Yonkers Police Involved Shooting Under Investigations – AVOID 52 Main Street Area

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The Blue Truth

Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor Hezi Aris

The Waterfront Hezitorial

YONKERS, NY — Yonkers Police Officer Christopher Dellacamera suffered an undisclosed injury when he was engaged in an undescribed and undefined altercation with Yonkersite Lamar Jackson in the vicinity of 52 Main Street. YPD backup arrived to assist P.O. Dellacamera. Apparently shots were fired and the suspect, Lamar Jackson suffered a gun shot injury. P.O. Dellacamera was not injured but was rushed for medical attention to Jacobi Medical Center in The Bronx. No information is known to the Yonkers Tribune with respect to the wounded Lamar Jackson.

The Yonkers Tribune is awaiting more information from the Yonkers Police Department.

What is most evident is that the Yonkers Waterfront, the magnet and jewel of the City of Yonkers has not earned the attention demanded of the Yonkers Police Department for the housing developments already planned, those anticipated, and most importantly, the recently opened Lions Gate movie studios. The Yonkers Police Department must re-evaluate how to step up its game plan to protect residents, visitors, and businesses.

Updates: As we are notified by the Yonkers Police Department

TribuneYonkers Police Involved Shooting Under Investigations – AVOID 52 Main Street Area

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  1. What do you expect? None of the urban, criminal, density issues have been solved…not from the day’s of Amicone forward. Not by the planning board and most certainly not by the selective zoning board.
    I raised all this years ago as Board member of the BID under the “leadership” of Sansone.
    If you want a city- you need folks who actually care….
    Godspeed to the YPD officer
    Steven M. Asaro, Architect

  2. I came of age in the late 1970’s and early 80’s growing up on the Hill AKA North Yonkers and knew both Keith Olsen and Commissioner Mueller. Although we didn’t run in the same circles I always considered them good , decent people. They’ve achieved so much and exemplify the best of the Yonkers Finest. I’m certain that their families are so proud.

    1. If he does , it is because of people like Keith Olson who took a knee for BLM and supported most of all the candidates currently representing Yonkers in Albany .
      So pray for all the cops in the State especially those that were killed because of Bail reform.

    2. If he does it is because of failed leaders like the Yonkers PBA Union boss Keith Olson who took a knee with BLM.
      Wondering if other PBA officials took a knee with the BLM movement?

  3. The waterfront hasn’t “earned the attention” of the YPD? What the hell is that supposed to mean? The Yonkers Police Department, just like every law enforcement agency across the country, has been totally emasculated. Let cops do their jobs, and they will do them.

    1. Yeah, then get rid of the two liars in the City. John the Joker Mueller and Fat rat Keith Olson, who spend more of the memberships money getting what they want than more cops. What a joke that this man eating rat so-call Union boss got another uncontested term.

  4. And as our Yonkers Police are out there every day risking their lives and protecting the residents of Yonkers they have had NO RAISE OR CONTRACT for almost THREE YEARS.

    It’s way past time for Mayor Spano to sit down with the PBA and negotiate a new contract and some cost of living increases for our brave Police Officers.

    And the same goes for our Firefighters, DPW Teamsters and other civil service workers in Yonkers who have also worked without a raise or contract for THREE YEARS and in some cases FOUR YEARS.

    Get it done Mayor and get it done soon.

    1. Whether they were or not s not known to me. My report is validated and credible. I do not believe whatever Lions Gate may have been involved with had anything to do with what was reported. Kindly, Hezi

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