Westchester Department of Health’s Adoption of the NYSDOH’s New Guidelines
By Bronxville Superintendent of Schools Roy R. Montesano, Ed.D.

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Village of Bronxville Superintendent of Schools Roy R. Montesano Ed.D.

BRONXVILLE, NY — January 12, 2022 — I hope this letter finds you and your families well. There have been a few changes to the COVID-19 guidelines based on Westchester Department of Health’s adoption of the NYSDOH new guidelines. There are two specific changes I will outline below. Although NYSDOH made other changes, our local DOH is reviewing them and we await further word as to whether Westchester will adopt those changes, too.

The first change relates to close contacts. Any student or staff member who is not vaccinated or has not completed the series of two shots (less than 14 days from their second shot), and is a close contact, only needs to be quarantined for 5 days. Day 0 is the day of the exposure/contact with the positive person. If the close contact is asymptomatic on Day 6, they can return to school.

The second change relates to positive cases. Any positive student case, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to isolate for 5 days. If symptoms persist, further isolation will be required; otherwise the positive student may return to school after the 5 day isolation period. Day 0 is the day of the first symptom or the day the test was taken. If asymptomatic students develop symptoms after testing positive, the 5-day isolation period starts over.

For both scenarios; a shortened quarantine period for a close contact or a shortened isolation period for positive cases, you must be in touch with the Health Office or Principal prior to your child returning to school. As you can appreciate, the school must clear the students to come back following a shortened quarantine and/or isolation period.

We are awaiting further guidance from our local Health Department regarding contact tracing and any possible implications for co-curricular activities. We will communicate with you if there are any further changes to the guidelines. Our shared goals remain unchanged: (1) ensuring the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff, and (2) ensuring students attend school for in-person learning every day.

I want to take this opportunity again to thank you for your patience, due diligence and cooperation as we continue to navigate these uncharted waters and changes in COVID-19 protocols based on Westchester Department of Health guidelines.

Kind Regards,

Roy R. Montesano Ed.D.


TribuneWestchester Department of Health’s Adoption of the NYSDOH’s New Guidelines
By Bronxville Superintendent of Schools Roy R. Montesano, Ed.D.

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