Students, Parents, Teachers, and Elected Officials Beseech NYS Governor Kathy Hochul to Legislate That There Be No Further Need for Students to Wear Masks When Attending School
By Hezi Aris

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The “To Mask or Not Mask” Hezitorial 

The Yonkers Tribune Edition

Parents, Students, some elected officials demand “kids” be permitted to to have to wear masks when attending school classes. Photo By Hezi Aris, February 17, 2022.

YONKERS, NY —February 17, 2022 — An amalgam of students, supported by their parents, teachers, and elected officials gathered before the headquarters of the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. EST.  The YBoE structure situated at 1 Larkin Plaza is the official address of the Yonkers Riverfront Library and the YBoE.

It was evident that those gathered quietly abided by the expertise espoused by the Center for Disease Control. They did so for two years. During that time, the equivocation of the “experts” waned in some people’s minds and their individual patience because “best practice” was expressed with a sense of certainty, although the integrity of the directives vacillated between one concept and another. Over time, many would come to question the integrity of those who claimed knowledge and best practice.

Too many were disgruntled over what seemed to be a “guessing game” by those in the “know”! While the demeanor of many experts seemed infused with integrity of fact and knowledge on the one hand, certainty seemed to wane and change course too often. The demands of dual sensibility, facts, and politics created, lessened the trust among many adults. While medicine spoke with certainty, the spokespeople expected to espouse one perspective or another, changed with ever greater equivocation that trust held less and less integrity among a greater number of people.

The exasperation that was expressed at today’s demonstration questioned if it was safe to eat in restaurants without wearing a mask, why it was inappropriate to attend classes “unmasked”? 

When inoculations were made available at no cost, many chose not to be inoculated. Yet when teachers were asked to be inoculated, many chose not to do so. 

Whether one’s conduct for themselves and/or their children was appropriate or not, it seems those horses have departed the corral leaving only a dusty path in their wake. 

Frustration brought about today’s outcry. While the Center for Disease Control has yet to present its ever-changing perspective anew, followed by New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul’s signature not requiring teachers, students, and ancillary school staff to wear masks, many actors who one would expect to attend did not.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano express his support of having kids not being required to wear masks when attending school. Yet not even one member of the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees Members, nor Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada. At issue is why they did not attend the “rally”. They did not need to agree. They could have agreed if they thought it appropriate. Their individual and collective silence is appalling. Are they individually and/or collectively concerned that should their judgement be erred that they would be liable? Is that the basis for Governor Hochul yet to make her perspective known? 

While it seems that those students, teachers, and staff that were demanded to wear masks chafed when told that they must abide, it now seems that being permitted to not be masked will now offend those who believe they must have the right to wear masks.

Why did frustration by some in the past, and likely the frustration among those in fear of being infected if/when not wearing a mask into the future, not permit a Solomonic solution that permits both perspectives to flourish respectively within the classroom settings, among other venues? 

eHeziStudents, Parents, Teachers, and Elected Officials Beseech NYS Governor Kathy Hochul to Legislate That There Be No Further Need for Students to Wear Masks When Attending School
By Hezi Aris

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  1. you know what is truly amazing..the amount of misinformation that people have been fed about the spread of the virus….the amount of money that has been made by Fox news in perpetuating the false information about public health policy that should not be political but is because Donald Trump was told by Jared Kushner that the Federal Government should wash its hands of responsibility for dealing with Covid and to allow each state to make its own decisions ..that way if the states messed up Trump would not be blamed…At the time Kushner made this recommendation the “blue states” were be disproportionately affected so he thought that politically there would be no downside…Of course like everything else Kushner was involved in that advice was dead wrong…And the result is that the recognized anti viral anti spread effects of mask wearing was something that some Governors of red states rejected..As the virus spread around the nation , not wearing a mask became a political statement of liberty and freedom when in fact it was a misguided and thoroughly anti science wrongheaded move…And now as the result more people in Trump counties have died from the disease than in counties supporting Biden…So here is my question HOW MANY RED STATE VOTERS WILL HAVE DIED BY NOV 2024 TO MAKE GEORGIA ARIZONA TEXAS MICHIGAN PENNSYLVANIA TURN BLUE..My point is that Trumps policies have killed his own voters is disproportionate numbers compared to democratic areas…and that is just plain data

  2. All of these people will “follow the science” and take off their masks in two weeks when hochul removes the mask mandates anyway. It will be due to bad polling numbers, not safety. But you will follow anyway

  3. How many positive cases are asymptotic or light symptoms? How many deaths are “with Covid” instead of “from Covid”?

    The world may never know…

  4. When James Nolan was campaigning for the County Legislator position, he went to voters’ doors unvaccinated and unmasked. He did not inform them he was unvaccinated.
    What choice did he give them?

    1. Does your amazon delivery person inform you? your pizza man? your mailman? stop! you cant cherry pick. You have a choice! (something our children do NOT) …DONT ANSWER THE DOOR! or wear a mask when you answer. If you are so worried why would you answer the door to someone unkown maskless anyway? Your belief, your desire you practice it. sheesh you really make the case that progressives are so illogical that they just crave to be controlled.

      1. At the time he was campaigning, every person coming to my door was masked.
        And I had no contact with them.
        Nolan came and didn’t care about how people felt.

    2. Those people had the luxury of checking out a window to see who was knocking on their door and whether to answer or not. Seems like a choice to me

    3. Ruth Walter you have to much time on your hands sitting on a blog all day and making cheese. Maybe if you did less of this and grandstanding you would have had a chance to win but you got booted from your job by Nolan.

  5. Remeber aerosol virions are much smaller than vapor. All fabric surgical or KN95 painters masks are designed to block liquid particulates, not aerosols. Even Gauci knew this before they spun up the gear porn narrative.

    Smart people have known masks don’t work since the beginning. That’s why the rest of the world is catching up now. Only low IQ still believe the narratives from summer 2021.

    Oldie but a goodie….

  6. Masks prevent the spread of the virus. FALSE

    Vaccines prevent people from getting the virus. FALSE

    Touching your grocery shopping before washing your hands will spread COVID-19. FALSE

    Science says that only N95 masks now work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Who is wearing an N95 in school? NO ONE. That’s who.

    Vaccinated and boosted people can still GET and SPREAD COVID-19.

    I support choice for parents when it comes to masks and child vaccinations.


    This is not a Right and Left issue.

    Wake up people. EOC doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

    1. You are completely wrong. The science says that mask wearing reduces the risk of spreading COVID-19. It has been proven in pear reviewed studies.
      No one said mask prevent the spread, but they do reduce the spread. The efficacy depends on the type of mask. You don’t sound any smarter than unvaccinated Jimmy Nolan.

      1. Please site the studies that have been done regarding efficacy of masks. I hate it when people make a claim but never footnote it with its source.

  7. Hochul is a piece of garbage. She is not “elected” nor will she be again. I’d run myself, in vain, just to expose her . Oh and her “vaxxed” necklace (insert eye roll) can we get anymore culty?

  8. The three stooges, Nolan, Breen and Merante were ginning up the crowd. The three of them do not even have two brain cells to rub together. All three of them living fat off the Spano train. Nolan with a bull horn, is reminiscent of Aryan nation.
    And then we watch Rubbo and Tubiolo, two traitors.

  9. I just watched coverage of the rally on News 12. I’d say the attendance was extremely underwhelming. I think if you said 100 it would be generous. That only leaves about 24,900 students that didn’t attend. Vocal minority for sure.

  10. It is time to fire fake Dr q remove Lopez stop the stipend that he gets that no one got before. These people are just rubber stamps for the mayor . This mayor gave away Yonkers to fill his pockets and never gave a shit about the school they are just used to give his family and friends jobs

    1. How are masks effective? CNN said so or Dr Fauci said so? Do masks prevent people from getting Covid 19? Obviously no. Oh wait, masks limit the spread and the symptoms are milder when wearing a mask. Sure…..You do know people who religiously wear masks like you which i assume you do, have gotten Covid 19 which resulted in death, and or severe bouts of Covid 19. Go ahead dig up some statistics to satisfy yourself. Fact is you can personally sleep with your mask on and wear it 24 hours a day. That’s your preference. You can stay away from people when in public. That’s also your choice. I can also decide to not to wear a mask which is my preference, and is also in line with state guidelines except when it involves entering a school building. I should be the sole decision maker as to if my children wear masks when they enter school. Not the state government, local government, superintendent, or the school board. That my friend is where you are on the wrong side as it’s clear you are advocating for children to still be wearing masks in schools based on your comment. If you decide to dig up statistics, let me know what the current infection rate of Covid 19 is in NYS. Also, if you can find some data that proves children, teachers , and administrators inside a school building are more prone to be infected with Covid 19 then people inside a restaurant, supermarket, or a sport venue that carrying 80,000 people etc…..let me know

      1. There are multiple studies that indicate masks reduce the spread of the virus. Any idiot can discern it , which a casual look at the facts. US Navy published info from USS Roosevelt and Naval Station Guam.
        Schools should require masks, as they do vaccines. If you don’t like, homeschool your little bastard.

        1. “little bastard” sound like something a “credible” progressive would say. Well, after they finish crying over their feelings hurt about something trivial and begging to share a bathroom with those “little bastards” Reveal yourself and I will give you the satisfaction of publicly slapping you 🙂 ooh we can invite the press to cover it, Fun! keyboard warriors are a low bunch first

        2. Ok shill……Where is your data that proves Covid 19 is most rampant only inside of schools in New York State in comparison to other businesses in New York State? So rampant that masks must be worn inisde of schools only. You conveniently ignored that, but instead repeated your information on the naval base in Guam.The only idiot here is you clearly. You are a drone to what cnn and msnbc tells you. So tell me, do you wear your mask inside your house with family/relatives?

    2. not true, masks are not effective, but the efficacy of masks isn’t the argument here.

      To boot have you been in a school to see how they are being worn? It’s laughable to think they are effective especially on children who are not wearing them properly. While adults roam free, as I assume YOU do, children are wearing masks for 7 hours straight, improperly, removing them to eat and snack together – tell me again about the efficacy of masks on children. But anywho the point HERE is that it is a completed biased mandate that DOES NOT MAKE SENSE if outside of school everyone is socializing without masks. I challenge you to walk into a school and suffer like these kids all whilst trying to learn articulation and word form and receive SPEECH THERAPY during the most malleable phase of development. So easy to judge from afar. walk a day in it, I challenge ANYONE. someone do it for a week, then post your ACTUAL experience and (i guarantee) renewed opinion, I’ll wait 🙂

    3. It’s a known fact that masks with P100 filtration ability cannot block aerosol virions. There are plenty of studies that prove this, but you don’t even need to go there. Just look at the manufacturers specifications for each mask and respirator filter.

      If thats not good enough for the mental midgetry that dons Yonkers….theres overwhelming evidence that kids are not at risk from covid.

      And if that is not enough to get through the mental blockage, remember there has been more adverse effects to and deaths from covid since mandates were put in place than without. Just look at Israel….the most masked and boosted place on earth.

      Mask mandates are simply virtue signals for the sheep and liberal shills.

  11. Just another day in Bizarro-World Yonkers, where several elected officials capitulate to the unscientific mob who have instilled in their children’s minds that freedom is tyranny by the many against the few, meaning that freedom is not the outcome of a collective sacrifice we make to ensure that everybody has the same level of access to being protected in an academic environment, but instead it’s purely about personal convenience. In the view of those who supported this embarrassing display above, children like those with autoimmune disorders which make them more predisposed to complications from COVID-19 or unable to receive the vaccine to begin with should be damned, as should their aging educators. Instead, freedom is when parents tell their kids that they don’t have to do something simply because they don’t like it. What a remarkable example we are setting for our children.

    Amid all of this, it’s important to mention that News 12 covered two Yonkers schoolchildren who noticed this aberrational display going on outside of Larkin Plaza and took the initiative to craft makeshift poster boards in support of masking and related restrictions which make in-person learning safely accessible for all students and educators, including those with aging or sickly relatives at home. Meanwhile, the perceived “adults” were embarrassing themselves and their locality right across the street. Having the courage to do what is right even when it isn’t popular. We could learn from their example.

    61 years ago last month at the zenith of the Cold War, John F. Kennedy challenged Americans to do what was best for their country-a challenge to the power of collective action rather than deferring to personal responsibility for the larger problems we faced. All these years later, we’ve lost the tenacity to fix these issues at the scale we need, instead choosing to abdicate our collective responsibility to reactionary charlatans who have deluded themselves into believing that if we act like the problem doesn’t exist, its threat will cease to exist. Even when it’s a deadly airborne pathogen that has claimed the lives of approximately 1 million of their compatriots. How ironic that JFK’s motorcade once made its way down Dock Street during the 1960 Presidential Election. He would be embarrassed by the shocking display of ignorance that assembled itself in its vicinity yesterday afternoon.

    1. News 12 is a liberal rag. They gave them two “woke” students a platform of course. It’s in line with the News 12 agenda. Mind you the one student was having difficulty reading her own writing. Had this been a pro mask rally, and there was anti mask representation of two students, News 12 most likely would have ignored them, and not wasted time getting their story out there. Nobody would have known they were even there. Kind of similar to how Facebook and Twitter operate their platforms. If you go against their narratives you get shut out

      1. I’m gonna piss myself laughing, you can’t debate the merits of the aforementioned comment so you’re calling News 12 a “liberal rag” and two high school students “woke”, profoundly embarrassing. We should send you back to school with a mask to polish your critical thinking skills.

        1. Im calling exactly what it is. News 12 is a liberal rag. They are not a reputable news outlet that reports down the middle. Again had the roles been reversed a minuscule crowd of two anti mask protestors wouldn’t have gotten any attention whatsoever for obvious reasons. Liberal media tunes out the opposition of the agenda they push. Sound familiar? Also, there are rumors these two pro mask protestors were maskless leading up to their arrival on the scene. If so, it can be assumed this was a publicity stunt for social media likes, and they cannot be taken seriously. Hey it was worth the time of News 12 to cover their compelling side.

          My critical thinking skills are just fine. The woke culture is alive and well inside the walls of schools all across the country including yonkers schools. That obviously goes without say, and does not need to be elaborated further

      2. Yonkers Rising is also another liberal wag that is nothing more than an extension and mouthpiece for the Spano administration and the political hacks that dot the laandscape in Yonkers,

    2. Whew that comment was windy. oh and you missed the point, completely. WHEN we were ALL in this together, absolutely, we ALL made the sacrifice TOGETHER. It made sense. NOW your educators are attending concerts, sports events, dinners, as are all the families of educators and students and the students themselves. YET when they walk into a school everyone must act as if there is something effective coming from this biased mandate. Mask mandates ONLY makes sense if it is ALL and EVERYWHERE. Why do adults and children get to roam about anywhere else with no limits, thousands convened, but for school they must mask.

      Do you know how many children have had 2 years of ineffective speech therapy in schools because of masks? There is a small window of time in adolescent intervention that has the most positive impact. Our children are losing that window and suffering life long struggles that are completely preventable because of mask mandates that NO LONGER make sense since they are not carried out anywhere but school.

      As for the two HS students asking for masks, it is sad because those same girls were convening with a large group of other kids maskless just prior – there is footage. Masks in school have become a security blanket for some kids – Ever try to take away a kid’s security blanket????

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