Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s Message to His New Constituents in NY-16

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Congressman Jamaal Bowman (Dem.)- U.S. Congressional District 16.

YONKERS, NY —February 5, 2022 — Earlier this week, the New York Legislature approved new congressional maps. In response, Congressman Jamaal Bowman (NY-16) released this statement:

“I am excited to welcome White Plains, Harrison, Bedford, Purchase, Armonk, Bedford Hills, Yorktown Heights, Putnam County, and parts of Katonah to New York’s 16th Congressional District.

“I am eager to meet all of your families and I’m excited to get to know more about the history and needs of these towns. I welcome all of my new constituents to share with me the historic places to visit, the best parks to walk to, and some good places to eat (I love all kinds of food!). And of course, let me know what the greatest needs of your communities are so my team and I can get to work!

“I also wanted to take a minute to thank the people of Riverdale, Rye, Ardsley, Larchmont/Mamaroneck, and parts of New Rochelle that I will no longer be representing. I am saddened that I will no longer serve as your representative, especially since we were off to such a strong start and poised to do incredible work together, but I look forward to supporting your new representative with their transition and will always be a resource when needed — especially for our kids.

“Lastly, I am incredibly excited to continue representing the northeast part of the Bronx including Co-op City, Wakefield, Eastchester, Williamsbridge, Edenwald, and Baychester, as well as southern Westchester, including Yonkers, Mount Vernon, most of New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Bronxville, Eastchester, Tuckahoe, and Hastings on the Hudson. Let us continue to work together for equity and justice by fighting against inequality, creating jobs and building careers, pushing for action on climate change, and addressing the housing crisis and the need for affordable universal healthcare through a human rights lens. Most importantly, let us absolutely always ensure our kids are healthy and thriving.

“Let us continue to make NY-16 a model of relentless compassion and a place that delivers results for families and our kids. Let us celebrate our beautiful diversity and uplift each other in community and love. I am ready to represent all of you and I am humbled to be on this journey with you.”

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Congressman Jamaal Bowman was an educator and advocate for public schools for over 20 years and previously served as principal for the Cornerstone Academy for Social Action (CASA), a public middle school he founded in 2009 in the Baychester neighborhood of The Bronx. Rep. Bowman is a life-long New Yorker who lives in Yonkers with his wife and children.

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TribuneRep. Jamaal Bowman’s Message to His New Constituents in NY-16

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  1. I care for neither of these two. The moderate democrat though is the lesser of evils when compared to a marxist. The mayor did do alot of pandering for the woke mob with the BLM mural shenanigans. Look where it got him today…..His ideology is not far enough left for the radicals. So the woke mob is out to get him too. This was a no win situation for the mayor when he went on the record and criticized a black congressman’s agenda. The blowback was always gonna be that it was racially motivated regardless if it were a republican or a democrat. The mayor should have never pandered as much as he did in the past, and hopefully he doesn’t compound matters by apologizing and cowering to the woke mob

  2. White supremacist organizations view Italians as no better than Blacks. They kind of come from the same part of the world, when you account for Moorish invasions. In many ways Italians had it worse than Blacks. Bowman owes Spano an apology.

  3. It is true that the African American vote is crucial in democratic party contested primaries. We’ve seen this play out locally when in ’89 then mayor Wascizko beat back a same party challenge with 70% of the vote captured. Recently a black female became Council President by turning out the above group of voters.(Defeating a badly wounded incumbent.) In closing the present Yonkers Mayor must realize we don’t arrest US Representatives who vote against bills in the United States. (The United States is a democracy.) This unfortunately occurs in Rogue regimes such as Red China, Iran.

    1. Blacks did not come out and vote in the primary. City workers as part of the friends and family network supported the mayor’s puppet Pinocchio Collins-Bellamy.

    1. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never obtained degrees. Mike Spano is in rarified company. A college degree doesn’t make you smart. Just ask James Nolan.

      1. To compare Mike Spano to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates is laughable. Let me guess. You suck off the spano tit? It’s ok. Those who can’t do, teach. And those who can’t teach, suck up to mike spano for jobs.

    2. “The latest CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll shows a 75 percent disapproval rating” I guess that might mean college graduates in congress have a large disapproval rating.

  4. Bowman is an empty suit Indivisible lackey. The white communists of Indivisible love their anti-semitic congressman. Bowman, O’Connor and Polverre should apologize for there anti-semitic rants against Israel and her supporters.

      1. Whether he is or not, I for one have not suggested he is. Is there a litmus test for anyone being a fascist? It depends on the perspective of those maligned. I do not believe in the discourse on this website he has been so accused. If he were, and I do not remember that, opinion is just that. Few people validate their perspective when espousing opinion. It would certainly be appropriate.Were people to validate their perspective/opinion everyone would either agree or disagree based on validation or lack thereof. Today,more people espouse their position while fewer and fewer validate their position. If we opinedand validated our perspectives we would more likely than no be able to come to a balance of ideas, conflicts, and yes, even accommodation on a better and more civil basis.The Hezitorial, I suggest showed that we must engage in conversation and speak to facts, and move beyond the days of pas bias and conduct, and move toward understanding, withought being blinded by truths that have nothing to do with color. Dredging the past of 157 years ago rather than working on building a better today and future requires engagement and discussion,conversation, challenge,and most importantly respect from the get go. I say, bring it on. Lest we forget,each of us have suffered to one extent or another. Pain is pain, marginalization and lack of recognition may be measured in degrees. Who is to judge the pain of one over the other? We are all in pain. It is high time we learned that now must be a new dawn.The longer it takes to fins accommodation derived with respect, the longer we will be in pain. Kindly, Hezi

  5. let’s talk about a Democratic primary pitted a three term mayor against a black incumbant congressman. Remember that in a Democratic primary there is a disproportionate number of black voters who can turn out to protect a challenge against a black incumbant particularly in the heavily minority areas that either remain in the new district as well as the newly annexed areas in Yonkers Mount Vernon and New Rochelle all of which are far more dense in terms of African American voters than some of the newly annexed areas of up county Westchester like Bedford, Armonk Purchase and Yorktown et al…It appears that this new 16th district was drawn to enable Mr. Bowman to remain in office eg Riverdale is out Mount Vernon is in. In an even number year turnout is boosted by the congressional races across the nation in which Republicans may have an advantage and which Democrats particularly Democrats of Color may be anxious to blunt. Finally if Mike Spano decides to run his number one issue is to portray himself as a moderate democrat which he certainly is, as contrasted with some of the more leftist positions Congressman Bowman has taken. Having said that dislodging an incumbant black democrat from his congressional seat considering the new district lines is a daunting taks

  6. Tom Meir and the Mayors blunder are standing in the way to a congressional run by Spano. Meir has run for office before and was defeated by Barbara Cola.

  7. The mayor’s remarks were racially insensitive. Two weeks post MLK’ Holiday/Remembrance day. The month President Ford enacted as one to remember African American who gave so much for civil rights. ( The hard fought struggle for equality. Emmets Till, JesseJackson ’84 and’88. Apologize no excuse that your confused.

  8. A s a non- supporter of Congressman Bowman I do believe the third term mayor’s remarks were in sensitive. This is another statement Gaffe by a long time politician who is not knowledgeable on the issues. To say a US Congressman should be arrested for voting against an infrastructure bill is appalling. We know Mike Spano was confused with another recent occurrence involving the representative. Moreover, think be prepared before you speak . You’re not new to the business for you are a career politician.

  9. Why is it that no one is allowed to say anything negative about a Black person without immediately being labeled as a racist? I wasn’t aware that every single Black person is perfect, particularly Black politicians. Is it possible that any and all criticisms, aren’t about race? Hey Jamal-stop being a coward by playing the race card every time someone says something about you that you don’t like. You wanted the job and you got it, so cut the BS already.

  10. Can you and Mimi please address the crime problem here in Westchester. Our stores are getting sacked by shoplifters and our cars are being stripped of parts nightly. Just look at what’s happening in White Plains Westchester Mall. What should be done with those arrested. We need to send a strong message.

    1. Sorry to the City Hall lackey posting this but Mike Spano’s candidacy ended the moment he decided to open his stupid mouth on WVOX. Nicky has to keep a tight leash on him or he might not secure the 4th term in his backup plan.

      1. Spano’s remarks may have been racially insensitive, but they weren’t racist. I don’t care for Spano much. He is a dim bulb, but he is still a better option than an ideologue like Bowman. We have communists like O’Connor and the Polverres, who are looking to destroy America from the inside. Bowman is their tool.

        1. I don’t like Bowman either, but it was racist. If you don’t believe it is, you’re a racist too. Goes to show that for all of your concerns about Spano and his poor governance, what matters most to you is grievance politics and maintaining a hierarchy of people in power who despite doing a poor job objectively, will always act in your mutual respective interest. For all of your outrage about supposed ideologues and communists, it is non-partisan and non-ideological corruption that is actually rotting Yonkers from the inside out. These people play both sides like a fiddle.

          Spano only cares about people of color so long as they can vote or get their friends and family to vote. It’s a requisite of many jobs in the Administration that you pay your dues in votes that you can deliver from core constituencies. People of color working in this Administration need to wake up and realize that they will never live in the East Yonkers homes the 2nd Floor occupies, or send their kids to private schools K-12 and to Villanova or Harvard like they do. There is a better way to build a government that works for all of us. Don’t sell your souls.

          1. My only wish for politics in 2022 is for white liberals like you to STOP defining what black people like me want,need, live, vote and think. I can live where I want, which is extremely comfortable. My kids attend private schools. Yes, this is because people like Bowman and Cousins don’t care about the kids, taxes and improving the infrastructure of Yonkers or the school districts. The only three issues I hear about are bail reform, voting rights and affordable housing. When the tax base eventually all move out how will they afford all these social programs that unfairly puts the burden on Yonkers while protecting all the limousine liberals in the wealthy surrounding towns?

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