (Republic) Senator Mike Rounds acknowledged the reality that the election was in fact fair. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell agreed informing the party they needed to tell voters the truth about the 2020 campaign. Republican voices asserting Trump is a “loser” are being heard more than ever. What takeaway can be drawn from the pushback Trump is suffering? And is the conjectured prospect of Hillary Clinton challenging President Biden credible or simply a hope by some albeit not for others?10:30-11am EST.


Ron Matten, Yonkers Politician, speaks about fire safety standards with respect to The Bronx fire tragedy. We inquire if there are different standards in New York City as opposed to Yonkers. If so, what is the rationale, and who is ultimately responsible? Is it the tenant, the superintendent, the landlord, the fire inspectors, or another responsible body? Who is responsible for the tragedy that transpired in The Bronx? Will the landlord, superintendent, or the family that operated a faulty heater be face criminal charges? if not, why not? If no one, can one construe that rules, standards, inspection oversight, responsibility, laws with respect to landlords, superintendents, fire inspectors are meaningless but only “look good? 11-11:30am EST.

Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor speaks to hyperlocal, county, state, and  international news /concerns with commensurate analysis. 11:30am-12Noon EST.

eHeziJohn Bailey, White Plains CitizeNetReporter Publisher/Editor, Michael Edelman, Esq., National Political Analyst / Pundit, Ron Matten, Yonkers Politician, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor on Westchester On the Level-Monday, January 17, 2022 from 10am-12Noon EST

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