Yonkers City Council Re-organization Meeting of January 2022
By Councilmember Corazon Pineda-Isaac

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Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Corazón Pineda-Isaac (D-2nd District) and Legislation & Codes Committee Member.

YONKERS, NY — I would like to start by wishing a Happy New Year to my colleagues on the council. It is a new day on the Yonkers City Council and I offer a warm welcome to the new City Council President, Madam Council President, if I may add. Today we convene as a council to meet and re-organize as we do every two years and vote on the rules that govern this body. Included in our City Council rules are the big ticket items which are the choice for leadership & committee chairmanships.

Two years ago, I was voted in as Majority Leader and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and lead this council. During my term, we experienced a pandemic, transitioning to remote everything, a struggling small business environment, and lots of uncertainty regarding our city finances. At the same time, we pushed through those uncertainties, implemented creative initiatives to help our small business owners, shifted the way we taught our children and along the way learned that we, here in Yonkers, can handle anything that is thrown our way.

The pandemic is not behind us but we move forward by taking past practices that have worked, learning from mistakes, and forging ahead to new beginnings.

I am excited to have four women of color on the council and look forward to the many successes we will have individually and collectively. I am excited about a democratic super majority and the power and responsibility that it yields. I look forward to a busy and constructive legislative session, working across the aisle while always staying true to the democratic values I hold dear.

Today, I will be voting “No” on the Rules put forth which includes Councilwoman Tasha Diaz as Majority Leader and Councilman John Rubbo as Majority Whip.

I respect all the colleagues that I serve with but at this time, I have very strong reservations about Councilwoman Tasha Diaz serving as the Council Majority Leader. My time on the council and my interactions with Councilwoman Tasha Diaz have led me to the firm and strong conclusion that she does not possess the skills and temperament needed to lead this council. She also has not shown the leadership ability to push the democratic agenda forward having voted against the affordable housing ordinance.

I respect the will of the council and will respect the choice made by this body today, but I wanted to share the reason why I am voting “No” today.

I struggle with both members who voted against the affordable housing ordinance now holding leadership roles, which aims to guide the Democratic caucus. My hope for the good of this council and the city is that they quickly grow into that role.

As I step into my 9th year on the Yonkers City Council, I am excited to continue to serve, to prioritize revisiting and passing a more expansive affordable housing ordinance, to continue to work on police reform and reintroducing the creation of a Civilian Complaint Review Board, to dig deep and provide more resources to our Yonkers public students, to protect tenants from predatory landlords, revamp our buildings department and push through progressive agendas that help the people of the City of Yonkers. The work does not stop because of a title change and I am eager and excited to continue the work I was elected to do.

Knowing how the vote will be cast I still offer congratulations to my colleagues and look forward on pushing through the Democratic agenda that best serves the city of Yonkers.

Happy New Year and let’s make it count!

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Councilmember Corazon Pineda-Isaac represents the constitutes who reside in Yonkers Council District 2.

TribuneYonkers City Council Re-organization Meeting of January 2022
By Councilmember Corazon Pineda-Isaac

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  1. The irony is that idiot Tasha ABSTAINED at her first reorganizational meeting when she took office two nightmarishly long years ago.

  2. Tasha Diaz as majority leader is a cleaver ploy and plays into Ms. Diaz’s ego and insecurity. The Spano coalition of Rubbo, Collins-Bellamy, and Breen have scored another ally. The Spano coalition has a majority. There are no Democrats or Republicans in City Hall, only shelf serving sycophants.
    When 10% of Yonkers votes, the self serving politicians win.

  3. This city council truly embodies dumb and dumber. You have two stupid Republicans, one of whose votes was needed to give one of the three stupid Democrats, a needed vote for majority leader. So the dumbest of them all, Tasha, is selected, and the Republicans walk away with the most benign committee chair positions. You gotta love it. Can someone check to see if she ever adjusted her income so that it can be reflected in the rent she pays in her subsidized housing?

  4. In fairness the second district councilwoman is no Einstein and shouldn’t down an opponent and be a sore loser . Here’s a woman who represents an impoverished district and she has a patronage job with Westchester County. (Double Dipping) These people have no shame and affluent communities in Nassau and Westchester look down on the city of Yonkers.

  5. Tasha Diaz will have a challenge in two years. ( The past election cycle was her mid-term.) Many in the third district from the hill don’t know who she is. During her tenure in North Yonkers quality of life has gone down. People are constantly running the stops signs even near the Fourth Police Precinct. This is the new norm and doubt she’s had a quorum on this serious issue with the Police Commander and Commissioner Mueller. I called her office and my call was not returned. A community organizer and today she’s a big shot.

    1. Lakisha is a fulltime employee at HMACY, which is independent of Yonkers City government. She is now a part time elected employee for the City of Yonkers . It is likely her HMACY salary come in whole or in part from federal dollars. Her COY employee comes from City dollars.
      If her HMACY salary is fully provided from federal dollars, she was ineligible to run for office, according to the Hatch Act.

      1. I thought the City Council President position was full time, thereby justifying the significantly higher salary as compared to the part-time Council positions and salaries. Need validation on this point!

        1. They are all part time positions, but with “full” time salaries. They even vote for their own pay increases. No conflicts here, just like Adams hiring his brother in NYC, nothing to see here folks, move on. LOLOLOLOL

        2. All council positions are part time. Council President has more responsibility but still part time job and part time salary. That’s why it’s only $80,000 a year.

  6. Lakisha is in the pocket of the mayor. Tasha is the mayor’s choice for majority leader.

    Collins-Bellamy, Breen and Rubbo are the mayor’s collation. They will work off the desires of the remaining 4 in order to move the mayor’s agenda. In this case, they got Merante on board. Next time, it may be Williams.

  7. Chairman Meier attempted to record the reorganization meeting on zoom but Lakisha objected. If you are not doing anything wrong than why question the recording , Chairman Meier then turned off the recording. Lakisha went back on her word when she decided a majority of DEMOCRATS would decide who would be majority leader. Shame on you Lakisha

    1. Defeat happens when things are done fair & square. This is not the case. This was all planned and steered by the powers that be.

      So nobody is not going to question how and why Diaz and Rubbo are now “running the show”. ??? It’s was all a plan designed by Spano.

      1. Please explain what is not fair and Square?? Each member voted and explained their vote and said vote was made known to the public. If the public disagrees then they will be voted out. As far as “the powers that be”, do you think Mayor Spano was hiding in the grassy knoll too? Lol

        1. Ummmmm… fair and square in that there was no behind the scene pulling of the puppet strings by the mayor. You REALLY don’t believe this was a clean vote? If you do I have a few bridges to sell you.

          If I were on that bench I would have never ever in a million years vote for Tasha Diaz as majority leader. Have you seen how unprofessional, uneducated and ghetto (fabulous) she is? Can’t speak properly nor respectfully to her CC colleagues. Where’s the professionalism? Maybe the mayor can invest a little money and bring someone in to polish her up. It’s the least he can do!!!!

          Aside from this the real question is what has Tasha Diaz done to “win” this title? I would like to see a resume of her previous work.

          Lastly, every single person on that council sucks! It’s an embarrassment.

  8. A real Majority Leader is elected within its respective Party. Being elected by 3 Republicans out of 5 votes is a travesty of Democratic principles.

    1. That’s because the democrats couldn’t pick a leader amongst themselves. None of them would support Pineda, none would support Shanae and Tasha had Rubbo and Lakisha. You need to get to 4, it’s not brain surgery.

      1. It’s apparently brain surgery to you. Please be accurate. The entire premise of your comment is not correct. Tasha received more Democratic votes than Corazon. Learn to be graceful in defeat. It builds character!

        1. Counting Rubbo as a Democrat must be that new math. The ink is still wet on his party registration paperwork and you’re championing him as a legitimate Tasha believer. You can’t be that naive. Ok, you can be.

        1. That’s not accurate at all. Shanae could not get the requisite number of votes to be declared Leader. She was found to be immature and deceitful and lost any support she might have had.

          1. Shanae is a far better contender than Tasha for Majority Leadership . Likewise, with Corazon.

            Why would the CC vote a junior person, inexperienced, unqualified person to be Majority Leader??? Wonder how she even got her Council seat?

            And Merante, Rubbo and Breen endorse Trasha? Lol! Puppet masters at work. So disgusting what is happening in Yonkers.

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