Mount Vernon Mayor Shawn Patterson Howard Extolled By Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for the Obvious Albeit Too Often Overlooked Heavy Lifting Required By Every Mayor of Every Municipality in the Nation
By Hezi Aris

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Recognition That Is Obvious, Pithy, Though Rarely Noted Hezitorial

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard

WASHINGTON, D.C. — January 20, 2022 — While the task in reducing gun violence continues to demand attention; government, employment opportunity, education, among other deficiencies have languished while police and community innovations have for too long been dismissed. The multi-faceted tapestry that to some extent had been infused with and informed by houses of worship have languished precipitously over at least two generations. The ethical standards the good book(s) espoused where hailed, albeit for some, and not among others. The process robbed us all of the humanity and respect for which we beseeched the Lord while extolling his name. While many knew in their heart and mind that we were heard by the Almighty, our brethren forgot how to interact with respect and integrity with one another.

The diminishing ethical standards to which we may have adhered now lay on a forgotten scrap heap. Even if we yearned for those days, those among whom we walked in our respective communities had forgotten how to feed one another. And we have predominately fallen into social squalor and seem incapable of getting back on our feet. The sustenance to thrive is not always found or easily acquired. 

We shuffle through life no longer recognizing each other, not even knowing the resident who has lived as a neighbor besides us for some 30 years. We don’t know their name, nor their children. People who are employed rush to their “salt mine” and return without even a “hello” much less a smile.

Adding insult to injury, Covid-19 in its complexity, its multitude of aberrations and variants, each challenging in a different fashion, eclipsing the capacity of science to outmaneuver the pandemic, has divided and diminished us. Politics has eclipsed science, civility has been usurped by the lack thereof, compassion has languished by vacuous terms and phrases.

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The obvious has long been recognized. It is however presently murky and unclear. 

The remedy is not as simple as attending one’s house of worship, nor becoming re-acquainted with one’s neighbor.    

We hope our leaders will lead us to the Promised Land, whether it be Chicago, Mount Vernon, or wherever you live. Alas, if only they could. They try often enough. We watch from the sidelines as they fail. We recognize when they get back on their feet. They are driven to serve the public interest, yet we often laugh at their failures, not extending a hand to help in their effort. 

Each of us have something to offer our “community”, however we define ourselves or by those who define us. The bell tolls for us to be engaged. We each have something to offer. It may be volunteering to oversee kids in a safe environment while their parent, parents, or grandparents cannot. We can volunteer at a senior center to feed the elders who once fed us. This is not a want, it is a demand to which we are each responsible. They sustained us and we must now sustain them. 

While government seems powerful, too often it is incapable of deciphering the multitude of wants and needs because residents awaits deliverance from the helm preferring to watch failure as opposed to assisting in accomplishment. Those who govern require the support of the governed throughout the term of office, not just at the ballot box. 

Perhaps attending a meeting once a month so as to inform the mayor of an issue that is languishing due to a lack of attention is more necessary than chuckling at failure of one sort or another. Whether the community is wealthy or not, engagement is the underpinning of the society that defines our personal definition of ourselves, our elders, and our progeny. It does after all take a “village”.

The want is for the mayor to do the heavy lifting, but she needs you and you need her. Her political acumen and faith is embellished by your partnering with her, with the newly elected Mount Vernon City Council membership, and the newly ensconced Mount Vernon Comptroller.

It is unfathomable that Mount Vernonites have not recognized that very few people of power chose to come to Mount Vernon’s assistance for many years. It was as if Mount Vernon was ill and no one wanted to become infected. 

Times have changed, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has recognized Mount Vernon with financial help, Westchester County Executive George Latimer has also lent a hand. Mount Vernon Fire Fighters still keep Mount Vernon safe despite old equipment, leaky roofs, dilapidated fire houses, threadbare tires, among other concerns known and those not yet divulged. The Mount Vernon Police Department often sat the entire day in one spot because they did not have the means to pay for gasoline to fill the gas tanks. Mayor Shawyn Patterson Howard dug into her campaign finance account to pay for food to feed seniors at the Dole Center. She paid out from that same account to pay for gasoline so the Mount Vernon Police Department could patrol the city. She paid the rent for a new facility for the Mount Vernon Fire Department so they could park their trucks and have a facility to rest and sleep on the days they were working.

Involvement will create ownership of direction and accomplishment so that each involved Mount Vernonite can be proud of their contribution to a city striving for more. It will work if everyone lends a hand and also appreciates what is accomplished on their behalf and speak up when failings are deleterious and undermine city government. 

You can learn about the tenets and focus of the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ issues and agenda via the following hyperlink highlighted in light blue.

eHeziMount Vernon Mayor Shawn Patterson Howard Extolled By Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for the Obvious Albeit Too Often Overlooked Heavy Lifting Required By Every Mayor of Every Municipality in the Nation
By Hezi Aris

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  1. As if Shawyn Patterson Howard’s job isn’t hard enough. Now she receives an endorsement from the person who is, without dispute, the worst mayor in America.

    1. Post

      Chicago Mayor Lightfoot may or may not be as you depicted her. What was not mentioned in the article, and which I had not learned of until after writing the Hezitorial was that Mayor Lightfoot extolled the Mount Vernon mayor for being forthright, intuitive, informed, intellectual, balanced, calm, and engaged. She extolled her for her insight and informed those in attendance that while Chicago may be larger in population and land mass than Mount Vernon, governance requires the insight, understanding, demeanor and love the Mount Vernon Mayor brings to the office. For that alone, I suggest Mayor Lightfoot is not as you define her. Mayor Lightfoot’s praise of Mayor Patterson-Howard is appropriate and to which I concur. The Hezitorial is a wake up call beseeching Mount Vernon to support her governance so the city can climb to greater heights. Kindly, Hezi

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