Yonkers Public School (YPS) District Resuscitates Failed Remote Learning Experience for Students and Teaching Staff Alike

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The “I Accuse” Hezitorial Revealing the Misconduct of the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees and Yonkers Public Schools District Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada 

Bronxville Tribune / Greenburgh Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Ossining Tribune / Westchester Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Yorktown Tribune Publisher / Editor and Westchester On the Level Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — January 1, 2021 — The chill of winter blows through the corridors of the disparate Yonkers Public School District due to a lack of planning that is evidently commensurate with and attributable to the deficient leadership and failed planning by none other than Yonkers Public School District Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada whose lofty title is tarnished by his evident incompetence. The schools were not disinfected as they had to have been. And not all students were able to afford a new laptop. Some students did get one at no cost to them last year but many students did not return the ones they were given at no cost to them, and could not validate that the equipment they at one time had was stolen or broken as police reports are non-existent.

The schools were not disinfected as they had to have been. Not all students were able to afford a laptop, whether a Chromebook or laptop. Teaching staff and students, whether vaccinated or not, have fallen ill to Covid-19, the Delta variant, or the more infectious Omicron variant.

The YPS District announced its calamitous predicament without explaining or much less owning up to its failed efforts to proficiently plan for student’s and teaching staff returning to their respective classrooms after the winter recess. The lack of preparedness was not divulged to the third largest city in New York State. Instead, some media outlets beyond the boundary lines of the City of Yonkers were informed that the YPS District would not open for the week beginning January 3rd. Their lack of planning is such that they would not advise anyone when and/or if they intended to be prepared to accept teaching staff, and ancillary workers, as well as the student population at their respective schools. 

As is unfortunately too often the case, Yonkers lack of planning and lack of foresight will not earn the deserved wrath of grandparents, parents, their children, teachers, and the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees who are demanded to oversee the conduct of everyone, including YPS District Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada. The City of Yonkers has been lulled into complacency by the monotonously redundant failing of the Yonkers Public School District to its shame, and to its disinterest and deficient capacity in meeting the challenges met with alacrity by other districts to the residents of the City of Yonkers utter silent disgust, fearing retribution, should they give expression to the reality they and their children, and the teaching and ancillary staff suffer!

Which begs the questions as to why the Yonkers Board of Education’s collective incompetence is met with higher salaries, laudatory praise of their incompetence, while the student body is coerced into a wanting environment to which their individual and collective capacity to excel in academia is undermined by the Yonkers Public School District and the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustee’s disinterest.

According to the district, a “significant increase in positive COVID-19 cases” prompted the decision to revert back to remote learning from Monday, January 3rd to Friday, January 7th, 2022.

There are many reading this Hezitorial who may not be aware that many students have not learned how to use whatever computer, laptop, Chromebook they possess. Some parents/guardians know they too are not fully versed in how to use the technology.

Even teaching staff has not learned best practice modalities to best connect with students when engaging remote learning. 

The YPS District informed that free rapid tests will be available to staff and students on Sunday, January 2nd, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at select schools, yet as is typical of the messaging, it is lazy, because it does not specify what schools will have the rapid tests and those that will not. Since the student population is said to be about 23,000 presently, diminished by 3,000 to 4,000 students in the last two years, who have entered private, religious, even special schools, the school district does still not have a sufficient number of test kits available to test the entire student body, the teaching staff, nurses, custodians, principals, kitchen help, etc. And for inquiring minds, even though this editor is unaware of how many are teaching and ancillary staff, there are insufficient rapid tests available for testing of all who need to be tested in order to re-open the school district. For those who could not get tested due to a lack of available tests, when will they be able to return to their respective classroom(s)? When will the test kits become available? Will students, teachers, and ancillary staff return by the end of January? Perhaps February or will it be March 2022? When Dr. Quezada? Upon reflection, this is a pointless question because Dr. Quezada has no answer and he has also not sought one. Had he done so, the press notices he send to communities situated beyond Yonkers borders would have an answer, but they do not, because he does not.

Lest it escape some reader’s sensibilities, the YPS District was fully aware that the schools were not disinfected. They were also aware of how many teaching staff and ancillary staff were infected and/or recuperating from Covid-19, no matter the variant.

The takeaway with respect to the Yonkers Public School continues to be equivocation, lacking lucidity because the messaging is intended to be obtuse, ambiguous, meant only to mislead. 

Yonkers Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada messaging is redundantly obtuse and non-committal. In a pre-Christmas message, he warned that remote learning would be a possibility if conditions worsened, but he DID NOT PLAN for worsening conditions that were known to evolve on a deleterious course the Omicron Covid-19 variant’s infectiousness doubled the number of patients who succumbed to its ability to cause infection in greater numbers than the Delta variant had.

The takeaway is simple, glaring, and unacceptable: Dr. Quezada is drowning in his own incompetence and disinterest, as is the overseeing body known as the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees, who are nothing more than pandering sycophants who garner plaudits ill earned by their lack of leadership as they meander along unperturbed by their collective ignorance.

The only issue now is when will Yonkersites say, “Enough!” When will Yonkers City Hall end  this failed and monotonous saga that undermines Yonkers’ prospects, its residents, and its children?   

eHeziYonkers Public School (YPS) District Resuscitates Failed Remote Learning Experience for Students and Teaching Staff Alike

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    1. Awwww how cute is this Ruth and the tree huggers alliance stopped working overtime at the cheese store to make up for her loss in salary. I loved seeing Nolan sweep her racist ass out of our city. It is time for the rest of the out of touch snowflakes to leave!

    1. Not all teachers can work from home “easily”. Some teachers , believe it or not, have their own children too.

      Take the snow day and spend some quality time with your children. One day is not going to make a dent in their education.

      1. It’s the fact that Yonkers only gives 2 snow days for the year , then you start Clinton your “family time” for vacations and end of the year. The system was set up last year for remote, use it what it’s ment for. He says he’s looking out for the safety of the kids and staff but keeps hurting the staff by having them in those dirty buildings that are not cleaned anymore.

  1. Guess this explains how James Nolan was available during the day when he should have been cleaning the school building that he was assigned to.

  2. Responsibly for Dr. ‘Q’s failures fall directly on the Board of trustees, in p articulate Rev(?) Lopez and Council President Bellamy. They pushed to renew his contract early.

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